How to receive parcels in the mail: methods and instructions

When making a parcel, mail employees cannot check whether the addressee can receive it and if the address indicated by the sender exists. Today, even a child can order delivery in his name in the online toy store. There are absolutely annoying cases when an identity document becomes unusable, and the package is on its way. In this review, we will look at how to get a package without a passport, is there a way to pick up a shipment for another person and other issues related to this topic.

how to get a package in the mail

Is it obligatory to present a passport?

So what do you need to know about this? Upon reaching the age of 14, each citizen receives a passport. This gives certain rights, for example, to receive parcels in your own name. Various services today often require a photocopy of your passport. However, it is not equal to the original even in the case of notarization. Therefore, the answer to the question whether it is possible to receive a parcel by a photocopy of the passport will be negative. You must have the original document with you.

How to get a package without a passport? Regulations and internal instructions of postal workers require verification of documents of the recipient. As a rule, this is a passport, but other documents can also be used - a military ID, a sailor's form, a temporary identity card. In other cases, the employee has the right to refuse to issue a postal item.

How to pick up a shipment without being its owner?

Can I get a parcel in the mail for another person? An employee is not entitled to issue a shipment or other correspondence to third parties. Only the recipient whose name is indicated in the documents is entitled to receive the cherished package. This rule is spelled out in the official papers of the organization. If the mail officer does otherwise, he will be responsible for this. The employer may take appropriate measures to prevent this violation from recurring.

We receive a shipment by proxy

how to get a package without a passport

Let's dwell on this in more detail. Many today are interested in how to receive a parcel for relatives. Under current law, a power of attorney for receipt does not have to be officially certified. This means that this document is compiled in any form. A power of attorney sample can be devised independently. So that the mail staff does not have unnecessary questions, it is better to draw up a document for close relatives with the same last name.

It is written by hand. It should indicate to whom the power of attorney was issued, as well as the purpose of the order and the date. To certify a document, only a personal signature will be sufficient. After this, the authorized person can calmly appear in the mail with his passport and receive the parcel.

How to make a power of attorney?

This aspect should be given special attention. Let us consider in more detail how to receive a parcel for another person by proxy. This document must be drafted in such a way that the post office employee can easily determine the identity of the prescribed recipient and trustee. The correct last names, first names and patronymics of each, as well as their dates of birth, series, number and place of issue of the passport should be indicated here. You should also write the address of the place of registration. For a foreign citizen, as an identity document, you can use a temporary certificate of registration, a residence permit or just a passport with a visa. Using this document, a mail employee can identify the identity of a trustee and a trustee and issue a package without violating the law. Of course, upon receipt, the trustee must present the document indicated on paper.

In addition to personal information, the power of attorney should also indicate the date the document was prepared. According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, without this requisite the paper is considered invalid, and a person with such a power of attorney does not have any rights. Without a specified validity period, the document can be used during the year.

The power of attorney should also indicate which rights are entrusted to the trustee. For example, he can receive all mailings arriving for the specified period of time, or only shipments of any one type, for example, registered letters. It is also necessary to indicate the number of the post office in which the proxy has the right to pick up the items.


how to receive the package

At the end of the document must be indicated the signatures of the people who concluded the contract, and the transcript - the full name. Under his signature, the witness must write: "I certify!" This indication is the only certification required for the document. It is completely optional to contact a notary to draw up a power of attorney of this type. According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a document for receiving postal items can be created without notarization. Correctly written order is a guarantee that you can receive a parcel for another person. In addition, you are guaranteed not to get into an unpleasant situation in the department.

How to receive a package by proxy to different people? A document can be issued for several people at once. In some situations, such a power of attorney is required.

The recipient does not have a passport

Is it possible? How to receive parcels in the mail without a passport? Usually minors face such a problem. In this case, it will be easiest to ask parents for help. A mother or father can go to the post office with a passport in which the child is registered, and receive departure for him. However, this scheme also has certain features. For example, if the child is an orphan, only an official guardian will be able to receive a shipment for him. Upon presentation of another document and birth certificate, the parcel is unlikely to be picked up. Also, a minor cannot come to the post office with a passport of one of the parents to pick up the parcel in his name. Of course, exceptions are possible if the mail staff personally knows the recipient. From the point of view of the law, this is not entirely correct, but sometimes this method works.

