Manicure with stars: materials, ideas, photos

A manicure with asterisks can be a great solution for those who do not shy under the ecstatic glances and do not hesitate to shine. Fortunately, modern manufacturers of materials for nail art offer the widest selection of products that will help to make a great design on their own. Our article will tell you about the most popular techniques with which you can translate the idea into reality.

manicure with stars step by step

A brilliant idea for holidays and everyday life.

You can decorate with stars, for example, New Year's manicure. But such a design will be quite appropriate at any other celebrations. Depending on the season, you can choose a color scheme. For a cold winter with its New Year's bustle, patterned windows and white blizzards, these combinations are perfect:

  • white, navy blue, silver;
  • black, pearl, pink;
  • red, dark green, gold;
  • blue, white, pearl.

In summer, you can give preference to both pastel colors and a rich mix of shades of ripe fruit and tropical greens. For the velvet season of autumn leaf fall, deep warm colors are preferred: ocher, burgundy, chocolate. Well, in the spring, when nature itself tells where to draw inspiration from, as never before, the colors of foliage, the rosy dawn and primroses.

The stars themselves can be drawn in different ways. They can be five-pointed or similar to real celestial constellations. This idea is especially good for a dark background that looks like a night sky.

manicure with stars

Preparing for the celebration, it is perfectly acceptable to use nowadays shining elements that are now fashionable: rhinestones and broths, glitters, sprinkles and sand, rub, foil and much more.

Manicure Sliders

This is a real salvation for those who do not know how or do not really like to draw. Yes, and a few cans of paint needed to create a color picture, do not have to spend money.

A manicure with asterisks can be performed using two types of sliders:

  • water-soluble decals that, after soaking, are transferred to the nail;
  • stickers on a sticky basis, which after separation from the base you just need to stick.

In both cases, it is necessary to overlap the sliders with a layer of top.

gel manicure with stars


This wonderful invention of manufacturers from Asia made a splash. Perfectly thin and even lines, high detail pictures, a wide selection of scenes - now it is all available. Using stamping, you can perform, for example, a blue manicure with silver stars, which will look solemn and stylish.

Judging by the reviews of lovers and professional craftswomen, there may be difficulties when working in this technique. But do not despair if the first time you failed to achieve the perfect result. Try to work with a transparent stamp (it allows you to β€œaim” better), and instead of varnishes use special paints for stamps. Having a little practice on tips, you will probably be able to make an excellent manicure with asterisks.


More recently, only tidy kamifubuki were on sale. Today, rhombuses, triangles, scales, ovals, hearts and, of course, everyone’s favorite stars were added to them.

black manicure with stars

A manicure with this material involves the use of a substrate - varnish, on which the decor will be located. All colors should be in harmony with each other.

Kamifubuki are laid out on the dried layer of colored varnish with the help of a dots or a wax pencil, and then overlap with a top. One layer may not be enough to level the surface, another one is needed.

Volumetric decor

Even the simplest manicure can be turned into a festive with sparkling rhinestones. Of course, elements in the form of stars are a little more expensive than regular round ones, but they look simply luxurious. This idea can be used, for example, for the New Year's manicure.

For gluing, it is better to use a special glue for rhinestones, which does not require drying in the lamp. A transparent gel that needs to be baked will do an excellent job. In both cases, you need to walk around the rhinestones with a thin brush with a top.


manicure with stars on a pink background

Those whom nature has endowed with the talent of an artist can carry out a wide variety of designs. For example, a manicure with stars on pink varnish can be supplemented with glitter. It is enough to draw stars on several nails, a pair of pieces on each hand to get a complete image.


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