Life chart by date of birth - a way to calculate the main moments in life

The schedule of life by date of birth is the calculated numerical rhythms that demonstrate energy surges and falls in different periods of human life. In other words, this is a clear example of the development of human life, which was laid down by nature itself at the time of birth. From this article you will learn how to build a life schedule by date of birth for yourself, in order to be able to predict not only your destiny, but also the life of people close to you.

Historical reference

From the moment he came to this world and throughout his life's journey, a person constantly falls under the influence of various factors. Numbers in the life of every person play a special role: they help to predict important moments in life, learn about the most favorable time for decisive actions, and warn about moments of greatest danger.

The initiator of numerology is considered the famous scientist and thinker Pythagoras.

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Few people know that he was the great esoteric, the founder of the secret esoteric order and the progenitor of modern numerology.

This scientist was interested in numerology by date of birth. Pythagoras' life schedule is a great way to calculate the most important moments in the life of every person. Pythagoras believed that the date of birth is the most important. Therefore, the number obtained as a result of special calculations based on the date of birth is so significant in the study of the human character and its possible future.

Mathematical calculation method

A life schedule by date of birth is not at all difficult to calculate. It is important to know: date, month, and year of birth. All the data you just need to multiply among themselves. The end result is a five-digit or six-digit number. This number is considered a universal code for each person.

numerology by date of birth
When studying human life, a graph based on this number is the very first and most important one that needs to be analyzed. This life schedule according to Pythagoras, by date of birth, is the key knowledge that will help to understand the law of the development of life in different time periods, and will also provide an opportunity to correct one's fate.

Plotting method

The plot is plotted using the y-axis and abscissa. On the ordinate axis, a numerical series should be noted , starting from 0 and ending with the number 9. The abscissa axis is a time scale on which time periods are indicated by cycles of 12 years.

The horizontal axis begins with the date of your birth. Postpone the number of plots of 12 years as you wish.

Now start plotting. For example, you get the number 360921. Having found the number 3 vertically, put a dot over the first date (date of birth). The second number (we have 6) will correspond to your next period of 12 years. Thus, you must put all the numbers received in your schedule. By connecting the dots, you get a life schedule by date of birth.

Decoding graph

When decoding the schedule, knowledge and advice are applied, which were improved and systematized by the followers of Pythagoras.

schedule of life by date of birth
Each number of the constructed graph determines the energy potential of a person at the level of everyday life throughout his life, divided into 12-year cycles.

In order to decipher the graph, it is enough to look at the curve obtained as a result of connecting the points aligned according to the received code number. You will immediately see periods of your ups and downs.

Value lines

It is logical that the line directed upwards means luck and prosperity. A down line warns of caution during risky ventures. It means a period of testing. The number on the decline of the line will help to understand the situation more accurately.

Horizontal lines are considered the most favorable, they mean a measured course of life. It is at these moments that the adoption of fateful decisions is the most successful.

The value of each number in your life code will also be important.

Value of numbers

The period of life under the sign of the number 1 will pass under the motto of dissatisfaction with events. A man will have to directly fight for his innocence, prove and defend his position.

Pythagorean schedule of birth by date of birth
The number 2 in the graph predicts the presence of ups and downs in activity. This figure gives its owner the ability to control the situation and perceive everything from a philosophical point of view.

The number 3 guarantees the support of friends, and the position of the person himself will be shaky and unpredictable.

4 - predicts a calm and boring life. The business and personal life of such a person will occur without much change.

It’s lucky for someone who has a lucky number 5 in the schedule. It means the novelty associated with a change in life. This period will be saturated with bright events.

The number 6 gives harmony and hope for calmness. A person’s goals in this period will not affect moral principles, so everything will go smoothly, "as if it were a dash."

7 - promises the appearance in a person of interests related to the comprehension of spiritual knowledge. It means comprehension of the secret and the secret.

The number 8 guarantees material success. This is the most favorable time for commercial operations.

The symbol of success in life is the number 9. This is the pinnacle of human ability. Those who have this figure in the schedule can safely be called lucky.

Adverse value 0

0 is quite common in the code number, according to numerology by date of birth. A life schedule with such a number is considered not very favorable. After all, 0 means a decline in vital energy and a painful condition.

numerology by date of birth Pythagorean life chart
In other words, the period of life under the beginning of this number is a strip of failures. Pythagoras considered it a number denoting the study of karmic problems. The scientist advised those who have the number 0 not to worry, but just to be more attentive to all events occurring in this period of life.

The schedule of life by date of birth warns about when you need to treat life carefully, controlling everything that happens, and when you can relax and live for your pleasure. Remember that the values ​​of the numbers are generalized, when building such a schedule, it is important to take into account additional factors that affect a person’s life.

The fate of each person is hidden in the date of birth. When calculating your personal code, be very careful. Pay yourself a little attention and you will be surprised at the clues lurking in your date of birth.


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