Turkey in May: it's time to relax

Traditionally, the first decade of May is considered to be days off. Some people like to spend these days in the country, doing sowing. But sometimes you want to take advantage of these long weekends and arrange a mini-vacation for yourself. But where to go these days? Everyone is hearing Turkey, the most popular country among Russians. But many are worried about the question: what is the weather like in Turkey in May? Will it be quite comfortable there for relaxation, especially for a beach holiday?

Those who visited Turkey in the summer months will probably remember the grueling, sultry days, the scorching sun and stuffy nights. These factors, plus the crowds of tourists in excursion places, the real โ€œrookeries of fur sealsโ€ on the beaches, wars for shade and high cost in shops and bazaars overshadowed the rest in this, of course, beautiful country. The month of May eliminates these inconveniences: Turkey in May pleases with half-empty beaches and fairly low prices. True, at the beginning of the month, on the May holidays, there was some excitement among the local population, which was used to the influx of tourists during this period, but, in general, prices were far from summer. After May 9, prices for hotels and apartments are falling again, and with the help of the reservation system you can organize a budget vacation for yourself and your family.

But we, tired of the long and harsh Russian winter, want warmth. I especially want to soak up the gentle southern sun. The weather in May in Turkey is quite comfortable for a beach holiday. Of course, when going on vacation to this country, you need to remember that Turkey is a country stretched from north to south, occupying several climatic zones, and the month of May refers to the transition period, in the sense that the beginning and end of the month are very different air and water temperatures in the sea. The northern part of Turkey is more suitable for those people who plan an active vacation: you can leisurely explore the sights of Istanbul and Ankara, go on an excursion to the mountains - in Pamukkale or Konya, visit other attractions that Turkey is famous for - Izmir, Troy, Cappadocia, Worlds Lycian.

For those who dream of a relaxing beach holiday, Turkey in May provides an opportunity to relax comfortably on its southern, Mediterranean coast. Water in Antalya and Alanya at the beginning of the month warms up to an average of + 20 degrees, and at the end of May it already reaches a temperature of + 24 degrees - quite comfortable for swimming even for young children. Air, as you know, warms up faster than water. In the southern regions of the country during the day it reaches quite summer +28 degrees, although mornings and evenings are still quite fresh: +15 degrees. Therefore, going to rest in Turkey in May, do not forget to bring along a set of warm clothes: a tight sweater, closed shoes. For the day, stock up on T-shirts, shorts and sandals.

Turkey in May is not particularly abundant in rainfall. Following the rainy March-April, a dry period comes, lasting until the end of October, when rains are extremely rare. But in May, tourists have a rare opportunity to see the Turkish mountain waterfalls in all its glory: a roaring stream that rises from a height, and not a thin stream of water. Rains are possible, but short-term, especially at the beginning of the month and in the mountains.

Going to sunbathe on the beaches of the Anatolian coast of Turkey, you need to remember that the sun here in May is very insidious. A light cool breeze blows from the sea, it is not hot on the beach, so you can easily burn out without noticing it. Be sure to bring sunscreen with you to protect yourself from unwanted ultraviolet radiation. You also need to keep in mind that the weather in May is still changeable: to insure yourself in case of bad weather, book a hotel with a heated pool.

Turkey in May has the advantage over summer vacations that hotels at this time are barely half full. The administration offers crazy discounts on accommodation in expensive hotels, and you can completely relax in a five-star hotel for the price of a three-star.

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