Gel extension: step-by-step nail design

Today, beautiful and well-groomed nails are an integral attribute of an attractive woman. Many beauty salons offer all kinds of services for the care of hands and nails. But what if nature did not reward with good nails? For this, smart people came up with nail extensions. If you do them carefully, they will practically not differ from the natural ones, and will never fall off, as was often the case with false nails before. How is this procedure going? The proposed step-by-step instructions for nail extension will popularly tell you everything point by point.

Applications begin with 5 preliminary stages:

  1. The hands of the master and client are treated with an antiseptic.
  2. A so-called dry manicure is done, the cuticle is pushed back.
  3. The gloss is removed from the nail plate.
  4. Dust is eliminated.
  5. The nail surface is treated with an acid-free primer.

Now, a step-by-step nail design offers to move on, since the procedure of extension itself is ahead. In this case, consider gel nails, which we will grow using the IBD Extrime gel sculpted gel. They are divided into 4 types: Pink Gel (pink), White Gel (white), Blush Gel (red), Clea Gel (transparent). These gels are polymerized (dried under a lamp) for 1-4 minutes, depending on the type of product. To get the best result, you should always consult the instructions. Typically, the polymerization time is focused on 9 W lamps.

Continuing the design of nails. The master class offers to consider manicure, which is done only with gel, without the use of any forms and tips. Such an easy extension is very good for those who have their own nails are not very strong, brittle. It will allow you to strengthen them well, making them shiny and beautiful at the same time. So:

  1. After the nails are prepared in the above way, we begin to apply a thin layer of gel on them. Excess substances near the cuticle can be removed with a special stick.
  2. Place the hand under the lamp for one minute to fix the gel.
  3. Continuing to do a step-by-step nail design, in the very middle (in turn, of course) we drop the very drop of gel and distribute in such a way that a small thickening forms in the center of the nail plate, which gradually fades away almost to the cuticle and the edge of the nail.
  4. Turn the hand with your palm up for 10 seconds, so that the gel is self-leveling.
  5. Now we place the fingers for three minutes under the lamp in order to fix the applied future nail again.
  6. We complete the building with the fact that we polish what we have obtained with the intended block. This will smooth out bumps and bumps.

Now you need to wash your hands well and apply a special firming agent to the skin surrounding the nail. It must be literally rubbed with ascending, massaging movements towards the first phalanx of the finger. So that in the future your gel nails are not yellowed from sunlight, cover them with sunscreen. If desired, paint your nails with varnish.

You can do a neat French manicure. To make it, you will need two varnishes - pink or beige (you can take any other, if you want), and white. Special stickers will also be needed, they are usually included in the set of varnishes for a jacket. A step-by-step design of nails in the style of "French" is done simply:

  1. Paint your nails with pink varnish in two layers and allow to dry well.
  2. Unstick the sticker from the paper and stick it on the nail so that its free edge is visible.
  3. Carefully paint over this edge with white varnish.
  4. Wait until the varnish dries, after which the stickers are carefully removed from the nails. So you get smooth, beautiful "smiles".

To complete the step-by-step design of nails in the style of "French", you can cover them with a special transparent fastener.


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