Plasticine flowers. How to make plasticine flowers?

Plasticine is a wonderful material that allows children to create their own unique world. You can mold flowers from plasticine with your own hands, animals, various buildings and much more. The figures will be pleasing to the eye for a long time, and when bored, they can easily be remade into something new. Most children are passionate about this type of creativity, especially if their parents support and help in every way.

Plasticine flowers

Why sculpt

Some adults do not like plasticine because it sticks to carpets and stains furniture. There are parents who are afraid that plasticine is dangerous to health, and therefore never give it to children. And in vain. There is no harm in this plastic material, but the benefits are great. When a child creates flowers from plasticine with his own hands, he learns to see and feel the world, develops imagination, realizes his idea of ​​the surrounding reality. He more easily remembers the form and color, begins to understand the sequence of actions, learns from individual parts to create whole compositions, in general, develops intellectually and aesthetically. In addition, when a baby creates some crafts from plasticine, flowers or anything else with his own hands, he massages certain points on his palms and fingers and thereby activates the brain.

How to make plasticine flowers

What is clay?

Previously, only one type of plasticine was produced for children. Now there are about a dozen of them. Still on the shelves of shops you can find ordinary plasticine, which needs to be kneaded with your hands to make it softer. Now there are varieties with fluorescent additives and mother of pearl. Agree, mother-of-pearl flowers from plasticine, especially roses, will look great. In addition to the usual soft plasticine is produced, which is not necessary to knead before sculpting, and one that hardens in air. Also now, there are two completely new types of this amazing material. One of them does not sink in water, and the other is made of environmentally friendly components, so it will not harm the child, even if he takes it in his mouth. Which material to choose is up to you. Flowers from plasticine of any kind made by your child will never fade and will long delight you with their simple beauty.

Plasticine bouquet

DIY plasticine flowers
To classes with plasticine brought only joy, you need to follow a few simple rules. The first is to work on the board intended for this. The second is to use a special plastic knife for sculpting. The third is to be able to create new color combinations from existing plasticine. To do this, take a little plasticine mass of two or more colors, sculpt one lump, roll out, sculpt again. And so on until a uniformly colored mass is obtained. From red and white it turns out pink, from blue and white - blue. Red and green will give a brown color, and a combination of blue and yellow will give a bright green.

Let's get acquainted with how to make calla flowers from plasticine. To do this, you need white, green, yellow plasticine and a thin stick. Technique of work:

Crafts from plasticine, flowers

  1. Roll a round cake out of a piece of white plasticine.
  2. From yellow plasticine make a small sausage, tapering at the end.
  3. Green plasticine split into several pieces. One to smear the wand. From the second, make an oval cake and use a knife to form a leaf. Roll the third piece into a small round cake.
  4. Wrap a white cake around the stick, making a semblance of a bag.
  5. Insert the yellow sausage in the middle.
  6. On the side of the stick, wrap the flower with a small green cake. Get a receptacle.
  7. Stick a stick to the stick.

How to make plasticine flowers with purple petals

To do this, you need purple, yellow, green plasticine and a thin wand. Technique of work:

  1. Purple plasticine is divided into five small identical pieces. Each is rolled into a flat cake and petals are formed.
  2. Yellow plasticine is divided into several tiny pieces and rolled up balls from them.
  3. Green plasticine is divided into three pieces. One smear the wand. Of the others, two leaves are made.
  4. Petals are attached to the stick. Yellow balls are placed in the middle. Attach leaflets.

How to mold plasticine flowers

If you combine this flower with a white calla, you get a wonderful bouquet.

Plasticine rose

How to mold plasticine flowers so that they look like real ones? To do this, try to convey the characteristics of the petals and buds in the material. Calla we have already done. Now try to make a rose. She has many petals, small in the middle and larger along the edge. Choose the color of the future flower. It is better to take red, because a bright plasticine rose looks more beautiful. You will also need green plasticine and a thin stick. Operating procedure:

  1. Divide the red plasticine into several pieces of different sizes and roll flat cakes out of them.
  2. Green plasticine divided into two pieces. One to smear the wand. From the second make a leaf.
  3. Wrap one end of the stick with a small red petal. To him add the second, then the third, fourth and so on. You need to take them from smaller to larger.
  4. When the rose is formed, stick a leaf to the stick. If desired, spikes can be made on a plasticine leg. To do this, pinch clay with two fingers on a stick.

For flowers, you can make a flower bed. Its role is played by a green or brown flat cake, into which pedicels are stuck.

Plasticine flowers


Plasticine flowers look beautiful in a vase, which can be made from a cap from mom's hairspray or any bottle. It must be covered with acrylic paint or coated with plasticine of the selected color. Then thin sausages are rolled from pieces of red, blue, green and any other plasticine and attached to the bottle, forming flower petals, leaves, twigs.

Plasticine paintings are created according to the same principle. For the basics, it is better to take an unnecessary disk, a piece of glass or other material on which clay can not leave spots. Regardless of the composition of the picture, the work is done in the same way as with a vase. Such a craft is capable of even a child of three to four years. And no matter how beautiful a flower meadow will come out for him, the main thing is the pleasure that the child will receive from the work done.


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