Construction company "Lenstroytrest": reviews, management, new buildings. Apartments in St. Petersburg from the developer

To date, the housing problem is still extremely relevant. Construction companies in St. Petersburg are trying to successfully resolve this issue. Not all of them deserve positive opinions. This article will talk about one well-known construction company - Lenstroytrest. Reviews about the company, its main projects, information about the management - all this will be described in detail below.

About company

Lenstroytrest is a closed joint-stock company specializing in the construction of affordable housing with a high level of comfort. The company was founded in 1996, and over 20 years of work has been able to achieve great success in the field of housing of various types. The construction of schools, kindergartens, simple apartment buildings - Lenstroytrest deals with all this.

The general director of the company is Valeria Gennadyevna Malysheva, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Technical University with a degree in Economics and Management of Engineering Enterprises. She began her work at Lenstroytrest back in 1997, and over 20 years of service she was able to achieve great career success. In 2001, Valeria Gennadyevna took an internship in the UK, and in 2014 took part in the annual financial construction forum, where she was recognized as the best speaker.

Viktor Yuryevich Lebedev, a graduate of the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, is today the chairman of the board of Lenstroytrest. The famous architectural projects of Peter "IQ Gatchina" and "New Tone" are headed precisely by Viktor Yuryevich. Deputy General Director of Marketing for Lenstroymaterialy today is Dmitry Karpushin, one of the leading persons at Lenstroytrest.

The address of the organization’s main office is still unchanged: St. Petersburg, house 8 on Millionnaya street. The phone number of the company can be viewed on the official website. As of 2017, under the authority of the organization in question are 3 completed new buildings and 6 under construction. From the very beginning of the company’s activity, since 1996, about 16 thousand residents received keys to apartments.

history of the company

As noted above, Lenstroytrest CJSC takes its beginning in 1996. Then the company was called Lenstroy-Invest-Management. Already in the nineties, the main specialization of the organization in question was the construction of housing complexes with a high level of comfort. Affordable prices in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region allowed the company to quickly become famous and continue its activities in a progressive manner.

In 2000, the trust was taken over by the Gatchinskoye SSK company engaged in the production of panel products for housing construction. Significant changes have taken place at Lenstroytrest. Re-equipment and modernization of all possible production technologies were carried out. Thanks to this course of events, the organization in question brought to the market the latest series of panel-type houses, referred to as Optima. Products received many positive reviews.

2003 was the starting point of Lenstroytrest as a company specializing in monolithic construction, and already in 2005 the organization was actively engaged in the production of a high-quality prefabricated frame. Thanks to these products, Lenstroytrest has the opportunity to build a variety of housing complexes for architectural solutions and purposes. The company to this day produces a prefabricated frame, connecting with it its future development.

To date, Lenstroytrest facilities are scattered in different areas of North-West St. Petersburg. The company manages to combine the functions of both a general contractor and an active investor. Thanks to the many positive reviews about the product, the organization is actively developing to this day.

Professional areas

The main direction of Lenstroytrest CJSC remains, of course, construction. As of 2017, the company has a fairly large number of other organizations, including:

  • Gatchina SSK;
  • "Management LST";
  • General Contractor LST LLC;
  • LLC Project LST;
  • LLC "Development LST".

Above, only domestic structures were named. In addition to them, the organization in question is actively cooperating with many foreign companies. This, for example, the famous Dutch design company KSAR Architects & Pianners, the Finnish workshop "Jukki Tikkanen", the Swedish architectural company "Tovatt Architects" and many other organizations.

Lenstroytrest is a construction company operating in a wide variety of construction activities. The organization in question is responsible for the full cycle of housing: this includes the development of projects, and the implementation of motor-construction work, and the sale of houses as commercial objects. All further operation of the constructed buildings also rests entirely on Lenstroytrest. It is also worth noting that the company has certain quality standards. Here it is necessary to highlight:

  • Finnish standard of living environment. The organization in question takes the classic Finnish town, or the so-called "Scandinavian model" as an example. Thanks to such a prototype, all the facilities under construction are of the highest quality, safety, as well as a well-thought-out aesthetic level of living. And this applies not only to houses, but also to all nearby neighborhoods.
  • Modern technology "SSK Gatchinsky." As already indicated above, Lenstroytrest carries out its professional activities in accordance with the standards developed by partner companies. Gatchina is just such a structure. Thanks to her, all housing projects are implemented using high-precision modernized facilities.

It is also worth noting another professional area of ​​Lenstroitrest. This is a development. The development and implementation of a wide variety of investment projects related to construction is the second most important area of ​​the organization in question. Development concerns residential complexes, housing estates, quarters , etc. It should be noted that not all construction companies in St. Petersburg are capable of carrying out such professional activities. The organization in question stands out against their background.

A large number of employees are proud of their activities at Lenstroytrest. Employee reviews about the organization are mostly positive. Workers note a high salary, leadership loyalty, as well as an interesting and friendly team.

