How to glue foil on gel polish: a variety of options, the use of a template, instructions for sticking a foil and performing high-quality manicure

To date, among female representatives around the world, manicure with foil is incredibly popular. There are a huge number of options for a beautiful manicure that the masters offer in beauty salons. Each girl, subject to certain rules and techniques, can easily do such a manicure at home.


When creating a manicure with foil on a gel polish, you must understand that the foil should not be food, but special. You can buy it in many cosmetic and professional stores at a fairly budget cost. A huge variety of types of foil allows you to create many designs, and it should be glued to the nails in different ways.

Foil for manicure

Foil differs in density and structure, in application and colors. The first thing to do before sticking the foil onto gel polish is to choose the appropriate option.

  1. Sheet. It is sold in the form of small pieces of foil of various shades and may have patterns. Such material is easily cut into smaller parts and any shape. It is necessary to use glue for sheet foil because there is no sticky layer on it.
  2. The transfer is very popular, since it is possible to put the foil onto gel polish without difficulty. She has the ability to leave a shade and pattern on the nails. Sold in the form of rolls that need to be cut to the size of the nail plate. This is the most commonly used look for creating a manicure at home.
  3. Thermofilm. For its use, a manicure lamp is needed, which will help it to gain a foothold on the nails without additional funds. It is important to warm it up a little and apply it to the nail with tweezers.
  4. Reaping. It looks incredibly beautiful on nails and allows you to create a huge number of designs. How to glue foil on gel polish? The squeezed version is easily applied to the adhesive layer of varnish and keeps perfectly on the nails after complete drying. The material is quite thin and needs to be handled with care.
  5. Tear-off is a strong and dense foil, which is made in the form of stickers. How to glue foil on gel polish? This type is applied with glue or heat. When using a small piece, the bonding agent is applied only to the area of ​​the pattern.

The choice of foil to create a beautiful manicure depends on the design, personal preferences, available materials, as well as on the skills of the girl. The easiest to use are transfer foil and thermal film.

Necessary materials

To create a manicure with foil on a gel polish, you must have special tools that facilitate this process. All materials can be purchased in cosmetic and specialized stores at a fairly budget cost. When creating such a manicure you will need:

  • manicure set, which includes a nail file, buff, tongs and scissors;
  • base varnish;
  • cuticle remover;
  • orange stick
  • degreaser;
  • fixer;
  • gel polish primer;
  • foil;
  • glue (if necessary);
  • Ultraviolet lamp.
Foil Manicure

Professionals, talking about how to apply foil to gel polish, argue that frequent use of additional glue is absolutely not necessary if the nail plate is placed in a manicure lamp. In its absence, a special glue is needed to bond the foil to the varnish.


A high-quality composition that will ensure the durability of manicure can be purchased in specialized stores of manicure products. Convenient to apply glue is sold in bottles with a brush and allows you to apply it pointwise on nails. It does not need to be dried with special devices, and the cost of high-quality glue is about 100 rubles.

Glue for foil

How to glue foil on gel polish? Before use, make sure that the basic shade is dry and ready for further manipulations. If the varnish is not completely dry, there is a chance that the foil will slip and form tubercles. After applying a thin layer of glue, you need to wait a few seconds, and it will change color - this should be done to avoid poor adhesion of the foil.

There are a huge number of glue options of various companies that are easily removed from the skin around the nails. This quality is suitable for both beginners and professionals and will help to make manicure more beautiful and accurate.


For beginners, the best option is to use templates that help create a perfect manicure using transfer foil. They are made of durable material in the form of various sketches.

How to glue foil on gel polish using a template? On the dried base, it is necessary to tightly attach the template and apply glue (if there is no adhesive layer). After it changes color, a foil is applied and with little force is pressed to the nail plate for a few seconds. The foil and the template must be removed, and a beautiful pattern remains on the nail without much effort.

Templates really make it easier to create a manicure. Many professionals use them in their work to apply complex patterns or artsy designs that are quite difficult to draw on their own.

Preparatory stage

Before creating a nail design with a foil on gel polish, you need to make a basic manicure, which includes the following procedures:

  • remove the existing coating using special tools;
  • apply cuticle remover and push it with an orange stick;
  • give a nail file the shape and length to be made;
  • polish them with a buff, which gives the plate smoothness and additional shine;
  • degrease nails and apply a layer of varnish base, which must be dried under an ultraviolet lamp;
  • apply the main shade of gel polish and completely dry it.
Manicure at home

These are standard steps in the correction of gel coat on nails, which are performed both in salons and at home. Below is how to glue foil onto gel polish.

Foil application

After the basic shade is completely dry, two options for using the foil to create the design follow: if there is an adhesive layer on one side of it, then the use of glue is absolutely unnecessary, and if not, then it should be applied.

Foil on gel polish

A thin layer of glue is applied either to the entire nail plate, or to separate areas. In the photo - gel polish with foil over the entire surface of the nail, which indicates the need for full coverage with glue. After a few seconds, the shade of the product should become transparent, and you can use the foil on the white side of the piece. Using a special spatula or other tool, it is important to completely flatten the foil and bring it to the side rollers. If tear-off foil was used, after 5-10 seconds it is necessary to tear off the top layer with a sharp movement. After that, the topcoat is applied and the nails are sent to the lamp until completely dry.

How to use foil for gel polish without additional glue? On a sticky color base you need to attach a foil, distribute it on the nail plate and apply a fixative varnish. After that, completely dry in a manicure lamp and remove the sticky layer using special napkins. Below are shown the most popular and simplest options for manicure and a photo of gel polish with foil.


This manicure looks incredibly beautiful and neat on the nails. It is quite easy to perform and does not require special skills in creating design. Lunar manicure can be used on both long and short nail plates, and with proper execution, the foil lasts for a rather long time. This option is great for beginners and demonstrates how to glue foil onto gel polish.

Lunar manicure with foil

Before using the foil, you need to carry out the preparatory stage and choose a color scheme. The best option is a contrasting manicure - gold foil and a black or turquoise base. The nail plate is completely covered with the main shade of the gel polish, and after drying, a thin layer of glue is applied to the hole. A pre-cut piece of foil is glued with tweezers, aligned over the entire surface and covered with a fixative. Lunar design with foil on gel polish attracts a huge amount of attention and looks quite impressive on all nails, as well as some.

Design "Casting"

In salons, professional masters quite often offer this option of manicure with foil. But even beginners at home can do it on their own. It is necessary to purchase a transfer foil, which will help to quickly and accurately create such a manicure.

Gold foil manicure

Before creating any design on the nails, it is necessary to make a basic manicure, which is described in the preparatory stage. On the main color, you can apply additional glue, or you can simply not remove the sticky layer, depending on the gel polish used. As soon as the adhesive has become transparent, the foil is applied to the nail plate and pressed with little effort to it. With a sharp movement, remove the foil, apply a fixative and dry in the lamp until completely dry.

If a girl uses drawings when creating this design with a foil on gel polish, then using a thin brush you can draw a small pattern and apply transfer foil to its contours. In this case, you can get a voluminous manicure, as indicated in the photo.


Many professional masters around the world give recommendations on how to glue foil onto gel polish. The main thing is the choice of a suitable option that will help you quickly and easily make an incredible manicure at home. Foil nail designs look quite bright, impressive and attract the attention of others. Even a novice can easily use foil at home to create a perfect manicure.


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