Rollton: customer reviews, variety of tastes, quality and composition of products

Instant noodles are certainly very popular these days. The main reason for this success is the ability to quickly and tasty snack in any conditions, the main thing is that there is boiling water. This is especially convenient when traveling, hiking and on vacation. Such a product is indispensable both at home and at work, when there is no time or opportunity to cook a full meal. In short, the indisputable advantage of such noodles is the ease and speed of cooking.

instant noodles rollton reviews

Rollton Products

Rollton is a Russian brand that produces such foods as instant noodles, pasta, seasonings, mashed potatoes, side dishes and broths.

The first noodle production lines were installed in 1998 in the city of Serpukhov. The first products were released in 1999. A little later, they began to build a new enterprise with automated production lines. In 2001, they started work.

In 2000, they began to produce mashed potatoes in glasses, and in 2002, soft-packed broth. In 2013, the production of traditional pasta began.

Since 2014, the brand has been considered the leader in sales of instant noodles in the Russian market.

In 2017, Rollton has already launched more than 30 types of products.

vermicelli rollton reviews

Production facilities of the brand are constantly being upgraded. Production is carried out on automated equipment in modern production facilities. The latest technology allows us to produce environmentally friendly, high-quality products.

What are the special features of Rollton instant noodles and customer reviews of a variety of flavors? Consider these issues later in the article.

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Benefit and harm

Instant vermicelli firmly strengthened its position in the grocery market. This product is widely advertised by the media. But the benefits and harms of it are still not fully understood. According to many reviews, the Rollton vermicelli has the perfect taste and composition. But is this product so useful? After all, it has long been believed that eating it is dangerous.

To answer this question, you must first understand what constitutes instant noodles, its composition and method of manufacture.

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Features of manufacture and composition

This product is made, as a rule, by dehydrogenation - removal by drying at high temperatures of all moisture that is contained in the product. Rapid swelling of vermicelli in hot water is not only due to this, but also because starch and emulsifiers, thickeners are present in rather large quantities. Seasoning of standard vermicelli consists of monosodium glutamate, salt and powder made from soy sauce and flavorings. Their main purpose is to imitate the taste of chicken, beef, shrimp, etc. The most harmful of all this composition is monosodium glutamate, which acts on taste buds and is addictive. The more expensive vermicelli is seasoned with meat, which is part of the bag. But it is nothing more than granular meat waste remaining in the meat industry.

A single use of such a dish will not bring significant harm. But regular intake of such food can be addictive, and later allergies, obesity or diabetes.

Next, we consider the main products of Rollton and customer reviews.

rollton noodles reviews

Instant noodles, 60 g bag

This product is enriched with five vitamins important for humans - B1, B6, B2, nicotinamide and folic acid. It is made from premium flour and may have different flavors.

Vermicelli "Rollton", reviews of which are only positive, is quite convenient: the package has a soup base and seasoning oil. Customers are especially pleased that in a matter of minutes you can get a delicious ready-made dish. According to reviews, Rollton is a rather tasty and simply irreplaceable product for people leading an active lifestyle, able to value their time and spend their money wisely.

Types of Seasoning

10 different flavors are available:

  • Chicken
  • mushroom;
  • shrimp
  • spicy chicken;
  • tomato bacon;
  • with the taste of bacon and cheese;
  • beef;
  • meat;
  • lamb;
  • with vegetable flavor.
homemade rollton noodles reviews

"Rollton" noodles "home-made egg

The classic Rollton egg noodles, reviews of which we will consider below, are an excellent option for preparing a wide variety of dishes, for example, traditional and milk soups, or to become a good side dish for fish, meat or vegetables. In any case, this product will emphasize the taste of the main meal.

For the manufacture of preservatives, flavorings and colorings are not used. The composition, as indicated on the package, contains egg powder, due to which the product is distinguished by its unique texture and elasticity. It takes only five minutes to fully prepare the dish.

Home-made Rollton noodles, which are mostly positive reviews, are a great combination of a unique taste and reasonable price. and packaging quality, which was made possible through the use of modern Japanese manufacturing technology. The perfect combination of elastic egg noodles, seasoning-broth with the addition of green and natural vegetables allows you to create a product with a real homemade taste and a mesmerizing aroma that awakens the appetite. This product is designed according to the taste preferences of Russian consumers, due to which it has received great success. It is also important that the product is made in Russia and from domestic wheat.

Rollton noodles received the following reviews. Those who prepared this product noted the pleasant taste of the finished dish and mouth-watering aroma. Pleased with the speed of cooking. Just five minutes is enough and the dish will be ready. As the manufacturer indicates, only safe ingredients are included.

But about Rollton noodles, reviews can be found negative. So some buyers noted:

  • inaccuracy of information about the composition on the package: lack of specified egg products;
  • not true percentage of protein.

Instant Mini Vermicelli, 50 g packet

This is a classic on the consumer menu. Vermicelli is quite convenient, since the package contains seasoning oil and a soup base. The finished dish (first or side dish) is obtained in almost a few minutes. Vermicelli is made from premium flour. There are different flavors.

โ€œMiniโ€ vermicelli is produced in six types of seasoning flavor:

  • with chicken;
  • with meat;
  • with shrimps;
  • with mushrooms;
  • with beef;
  • with spicy chicken flavor.

Reviews about this product are only positive. Marked speed of cooking, excellent quality, taste cheap.

Rollton products


The use of Italian technology, high-quality ingredients, a large assortment, great taste - all this is about traditional Rollton pasta, the reviews of which are only good. The product formulation is carefully developed, only selected durum wheat flour is used, and high quality control is carried out at all stages of its production. Cooked Rollton pasta has a great view and rich taste. A large assortment of products of various shapes allows you to make any dish unique in its own way.

Among a wide selection of products, any consumer can find:

  • vermicelli;
  • shells;
  • feathers;
  • horns;
  • spaghetti;
  • straw;
  • turns;
  • spirals with spinach and tomatoes;
  • spirals;
  • tube.

It is worth noting that in the manufacture of Rollton pasta, the company used only durum wheat and clean drinking water. It was this very simple and at the same time ingenious combination that made it possible to produce really high-quality and tasty pasta, which did not boil during cooking. Since Rollton products are practically no different from real Italian pasta, each housewife will be able to use them to cook various Italian national dishes and delight their loved ones with delicious food reminiscent of its Italian roots.


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