What is email and how to use it

Regular mail today is used to forward letters much less than before. Those people who still do not know what e-mail is or do not know how to use the Internet turn to its services. The advantages of the electronic service are undeniable: it delivers the message to the addressee almost instantly, while such a letter can be lost very rarely. As a last resort, it will most likely be found in the Spam section. The mail account is absolutely confidential, although, of course, it can theoretically be hacked. The most basic advantage of the "electronic" is that it does not require any expenses. For example, in order to write a regular letter, you need to buy an envelope and stamps, find a pen and paper, and then go to the post office.

An email is written without leaving your computer. Some people are well aware of what email is. But they simply do not own modern technology. Accordingly, they do not know how to create their email. Usually these are older people, to whom everything new seems extremely complex. What a child can handle (get mail, send SMS from a computer, install and configure instant messengers), for people who were born in the middle of the last century, can be overwhelming. And this does not depend on the degree of their education, nor on the profession.

Some fairly active older people take crash courses in PC development. As a rule, they do this for a specific purpose. Someone wants to communicate more with children and grandchildren, and therefore learns to work with social networks and mail. And someone wants to continue their education. There are a lot of useful information and training programs on the Internet. Before you become the proud owner of an email account, you need to create an account in one of the search engines. It can be Google, Yandex, Yahoo, etc. The most popular service is today Google. However, others are also not particularly behind.

In order to get mail on Yandex, you need to go to the "Yandex. Mail" tab in a search engine. After that, you can see the link with the inscription "Register a new mailbox." If you go through it, you can find that the process is carried out in two steps. Both of them represent entering data into fields. After all the necessary information is entered, you just need to click the "Register" button. The owner of the mailbox can see by example what email is and how it is organized. You can experiment with tinctures, which are becoming more diverse every year. Before you open an email, you should know that there are usually a couple of letters from the administration of the service. You don’t need to answer them, these are greetings written automatically.

In mail, you can create separate folders for sorting letters. This is very convenient, because it is often difficult to find the right document among all the abundance of incoming. Today you can divide the received letters into groups. Yandex account. Mail gives you access to e-cards that you can send to family and friends. Also, the owner gets the opportunity to start a Yandex wallet. Money that will allow for quick money transfers.

The My Circle service will help you find work or friends. There are many settings here, including the Resume Wizard. Understanding email is not so difficult. The whole algorithm of its actions can be seen in the process of sending letters and receiving them. In order to send a letter, you must know the email address. If there is no experience in working with mail, you can give your address to the person with whom correspondence is supposed. In the future, it will be possible to send a letter as a response to the already received.

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