DIY pump for a well made of plastic pipes: drawings

Today, a manual pump for a well with their own hands from plastic pipes is often made by craftsmen. This question worries many owners of cottages and plots. You can buy similar equipment in stores of the corresponding goods, but quite often the devices have a rather high price and work on electricity, which may not always be suitable for periodic use of the water resource, moreover, not every site is located close to the power source. A similar design must be selected depending on the depth of the well, so many craftsmen make a manual pump for the well with their own hands. In this case, you must follow certain requirements.

Homemade pump device

DIY hand pump for a well

Water is pumped using a lifting unit, in which there is a piston mounted on the rod, it moves down and then up the steel casing of the pump. Check valves are mounted inside this piston to prevent fluid from returning back to the well. The rod is fixed to the lever handle by means of a hinge. When exposed to it, the well pump starts to work. In the lower part of the housing there is an inlet hose, the lower end of which should be lowered to the aquifer.

If you decide to make a manual pump for the well with your own hands, you need to consider that there is an outlet pipe on the back of the body, which is located in the central part of the unit. Such pumps can be used in the operation of a well whose depth does not exceed 10 meters. Installation should be carried out at a distance of about 100 cm from the surface of the earth. In order to increase the efficiency of such a unit, you can optionally mount a factory-made electric pump equipped with a separate outlet.

do-it-yourself hand pumps for wells

Features of manufacturing a hand pump

do-it-yourself manual water pump for a well

In order to make a manual pump for a well with your own hands, you can use improvised materials, and as for technology, it is recommended to use the one that is presented in the article. Initially, you need to choose the body that underlies the pump. A steel pipe of the required length is perfect for this. If possible, you can use a diesel liner, and the hydraulic cylinder body is perfect. The pipe should be selected on the basis of its length within 800 millimeters, the caliber of the element should be 8 centimeters, at least.

If a hand-made pump for a well is made with a do-it-yourself well, the most acceptable option would be to make a case using a thick-walled tube, and you will need to use a lathe. It is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the inner walls of the pump. If a steel pipe is used, it is necessary to remove internal irregularities with a scraper. The case does not have to be round at all; it can take the form of a polygon or square. The main condition is that it should have the same cross section along the entire length.

Production of the main components of the pump

do-it-yourself hand pump for the well drawings

Equipment covers can be made of steel or thick plastic. It is permissible to use wood. For this purpose, larch or oak is perfect. Such material will swell from exposure to water and seal the gaps between the walls of the pump. In the top cover, you need to make a hole designed for the stem, while the bottom needs to be connected to the valve, and then mounted in place.

When craftsmen make manual pumps for wells with their own hands, they usually make a piston from any available material, whether it is wood, steel or plastic. The main condition is that the material must be equipped with a sealant made of rubber. This element is made in the form of a regular ring. The piston must move in the internal space of the unit body; this action should not be accompanied by difficulties. The piston must be connected to the stem using a locking pin and thread.

Pipe and valve manufacturing

do-it-yourself hand pump for an Abyssinian well

In the role of the inlet pipe, when manual pumps for wells are made with your own hands, you can use hoses made of hard rubber reinforced with a metal spring. Often, plastic or metal pipes are used to make the part described.

The most important part of such a pump designed for the well are check valves. How well they will be manufactured will affect the performance of the equipment. They must have a high margin of safety to allow water to return to the space of the inlet hose. Lapping the valves of the unit must be given great attention, otherwise the liquid will leak out through them and will return back to the well or well.

Specialist recommendations

do-it-yourself manual pump for a well from plastic pipes

A do-it- yourself manual water pump for a well can be made using a ball or diaphragm check valve. The latter type can be made of durable rubber billets. It should be fixed to the valve outlet using nuts or screws. When using ball closure, it should be made of plastic or steel. Some craftsmen use round valves made of glass or hard rubber to make a hand pump.

Manufacturing Outlet

The rod and outlet should be selected taking into account such a length that the equipment can be deepened by 1 meter into a well or well. A hinged handle will also be needed. It needs to be strengthened by a stock. The latter can be made of duralumin or aluminum tube. To do this, you need to make a hole in the output part of the lifting rod by installing a bolt in it, pass it through the handle and fix it on the other side using a nut that has a locking pin. To independently return the handle to its normal position, the spring must be fixed to the short end of this element, the lower part must be fixed with a screw on the case. This design of the hand pump, designed for the well, is used in many areas and demonstrates its excellent quality characteristics.

A kind of hand pump is a water pump

do-it-yourself manual pump for a well from pipes

A do-it-yourself hand pump for a well, the drawings of which must be considered before starting work, can be made in the form of a pump. In order to carry out such a design, you need to purchase copper tubes and epoxy glue in the market of building materials . You need to take care of the presence of the old brake chamber, you can use a new one, but then the pump will cost more. It will need to be disassembled, remove all holes, with the exception of one, which will be designed for the rod. It must be placed at the top of the pump. At the opposite end of the brake chamber, from below, with the help of a drill, several holes must be made for the valves. It is necessary to use a segment of the acquired copper tube, which must necessarily have thick walls, you should choose a steel ball with a diameter that exceeds its caliber. The tube will have to be drilled half the length using a drill. As a result, you should get a hole whose diameter is smaller than the ball. It must be placed in a copper tube across the hole made, and then soldered on top of the billet of copper wire. When the water rises, the ball will rise and thereby open the passage, while with pressure from above, this ball will close the opening. When making a hand pump for an Abyssinian well with your own hands, it is necessary to supplement it with copper wire, which will not allow the ball to fall out of the tube.

Check valve manufacturing work

Now you can begin work on adding a check valve to the design, which is done using the same technology as in the manufacture of an inlet lock. A distinctive feature is that between the wire and the ball you need to position the spring. It is needed so that the ball is pressed against the hole. If you make a home-made hand pump for a well using this technology, then its check valve will function under pressure from above, thereby opening a hole. The valve must be replaced and secured with glue. After you have to cut a piece of the car camera and cut out a circle from it. A rubber membrane should be made from this circle.


In the middle of this circle, you need to make a hole and fix the washers on both sides using the same glue. A self-made hand pump for a well from pipes can easily be made by any craftsman, for this you just have to prepare a drawing, tools and follow the recommendations.


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