Flint rocket furnace: materials for assembly, recommendations. Advantages and disadvantages of the device

You can use the Ognivo rocket oven not only in a private house or apartment. Such devices are great for heating the garage, cottages. In addition, due to its compact size and mobility, it is very convenient to take such a unit with you on a camping trip, fishing, etc. In addition, the ability to cook something on a fire does not go away if you use a rocket stove.

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What is a device?

It is worth noting that the original varieties of this equipment were invented by those people who were puzzled by issues of survival. According to their idea, the Flint rocket furnace had to meet the following parameters:

  • heating of a housing facility with high efficiency;
  • use as fuel almost any material that can burn;
  • the possibility of adding fuel without stopping the burning of fire;
  • providing the ability to use raw or wet material, without prior drying;
  • the design should be as simple as possible, it lacks complex metal compounds or non-metallic, but requiring the intervention of industrial units to create;
  • the design should be so simple that any person unfamiliar with the work of electrical equipment and not qualified could make a Flint rocket furnace with his own hands.
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Device assembly

In order to make the equipment yourself, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • If you plan a large volume furnace, it is best to look for barrels of fuel and lubricants with a volume of 200 liters. The diameter of such devices is most often within 600 mm. For an Ognivo rocket furnace of medium volume, an empty gas cylinder with a diameter of 300 mm can be used. These materials will be used for the outer casing.
  • Next, you need to build a fire line. If you use a 200 liter barrel from fuel, you can use a steel round pipe with a diameter of 135 mm. The use of a profile pipe 120 x 120 mm is also allowed. If a cylinder is used, then the diameter of the round pipe is reduced to 70 mm. You can use profile options with sizes of 70 and 150 mm.
  • The entire structure will be assembled from tin or sheet steel with a thickness of 2-3 mm. It is important. Smaller thicknesses are allowed only for the chimney.
  • You will need a layer of thermal insulation, which is prepared from mineral cardboard.
  • For the Flint ignition heating furnace, you will need a refractory brick, fireclay scrap and clay and sand.
  • The last one is the accessories for the stove (doors, etc.). Most importantly, these elements must have 100% tightness.
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What rules should be observed during assembly?

Of course, the design of the equipment is quite simple. However, here you will have to follow some rules.

  1. It is very important to observe proportions when creating the device. This is the key to the efficient operation of the furnace.
  2. The diameter of the smoke exhaust pipe should be no less than the diameter of the fuel hopper.
  3. The horizontal compartment of the furnace should not exceed half the distance of the horizontal expanding section in length.
  4. The height of the fuel section should be equal to the length of the horizontal compartment.
  5. The length of the chimney should be 6-10 times longer than the height of the secondary combustion chamber.
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Positive traits

The main advantage is, of course, the ease of assembly. However, during the operation, several more positive qualities were found that are worth noting.

The first and very important is fuel. As this raw material, you can use firewood, as well as wood of any quality and condition. True, there are nuances. Of course, to melt moist wood, you need a high burning temperature. However, there is such an opportunity. And the temperature obtained from burning wet wood is enough to boil water, cook food, etc.

Very high heat transfer rate. Despite the fact that the design is very simple, if a fuel barrel is used, this coefficient can reach 18 kW. This capacity is enough to successfully heat a room of 20 m 2 . If a gas bottle is used, then with correctly carried out work, the power will be 10 kW.

With good kindling, the device is able to retain heat for 12 hours without additional supply of firewood.

Negative qualities

Naturally, there are also disadvantages at the stove.

The Flint rocket furnace has several models. In this regard, it is worth noting that not all types can be used to heat water, which then goes into the heating system. This is due to the fact that the addition of additional coils will violate the tightness of the inner hopper or reduce its heat-insulating qualities.

It is rather difficult to regulate the temperature of the furnace, since this can only be done by reducing or increasing the amount of firewood inside the furnace. The blower, which is available in the design, is operated only for the initial ignition.

Another of the minuses is a long kindling. It takes a lot of time not only for this, but also the heating of the furnace structure itself. In addition, it will take more than one hour to let it cool. This led to the fact that using β€œFlint”, for example, in baths becomes impossible.

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If in the future the question arises of how to make a Flinto rocket stove with your own hands, the answer is quite simple. You just need to have at hand all the necessary materials and tools.

Reviews about the Flint stove are pretty good. Users of such an assembly noted that a properly assembled device copes well with heating a small room. Also, the small and portable design allows you to successfully use it in almost any trip. The only drawback that almost all users emit is a long kindling, which is the main disadvantage of the furnace.

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