Why do people moan in a dream: reasons

They say that sleep is a great gift to humanity, and to neglect this gift is not just unreasonable, but really strange. Indeed, in a dream, our body is resting, completely relaxing. We forget about day cares and can tune in the next day. That's why sleep problems are so annoying. Someone snores, some suffer from sleepwalking, and some people begin to moan. Sometimes it's really scary to listen. Why do people moan in a dream? Afraid of anything? Or, on the contrary, enjoy it?

What is a dream?

Surely everyone heard that the dream is called a small death and a journey through other worlds. Our body remains amorphous, but the mind goes in search of the unknown. Otherwise, where would the dreams come from? So people thought at all times that it is necessary to wake a person carefully, because an outside force can open his eyes. What if he doesn’t wake up at all? Until now, we are afraid of sleepwalkers, although their behavior has been popularly explained by doctors. But just in case, we will not wake the sleepwalker, so as not to frighten him or, even worse, not to drive him crazy.

In fact, everyone understands that there is a fundamental difference between sleep and death, because sleepers breathe, move, laugh and even talk. But this is clearly not the norm, and if our sleep is so restless, then there is a reason. So why do people moan in a dream?

why do people moan in a dream

From the history

In ancient times, it was believed that in a dream, children, the righteous and madmen make sounds. A very interesting but strange theory, since many mentally healthy people can smile, laugh and cry in a dream. The causes of these phenomena are mostly similar, as these are vivid emotions. The opinions of psychologists and physiologists suggest various explanations for the causes of such an emotional outburst. The great Sigmund Freud believed that a person laughs in a dream, as his body seeks to get rid of tension, including sexual one. And here you can agree with him, especially if you listen to yourself. If in a dream you laugh, start crying or cry out, then in most cases you wake up. That is, the outburst of emotions was so strong that the dream ended. After such a collapse, you fall asleep quickly and most often easily, as you relax and calm down.

why do people moan while sleeping

Basic versions of the manifestation of emotions in a dream

There are two main theories that explain why people moan and make sounds in a dream.

Firstly, laughter or crying in a dream can be a reflection of those emotions that were restrained in an awake state. For example, a stormy daytime joy overtook you in a work environment, and you were limited to a smile and gratitude? Your brain analyzed what happened during the day and compensated for the suppressed emotions in the night dreams. Moreover, a dream can have an absolutely neutral plot, not related to the experience. But tears can shed at night, if during the day you survived the tragedy, severe stress or were subjected to rough treatment from someone else. That is, your daily resentment, anger or pain manifests itself in tears. Also, tears can be the result of serious stress. For example, in the afternoon you passed the project, which was prepared for several weeks, and received a positive review. Or maybe they finally defended their diploma. Tears come out with your tension and you relax.

The second basic version, which explains why people moan in a dream, refers to the plot of a dream. The nature of sleep and dreams has not been fully understood, and there is an assumption that superficial sleep can cause real emotions. For example, tears come from a nightmare, and a smile will be a logical reaction to vision with a positive context.

Both of these theories make it clear that emotions in a dream are not a pathology, but a norm. The only exceptions are those cases when the surge of emotions is based on stress or obsessive nightmares. Many psychologists are convinced that it is stress and nerves that are the cause and answer to the question of why people moan and grit their teeth in a dream. But there is also an opinion that this is a symptom of diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems.

why does a man moan and moo in a dream

From the bedroom

The question "why do people groan during sleep" can be answered in terms of rational and irrational. Moaning can be caused by sexual arousal. Many people prefer to ignore their libido if there is no suitable partner, mood or place for contact. Agree that in about half of the situations, all this is banal excuses. Sex is actually necessary for man. It is good for health, for the condition of our skin, for mood and for weight loss. If you replace sex with work, food or sleep, then over time the lack of it will begin to manifest itself more and more. Sleep multiplies our experiences and ultimately becomes erotic and detailed. In a dream, many people experience full-fledged sexual intercourse with the only difference being that discharge occurs faster and becomes very bright. From strong feelings it is quite realistic to wake up.

why a person groans in a dream reasons

Come from childhood

Why does a man groan in a dream? The reasons may be quite obvious, but simply forgotten. For example, in childhood, dogs attacked you and strongly bit you. The pain was severe, and you have since been afraid of animals. Years later, the situation was forgotten, but the meeting with a vagrant pack stirred up the emotions experienced. In a dream, fear manifested itself, and you began to moan, unconsciously trying to break out of the boundaries of the dream.

If, in addition to groans, a person also smackes his lips in a dream, then probably he mentally returns to childhood when he was small and carefree under the protection of his parents. Such a state may return from time to time when a sharp change in situation occurs in life.

why a man in a dream screams and groans

Groan and talk

If everything is in order with work and personal life, then why does a person moan and moo in a dream? Perhaps he is prone to doubtfulness, or talking in a dream. Among children, this is common. The causes of doubtfulness are not fully understood, but many doctors believe that such a tendency is inherited. Others think that the blame for the sharp emotional changes.

Most often, the sleeper pronounces fragmentary phrases, groans or even howls, but sometimes he can engage in conversation, imitate dialogue, and even answer questions. It is in a sleeping state, being defenseless, a person can give out a personal secret.

If a person falls asleep not in splendid isolation, then he can frighten his partner with moans and nightly conversations. By the way, in some cases, somniloquia is supplemented by sleepwalking, and the sleeping person can walk and talk with open eyes, and in the morning do not remember anything.

why does a man moan in his sleep every night

For prophylaxis

If you find out why a person screams and groans in a dream, it is not possible, you can at least take some precautions to make your vacation more pleasant and calm. Before going to bed, do not speak on the phone and at least an hour away from the computer. Do not raise your voice and try not to start a squabble. Take a warm shower or bath to relieve psychological stress. Do not drink plenty of fluids or eat salty foods. It will be useful to ventilate the room or take a walk in the fresh air. You should not fall asleep to the noise of the TV, especially if they broadcast a horror movie or criminal news.

why in a dream people moan and make sounds

For treatment

There is a scientific medical rationale for why a person moans in a dream every night. This is parasomnia, that is, undesirable behavioral reactions. This is a current disease, and the moaning may be prolonged (up to 40 seconds or longer). The moan ends with a "mooing" and can be repeated from a couple of minutes to an hour. At the same time, the sleeping person has a calm facial expression, and the sounds made do not depend on the position of the body. But when you change the position, the moans cease.

Such symptoms do not at all suggest the presence of brain pathology or somatic diseases. And the dreams you see also do not affect the moans. But there is a dependence of a series of moans on the degree of daily fatigue. Also, symptoms are expressed in poor sleep. If you have an old bed and there is no orthopedic mattress, then the risk increases. Make sure to timely change bedding, ventilate the pillows. For the treatment of sleep disorders, the patient is referred to a specialist in the field of ear-throat-nose for a full examination. The doctor will determine if there are pathological conditions for the disease from the nasopharynx. There is no magic remedy for getting rid of moans, but the doctor will help to minimize annoying symptoms, establish a relationship with external stimuli and eliminate them.

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