The characteristics of the main housing facilities of Lenstroytrest, as well as the reviews of citizens living in these facilities, will be given below.

LCD "Gatchina": general description

Separately, it is worth telling about the most probably the main construction site of Lenstroytrest. This is the Gatchina housing complex. As already clear from the name of the object, it is located in the Leningrad region, at the city of Gatchina, Pushkinskoe highway. This is an economy-class housing facility with panel buildings of 6 to 12 levels. The area of ​​apartments here reaches 132 m 2 , and the price per m 2 - from 65 thousand to 105 thousand rubles. In total, about 19 hectares of land was allocated for the construction of the object. At the same time, the project itself was under active development by the famous European architectural bureau Tovatt Architects.

Lenstroytrest reviews

A little more worth talking about the infrastructure of the object. In the district there is a school with 600 places, two kindergartens with 140 places in each. Nearby is a shopping and entertainment center, whose area is 9.5 thousand m2. There are guest parking lots as well as underground parking for 661 cars. All the necessary elements of a shopping and entertainment structure are located in the center of the quarter, to which there are numerous roads and streets. In the quarter, the optimal landscape design with established architectural forms is observed. There are children's and sports grounds, bicycle and walking paths, recreation areas with free Wi-Fi. Moreover, in almost every place of the facility presented, thorough video surveillance is conducted. Nearby are security posts with multi-level protection.

Gatchina is a quiet and beautiful city located just 30 km from the Ring Road. The city is connected by three highways with St. Petersburg. LCD "IQ Gatchina" is an ideal option for citizens who want to buy affordable housing in the Leningrad region. However, what do Lenstroytrest real estate investors think of the object in question? Are they all happy? Next, some reviews of residents who bought apartments in Gatchina from the Lenstroytrest company will be given.

Reviews about LCD "Gatchina"

Residents who bought apartments from Lenstroytrest in the city of Gatchina leave detailed reviews of the entire construction project. In their opinion, the constructed quarter looks very impressive and aesthetically pleasing. Buildings of various bright colors, convenient layout of the area according to European standards - all this leaves completely positive impressions. A particularly successful decision of the construction company, according to consumers, is to place an area with shopping and entertainment complexes in the very center of the district. The air in the quarter is quite clean and fresh, and the area itself is well landscaped. However, it is not necessary to say that there is favorable ecology throughout the quarter, the reviewer claims. A wide highway passes very close by, and a little further there is a railway. However, the lack of factories and other industrial enterprises nearby makes us think a little more optimistic.

apartments in St.  Petersburg from the developer

Consider what else highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of the Gatchina region from Lenstroytrest. So, some argue that the main advantages of the quarter are very affordable prices for apartments. However, such prices are fully justified, after all, Gatchina is a small regional city, although not the most distant from St. Petersburg. The next major advantage of the quarter, according to users, is a comfortable shopping center, school and kindergartens. They are located in landscaped and landscaped yards, and therefore look very aesthetically pleasing. Finally, it is worth highlighting the main disadvantages of the area. Here, users include the noise of trains that is heard due to the nearby railway, as well as three negatively affecting the ecology of highways.

LCD "New Ton"

Lenstroytrest also oversees another important construction project: the New Ton housing complex. This is a system of buildings of 24 floors of panel type, bearing the status of a comfort class. In total there are 652 apartments, the cost of which is 96 thousand rubles per m 2 .

Apartments from Lenstroytrest in St. Petersburg are mainly purchased in the presented housing complex. It is located in the Krasnogvardeisky district on Irinovsky Avenue, near the Ladozhskaya metro station. Under two high-rise panel buildings is an underground parking for 85 cars. At night, two buildings are illuminated with a special LED backlight. A shopping alley with commercial facilities and fountains located on it passes between the objects. On the first floors of the houses are trading premises.

construction companies saint petersburg

If we talk about the infrastructure of “New Ton” a little more, it is important to note a number of elements. This includes cozy enclosed courtyards, sports and playgrounds with high-quality anti-traumatic coating. There is a kindergarten with a musical focus, one underground and several guest parking lots. There is free Wi-Fi in the courtyard. It is worth noting the presence of nearby medical centers, shops, salons, etc. The entire complex of the New Ton residential complex is under round-the-clock security, which has digital monitoring systems and video surveillance devices at its disposal. The plans include the construction of an ice arena and gyms. All presented facilities are controlled by Lenstroytrest.

St. Petersburg today is considered a city where a large number of people wish to stay permanently. The New Ton area is ideal for citizens who dream of a quiet and comfortable life in a big city.

Reviews about LCD "New Ton"

A large number of people who received keys to apartments in the New Ton housing complex left their comments and reviews on Lenstroytrest services. Reviews of these citizens should be considered in more detail below.

Many distinguish four advantages and as many disadvantages of the housing complex. According to users, the main advantages of "New Tone" are the presence of a kindergarten and schools, underground parking, a serious security company and concierges. Allocate and convenient exit on the highway from the yards.

