How to play cards? Find out!

How to learn to play cards? Almost every person asks this question sooner or later. After all, such fun not only helps pass the time, but also makes it possible to have fun and even earn extra money.

how to play cards

So how to play cards? As you know, there are many games, but they have different rules. Therefore, we will consider some of the most popular. To make it clear, we will tell you some basics.


How to play cards without knowing the suits? No way, so we’ll talk about this now. There are decks of thirty-six cards and fifty-two. For some games, both are suitable. In any deck there are cards of four suits: spades, worms, tambourines and clubs.


So how to play the fool? You need ordinary cards. You can use plastic. There are such cards in the deck:

  • Ace is the biggest card, it beats all the cards of its suit.
  • King.
  • Lady.
  • Jack.
  • Ten.
  • Nine.
  • Eight.
  • Seven.
  • Six.

If there is a deck of 52 cards, then there is still: a joker, five, four, three and two. As you understand, in a fool's game, a card of a higher rank beats a card of a lower rank (for example, a queen - a six). In addition, there are trump cards, but we will talk about this a little later.

So how to play cards in the fool? For such fun, a deck of thirty-six cards and fifty-two are suitable for us. The deck is shuffled. After that, six cards are dealt to all participating people. A deck is placed in the center of the table, but before that one card is drawn from the middle - its suit will indicate a trump card. What does this term mean? A trump card is a suit that beats all other cards of any suit, and its own is only lower in rank.

how to play the fool card

The first hang-up is five cards, the subsequent six. The first to go is the one with the smallest trump card. If a person has nothing to beat, then he takes it. All players must have at least six cards throughout the game. What if they have three or four? Take from the deck. When it ends, they play with the amount that is available. The winner is the one with no cards left. Here is such a simple fun.

How to play cards?

Mafia is a game for a fun friendly company of eight to ten people.

The first thing to do is choose a moderator. He will not vote. His duties are to monitor what is happening and voice the actions of the players. The next step - everyone is divided into civilians and the mafia. You can do this with the same playing cards. They are heard - to whom he is caught, that is what he will be. Mafia in the game should be from two to five people, depending on the number of players.

For this game, you can use both special "Mafia" cards, as well as ordinary ones. If you have chosen the second option, then designate the characters. By the way, what are they?

how to play cards mafia

The mafia pretends to be civilians during the day, and at night they kill the townspeople. Note that all the mafia are familiar.

Civilians - play during the day, sleep at night. Until the end of the game, they don’t know who is sitting nearby - a member of the mafia or a peaceful person.

Doctor - plays for the peaceful, can cure the one whom the mafia is trying to kill at night, however, if he guesses it. If the doctor “misses”, then the death of the peaceful will be inevitable. He has the right to treat himself only once.

Commissioner - plays for civilians. At night, he can check the player. If he guessed the mafia, the leader reports this to all citizens. If not, then this is also said to everyone.

Mistress - plays for the peaceful, can save a citizen by spending a night with him.

Name the characters

For example, the kings will be the mafia, the lady of hearts will be the mistress, the jack of spades will be the doctor, the ace will be the commissar, and the civilians will be sixes. For the game you only need these cards, and discard the others.

The essence of the game

On the first day, all residents speculate who the mafia is. When expressing your opinion, you should be careful. When assumptions are made, the facilitator repeats those on whom suspicion has fallen. Before the start of voting, each player says why he chose this particular character. Then comes the vote, according to which one person is executed. Who will he be? Players will find out after the vote. The executed one shows a map showing who he is.

how to learn to play cards

Then the night comes. The host says: “Night has come, everyone falls asleep, the mafia wakes up.” The mafia opens his eyes, gets acquainted, after which with gestures they decide who to kill. When the final choice is made, the host says "The Mafia falls asleep, the mistress wakes up." A lady wakes up, does her own thing. The host then says: "The mistress falls asleep, the doctor wakes up." The doctor decides who to treat, then closes his eyes. The host says: "The doctor falls asleep, the commissioner wakes up." The policeman must check one player and close his eyes again. After that, the host says: "The commissar falls asleep, civilians wake up, the murdered man does not wake up." If the doctor or lover was able to save a person from death, then this is notified. The next character that the presenter mentions is the commissar. If the commissioner has guessed, then during the daytime voting he is trying to help the civilians understand who is who. The game continues in this story until all civilians or mafas die.


Now you know how to play cards. This means that you will have something to do with friends. After all, you know how to play both the fool and the Mafia. Have more victories for you!


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