General health improvement: 8 qigong exercises for every day

From early youth, Xu Ming Tang practices 8 qigong exercises for every day and was able to achieve phenomenal results. In fact, the constant practice of these exercises works wonders.

8 qigong exercises for every day

And the real first miracle is the complete recovery of the human body. The second is a constant increase in energy, getting rid of various chronic diseases. Third - you will find out yourself if you start practicing!

So, consider what these 8 qigong exercises include. For every day, you can get a lot of energy and vigor, if you do them. To benefit, you should first clean the channels for the passage of energy. Therefore, be very serious about cleaning activities.

"A child prays to the Buddha"

Qigong (a set of exercises) suggests the presence of this mandatory element. Fold your palms at chest level in a prayer gesture, elbows slightly raised, hands slightly distant from the body. Palms open towards ourselves and make a turn of the hands, lowering the hands, while connecting the back of the palms. Then return the hands to their original position. The rotation is repeated 8 times.

“The hand of the Buddha contemplates”

Qigong classes involve daily exercise of this exercise. Raise and extend your arms to the sides, leave them palms down at shoulder level. Move your hands slightly forward, without lowering them, then spread them apart again. The body moves slightly with the hands together. Repeat swimming movements with hands 8 times.

The Magic Dragon

8 qigong exercises, calculated for each day, include this obligatory element. Imagine yourself a dragon that is in the water. Now imagine black or dark gray. This is the color of the kidneys, the color of water. Take a stand of qigong, legs wider than shoulders, on the waist of the hand (forward with the thumbs, the rest in the area of ​​the kidneys). Rotate the body to the left, making eight times circular movements of the hips, then eight times to the right. Feet pressed to the floor tightly. The back when leaning forward is straight, it bends a little when rotating back.

qigong exercise complex

Holy Crane

We continue to study 8 qigong exercises calculated for each day. Performing this element, you should represent yourself as a beautiful crane with a flexible long neck. First, he turns his head around. Make head movements, lifting the chin to the left shoulder upward in an arc, and then returning to the initial position. Repeat the movement 8 times. Then, from the middle position, turn your head, lifting your chin to the right shoulder to the right side, and return eight times to the starting position.

“Connection with the earth and the sky”

Fold your navel on one another’s hands (women - left hand on top, men - right). Inhaling, spread your arms at the navel level slightly to the sides, palms up, as if grabbing an energy ball in such a way. Raise your hands up along the chest, all the while feeling a ball between your hands; bringing them to the head and holding your breath while raising your hands above your head, while not losing the feeling of an energy ball. Spread your arms gently above your head, palms facing up.

"Yin-yang-Shara - mixing"

Put your legs wider than your shoulders. Fold your palms around the navel, while slightly touching with your thumbs. Spreading your arms apart, imagine between them a red warm energy ball. The ball becomes very large, it goes beyond the body when you push your arms apart. Transfer the weight of your body to your left leg, now take your arms with a warm big ball to the left, while stretching your left arm to the side.

"The adoption of the sea of ​​the moon"

Imagine that you are at night on the shore of a large lake or calm sea, in the sky - a huge moon reflected in the water. Your goal is to get the moon out of the water and fix it in the center of the forehead, where the Mintan point is located. Then imagine that you are conducting the moon from the middle of the forehead through the central channel, which is located inside your body to the area of ​​the head, then the chest and the navel.

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“Acceptance of aromas of various worlds into the body”

When doing the exercise, you need to imagine how amazing aromas saturate your body. With each movement, with a wave of hands, we rise higher and more refined aromas penetrate our bodies. This exercise promotes the development of the human soul. To do this, inhale and raise your hands gently (down with your palms) to the sides above the shoulders, then stand on your toes. Lower your hands as you exhale, becoming smoothly on the whole foot. Exhaled energy goes down through the legs.


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