How to remove chewing gum from clothes at home?

How to remove chewing gum from clothes that are firmly adhered and penetrate deep into the fabric? There are enough options for cleaning things at home. Some may encounter a problem - the appearance of traces or smell after applying a number of means. Any stained clothing will have to be washed with detergent or stain remover.

how to remove chewing gum from clothes quickly

Often, in order to remove the sticky composition from the clothes, some give it to professionals for chemical treatment. Such a procedure requires money, but we will tell you how to cope with the task yourself. How to remove sticky chewing gum from clothes? Consider right now.

Ways to deal with sticky mass

We need to understand what we are dealing with - chewing gum becomes soft at elevated temperatures. This fact is the basis for action. Knowing this, you can remove chewing gum from clothes at home. You can also cope with the task, not only by influencing the problem with heat, but also with cold. A simple conclusion follows from this: there are two main ways how to remove chewing gum from clothes - cold and warm.

When choosing a way to deal with the problem, do not forget that if the fabric is too delicate, it is not always appropriate to subject it to mechanical stress. The easiest way to remove chewing gum from your clothes is to send it to the refrigerator. Such exposure is suitable for:

  • Wool.
  • Silks.
  • Cashmere.

If some method fails, another is applied until the sticky gum disappears completely. Rules and caution throughout the process will not hurt.

how to remove sticky chewing gum from clothes

Heat exposure

Chewing gum is removed by heating. There are several ways to do this:

  • Using a hairdryer. How to use it? It's simple: the place with the problem is heated by a stream of air. The method for different clothes is suitable - these are jeans, a skirt, a jacket. After that, any small brush with a soft bristle is used and the adhering mass is wiped off.
  • How to remove chewing gum from clothes? Another method is exposure to steam from water. Heating takes place over any capacity - kettle, pot, etc. After sticking from the gum has become soft, it is removed.
  • The use of vinegar. It is preheated. In the form of heat when using a cotton swab, they are applied to the fabric of spoiled clothes. If the liquid cools, and the chewing gum has not yet been removed, you will again have to heat the vinegar. You can dip a cotton swab several times to remove everything without a trace.
  • Boiled water. In this case, an assistant will be required so that the liquid gets into the right place. One pours boiling water over the adhering mass, and the other quickly removes with a brush. In addition, you can not pour, but soak clothes in such water. The chewing gum will stick off by itself.
  • The use of iron. Gum is put in place with chewing gum, after which it is ironed. If you can’t immediately remove everything, washing is a must. If the fabric allows, bleach is recommended.
  • Simple wash. Sticky mass can be removed by pre-soaking. For this, any cleaning powder is used. Sometimes a detergent for dishes. If you pour a lot of it on the chewing gum, the latter will begin to soften. Next, the gum is removed, and then a hand wash is performed.
    remove chewing gum from clothes at home

Cold action

How to remove chewing gum from clothes? It is required to freeze it. The main thing is to correctly put the clothes in the freezer. The sticky mass should be outside, and things should be in the bag. Make sure that the chewing gum does not get on other parts of the clothing. It takes two hours to completely freeze.

remove chewing gum from clothes

If the sticky mass does not come off by itself, then you need to remove it with a knife or other improvised tool. But you need to act quickly so that the chewing gum does not heat up again. From the first time, nothing can happen, everything is repeated again. It happens that the gum is on big things:

  • Palace
  • Coat.
  • Fur coat, etc.

To place such a thing in the freezer will not work. Therefore, in place of the problem zone, frozen water is placed in the form of a small piece. As soon as the gum is completely frozen, it is removed using a brush with hard bristles. There are other substances that can freeze gum that adheres to clothing. So, they spray onto the surface from a spray can for refueling gas appliances. After that, the sticky mass is poked with a sharp knife. But you need to be careful so as not to cut the fabric. Here's how to remove chewing gum from your clothes quickly. As a result, there are no spots left, and there is no need to remove the thing.

Solvent use

If there is no time for long procedures, then in a dry cleaning all will be cleaned without a trace. But not everyone can afford it. Solvent can be used to remove stubborn gum from clothing. Apply it with a rag to the affected area. Further, using a brush, as if combing out an elastic band. After the fur is well processed with an ordinary comb.

how to remove chewing gum from clothes step by step

In addition, such formulations help well:

  • Acetone.
  • Nail polish remover.
  • Petrol.
  • Kerosene.


After applying these products, no stains remain. But not every tissue can carry out such experiments. Gasoline dissolves the chewing gum and completely removes it, after the clothes are stretched and nothing remains. Acetone can dissolve the paint, so it is allowed to use it in the fight against chewing gum only on those things that do not fade. You can use nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. She well removes sticky mass from any clothes.

Application of oils

Experts say that orange or peanut butter can be effectively used to combat the problem. It is necessary to apply a little oil to the fabric, and then process the gum itself. Then leave it for ten minutes and brush it off (preferably with hard bristles). But the use of oils has its own peculiarity. Do not get on a clean cloth. So gently with a syringe or pipette, drip only onto a sticky gum. Then we wait two minutes and remove the composition. For the procedure, a tool that is not too sharp, but capable of scraping the chewing gum, is used.

remove sticky chewing gum from clothes

You can remove gummy gum from your clothes using any liquid powder. You need to pour a little washing on the chewing gum, wait 15 minutes and remove it with a hard scraper. The product used is well absorbed into the sticky mass and softens it.


So, we found out how to remove hand chewing gum from clothes at home on our own. Eaten gum on clothes or other things is not uncommon. When a person knows several simple ways to deal with a problem, then it is not so scary. Using a hot or cold option, everyone will remove chewing gum not only from clothes, but also from other things (for example, shoes). In advanced cases, you can rely on dry cleaning professionals. And in order not to spend money and time on rubbing chewing gum, it is better to be careful in advance.


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