French with flowers: ideas. Beautiful spring manicure

Even in ancient times, beauties began to use flowers for various decorative purposes. The development of crafts allowed people to learn how to create all kinds of fabrics and materials decorated with floral patterns. The beauty of natural creations does not cease to conquer aesthetes today. Such motifs are widely used in nail design.

french with flowers

Experts believe that flowers can be made in a variety of styles and techniques. You can decorate them with lunar and French manicure, beat the idea of ​​a special nail, organically combine with geometric ornaments. Our article will tell you how to make a french with flowers. This type of design combines the conciseness and versatility of French manicure and the unobtrusive expressiveness of the painting, and in addition, it opens up wide scope for self-expression.

Main trends

This season, the best masters of nail service offer customers a little to move away from the traditional range of white and beige. The trend has bright accents, unusual design techniques, asymmetry. At the same time, you should definitely not overload the image - excessive decorativeness will cheapen any design.

French with flowers can be made in classic colors. Perhaps the look of a manicure with a marked edge of the nail will never lose its relevance, because it looks really natural. By itself, this design looks neutral, almost faceless. But try to decorate a couple of nails with orchids or violets - and you will get a spectacular expressive image that will definitely not be ignored.

white jacket with flowers

Acquires distribution and such a technique as negative staining. For example, on some nails, the free space may be white, and the edge may be pink, and on the others, the opposite will be true.

Length and shape

Today, as never before, nails of short length are relevant. The shape should be as natural and organic as possible, for example, an oval or rectangle with rounded edges.

A jacket with flowers on nails larger than 3-4 mm also looks good. For the longest lengths, it is better to choose another option, for example, just paint them without making massive stripes at the edges.

Smile Shape

Many nail service masters prefer experimenting with painting the edge. It is not at all necessary to make it anatomically accurate.

"Smile" can be oval, absolutely straight, with a bend on one side, have a corner. Try different ones, choosing your own nail design option.

white jacket with flowers

A jacket with flowers against the background of an unusually designed edge is an excellent move for those who are not completely satisfied with their own nails, because various options for the geometry of the “smile” can help visually make the shape more harmonious. But the owners of nails of perfect shape can afford absolutely any kind of coloring of the tips.

Localization of the picture on the nails

Once, fashionistas tried to place patterns on all ten nails as equally as possible. Today it is not necessary. On the contrary, chaotic scatter, which facilitates the image, is preferable. On 2-3 nails, you can make large flowers, on the rest do the same with buds.

beautiful spring manicure

Do not strive to create 10 completely identical pictures. Making out the service jacket with flowers, strive for slight asymmetry, “loading” only some parts of the overall composition.

Colors and shades

When choosing a gamut, you should first of all focus on the season. For a cold winter, saturated and expressive tones of burgundy, violet, malachite green, and chocolate are always relevant.

The colors of the foliage, swamps, hot mulled wine, spices and sweets are great for fall.

In the spring, when you want to shed your sorrows and extra layers of clothing, many choose the colors of flowering gardens, heather and snowdrops, and tender greens.

Shades reminiscent of ripe fruits, berry yogurt, beach cocktails and night lights are real summer hits.

But there are real universals. For example, a French manicure in a warm peach-beige color scheme, decorated with a couple of inconspicuous flowers in the same colors, will suit a stylish business woman at any time of the year. White jacket with flowers is often chosen by the bride, and regardless of the season. You can call universal a strict gray-anthracite range.

Nice details

When thinking over a drawing, do not be afraid to add unusual accents to it. For example, a manicure with roses can be decorated with a couple of small rhinestones, similar to dew drops. And on a light green jacket with flowers, plant a few ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies.

jacket with flowers on nails

If you choose a design in an elegant classic style, you can complement the noble flowers with a small metal bow.

Painted flowers

You can perform a manicure in a variety of techniques. It’s worth undertaking a painting only if you are confident in your abilities and talent.

French nail design with flowers

A beautiful spring manicure can be performed as follows. Cover your nails with pink polish, highlight the edges with white. Draw small roses, placing them on a "smile". You can arrange all nails this way or just some of them.

Stamping technique

The rapid popularity that stamps are gaining is due to a number of advantages. Having spent one day on a basic set, you can then purchase as many inexpensive disks with various designs as you like. It’s easy to work with the stamp, and the result is consistently good. The main thing is to choose colors that harmoniously combine with each other.

Cover your nails with one color, highlight smiles. By the way, there are stamping discs with perfectly even patterns for French manicure. This can greatly simplify the task. It remains to choose a suitable floral pattern.

light green jacket with flowers

It can be a large single flower or a print with a small pattern. The technology is simple: apply a drop of varnish to the plate, swipe with a spatula, evenly filling the gutters, press the stamp, transfer the print to the nail. Apply the pattern to a completely dried coating.


For those who do not draw very well, ready-made pictures can be an excellent choice. Usually they are translations that need to be soaked in water to separate the paper base.

With the help of such ready-made solutions, you can make, for example, a beautiful spring manicure with flowers and butterflies.

french with flowers

To get a harmonious image, do not overload it. Make pictures not all, but only some nails. Remember: the tone of the picture must be well combined with the color of the "smile".

Reason for a french with flowers

Depending on the color scheme, a manicure with flowers can be festive, evening, everyday. For business style, too bright nails are unacceptable, but they can be a great idea for a vacation. For work, it is better to choose a beige or white jacket with small flowers.

Most floral designs don't go well with cargo-style clothing. For lovers of sports style, it is also advisable to choose something more organic than nails decorated with flowers.

Such designs are perfect for the followers of romantic feminine images.


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