Next, let's talk about the main disadvantages of the complex. The main disadvantage, according to users, is the unfairly high cost of apartments, even for a premium level. The lack of a metro station nearby, as well as the heavy traffic overload on Ivanovsky Prospekt, also cannot be attributed to the main disadvantages of the complex. Last - this is a strong knock of trams running near the area.

lcd yutteri

Some leave extremely positive reviews. They highlight the general aesthetic component of the complex, namely the presence of fountains and the illumination of buildings in the dark. Another advantage is the closed area, high-quality concierge service and security system. Thanks to all these aspects, you can feel completely safe in the area. Walking distance from hypermarkets, according to residents, also refers to the main advantages of the housing complex in question.

According to the majority of people who left feedback, it is worth taking apartments in St. Petersburg from the builder in the New Ton housing complex.

Yutteri: general description

Housing estate "Yutteri" is located in the Kolpinsky district of St. Petersburg, on Pontonnaya street. The nearest metro is Rybatskoye station. The whole complex consists of ten four-story panel-type houses. In total, about 2 thousand apartments will be commissioned, both with and without decoration. The total area of ​​each apartment varies from 28 to 68 m 2 . The price per square meter in the Yutteri residential complex Lenstroytrest determines from 65 thousand to 103 thousand rubles.

Lenstroytrest address

Lenstroytrest, in the case, as with many of its other projects, again resorts to the model of the “Finnish town”. The complex again is a large and cozy courtyard surrounded by houses in the form of the letter "P". Moreover, the entire plot occupies 31 hectares. The project, which was implemented LCD "Yutteri", involves the following critical points:

  • Modern Finnish construction technology.
  • Common areas are built according to individual projects.
  • In the quarter there are all the necessary communication systems - TV, Internet, telephone, etc.
  • The quarter is under high-quality and effective protection.
  • Each front door has a concierge.
  • Most apartments in residential buildings are one-room, but there are apartments with two or three rooms. Each front door has a comfortable and silent elevator.

A little more detail is worth telling about the infrastructure of the quarter. In the yards of the housing complex under consideration there are all the elements necessary for the average person: fenced sports or playgrounds covered with a special anti-traumatic layer, recreation areas, alleys, etc. Within walking distance from residential buildings there is a school, as well as a kindergarten. Nearby there is a shopping and entertainment center, several shops and dry cleaning. For motorists roomy parking is provided, both ground and underground type.

The courtyards of the housing complex are decorated with characters from Finnish tales. There are ponds in the alleys, tiled paths and free Wi-Fi zones.

Yutteri: customer reviews

Interest holders who bought an apartment in the Yutteri residential complex share their impressions. The main drawback of the complex, according to many users, is the strong remoteness from the rest of the world. Nearby are a number of supermarkets. However, schools, hospitals and kindergartens are not so close. The minimum distance to them is about 2 km. The Rybatskoye metro station is also close - it is about 12 km away. You can get to the metro by shuttle bus at least half an hour. Another noticeable minus of the complex, according to reviewers, is not the best environmental situation in the area. Nearby is a cemetery dump, a little further and a landfill.However, many of those who left reviews also list the main advantages of the housing complex. They include reliable guards here who carefully look after the territory, courtyards closed from the through passage of cars, a large amount of greenery and a pleasant landscape.

Lenstroytrest CEO

Let's consider what other advantages of the complex are described. So, users emphasize convenient parking, aesthetic design of the yard, a large number of greenery and summer ponds. According to reviewers, apartments in St. Petersburg from the developer Lenstroytrest should be purchased in this area.

LCD "Yanila Country"

Another major project of Lenstroytrest is the Yanila Country housing complex. It is located in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region, in the village of Yasino. The complex includes 43 buildings, from 5 to 14 floors high. All buildings are panel, type of housing - business class. The area of ​​apartments is from 24 to 120 m 2 . The entire quarter occupies about 42 hectares.

"Yanila Country" involves not only the construction of residential buildings, but also business centers. That is why Lenstroytrest is ready to offer unique halls, urban villas, terraces and utrium objects. If we talk about infrastructure, then it is worth highlighting the presence of kindergartens, schools, hospitals and clinics nearby. All necessary grocery stores are also nearby.

new tone lenstroytrest

All courtyards and adjoining territories in the quarter are planted with the most original trees and shrubs that do not turn yellow for a very long period of time. The territory has evening lighting and backlighting. A security system is functioning qualitatively throughout the quarter.

Reviews about the presented complex are mostly positive. Reviewers talk about the presence of a nearby forest park area, about the possibility of acquiring an apartment immediately with decoration. Users praise the quality of roads laid in courtyards, high ceilings in houses, spacious parking areas and a reliable security system. Some buyers talk about the shortcomings of the housing complex. They include, for example, a nearby garbage recycling plant, rather large traffic jams and the absence of a metro station nearby.


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