Pick up a shipment by notice

receive package by number

What you need to know about this? Since the mail notice is not a document, you cannot receive a shipment from it. With the help of this paper you are simply notified that the parcel has arrived in your name and you can receive it only upon presentation of an identity document. Forging such a document is simple. In addition, anyone can pull it out of the mailbox. Therefore, no one will give out the parcel if the receiver does not have anything other than a notice. In small cities, an exception is often made to this rule in cases where the mail staff and the recipient are familiar, but in fact this is also a violation of the law.

Is the place of registration important?

How to receive a parcel in the mail if you are registered elsewhere? Of course, the postal officer can check whether they are registered in this locality, but even if you have a different city in your passport, it does not matter. Mail is sorted by address, so the visitor, when issuing a postal item, is asked what address it received. Any citizen of the Russian Federation can receive a parcel at the Russian Post, regardless of where he is registered.

Tracking items by number

Today, foreign online stores are very popular. Exclusive products there may be several times cheaper. In addition, you can often find things there that are simply not on sale in Russian stores. However, there is a drawback to such purchases - this is a long delivery time. Mail can go to Russia from several weeks to several months. Today you can track mail sent from abroad using a special service. The essence of such a system is as follows. Each postal item is assigned an identifier - a tracking number. It is with this unique number that the recipient can control the location of his parcel.

Differences between international and domestic Russian shipments

how to get a package for another person

Let's dwell on this aspect in more detail. Today, a tracking number is assigned to each parcel, regardless of where it is sent from. The only difference is that the domestic Russian tracking codes consist of fourteen numerical values, and the parcel numbers from abroad have thirteen numerical and alphanumeric values.

Many today are interested in whether it is possible to receive a parcel by number without notice. The fact is that while waiting for departure, many recipients track it by its track number and find out about its arrival even before receiving a mail notification. According to the rules of the post offices, after receipt of the parcel, the recipient must be notified. However, sometimes this stage takes a lot of time. If the recipient has information that his parcel is in the post office, he has the right to receive it without notice. Such an opportunity is provided in accordance with the special procedure for issuing registered mail items. A package can only be issued if a track code is provided. The post office operator must check the information about the presence of the parcel and, in case of a positive result, give it to the recipient.


how to receive parcels in the mail without a passport

If you plan to often order goods in Russian and foreign online stores with delivery to the post office, then you better know about the main tricks and features of the mail, to avoid conflict situations:

  • Always remember the initials of the employees of the Russian Post with whom you communicate.
  • Do not sign the receipt of the package until you verify its integrity. This is important because the signature box indicates that you received the shipment and have no complaints. If the mail officer insists that you first sign, disagree and invite him to comply with the regulations.
  • According to the rules, the postal officer must weigh the shipment. This way you can make sure that the actual package weight and the weight indicated in the notification match.
  • The post office employee must provide the package for visual inspection so that you can verify the integrity of the package. This should also be done before signing the notice.
  • If during control weighing a deviation in weight of 20 grams or more was found, as well as if traces of an autopsy were found, the postal officer should invite the shift supervisor and together with you perform an autopsy of the item.

Now you know how to get the parcel in the mail so that in case of a dispute, you have the right to compensation. Indeed, there are often cases when, instead of the long-awaited goods, the recipient finds in the parcel a small brick or a stack of paper. And it is found, as a rule, already at home, when it is already impossible to do anything. So always be vigilant!


In this review, we examined in detail how to receive a parcel in various cases, for example, when it is necessary to pick up a postal item for another person or when a notification has not arrived, and by the number it is clear that the parcel is in the department. As you can see for yourself, there is a way out of any situation.

receive a parcel in the mail for another person

Can I get a package to another person? Subject to all formalities and execution of a simple power of attorney with the procedure, no special problems should arise. Such a document does not require notarization and can be drawn up simply by hand.


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