Coffee with ginger: reviews of those who have lost weight and those who are disappointed in this tool for weight loss

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Today, in our article on weight loss, green ginger coffee, popular among many losing weight, will be considered : reviews of the drink are rather contradictory - someone talks about it as a panacea that helps to lose a lot of kilograms in a fairly short time, while someone else, on the contrary , scolds this remedy in every possible way, claiming that the drink is completely useless and, moreover, unsafe for the body. Let's find out if green coffee is so harmful or effective.

Why you can lose weight by drinking coffee with ginger

Reviews of those who have lost weight, those who have already consumed this drink for two weeks or a month, are mostly positive: coffee helps to lose extra pounds quite well and at the same time feel cheerfulness from early morning to late evening, and the drink also fights against excessive appetite. This fact is not surprising - in the composition of coffee beans, in addition to a number of vitamins, as well as the trace elements necessary for all of us, there is chlorogenic acid - it affects the acceleration of metabolism. Please note: green coffee with ginger will help with a greater degree of probability if you are already following a diet, or your calorie intake is low enough, as well as if you regularly exercise fitness and observe the daily routine.

How to make green coffee with ginger: an invigorating drink recipe

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Doctors do not recommend consuming more than 2-3 cups of coffee per day, including green. To brew it in accordance with all the rules, take a tablespoon of beans, grind them in a powerful coffee grinder (in the ordinary it will be difficult, because unroasted coffee has very strong grains) and cook the resulting raw materials in a cezve or French press. On average, for one cup you need to take 2 teaspoons of coffee and about a glass of water. When brewing, make sure that the drink does not boil - remove the cezve from the stove when small bubbles begin to appear on the surface of the coffee. For the French press, the water should be hot - 90 degrees, you do not need to take boiling water. Just pour coffee and let it brew a little. Of course, you do not need to add sugar and milk to the diet drink. If you are very confused by the taste of the product, you can add cinnamon, ground cloves or a little lemon juice. If you have no contraindications for use, coffee, both green and ordinary, will not harm your health, but whether you will experience its exceptional properties, the big question is unroasted grains, judging by the different and often completely opposite responses about it, has a different effect on respondents.

Coffee with ginger: reviews of those who have already lost weight thanks to the drink

ginger coffee reviews
Consumers note that 2-3 cups of green coffee drunk per day help to lose 2 kg in one week. The results for a full course of 30 days are also impressive: according to some respondents, during the month of daily intake, someone lost 5, 7, and as much as 10 kg. But in most cases, losing weight did not go into details about whether such a significant weight loss was the result of drinking only coffee (that is, eating habits did not change and respondents ate as usual), or losing weight used it as an adjunct, while observing some or low-calorie diet.

Coffee with ginger: reviews of those who did not help the drink

It’s hard to find a cure for weight loss if you don’t change your diet. So coffee with ginger: it is not a miracle cure in itself and helps only when you use it in combination with any low-calorie diet. It can be considered that negative reviews about green coffee with ginger are left by those who used it as a basic means for losing weight. Think for yourself, if your diet is very high in calories, contains a lot of fats and simple carbohydrates, then not a single drug, medicine or food supplement can significantly speed up the metabolism and help lose a lot of kilograms. Among other things, consumers note a rather unpleasant taste of the drink, as well as its rather high price - some companies sell green coffee with ginger not cheap, its price on average is 900-1200 rubles per package. Therefore, before buying grain, think about whether your diet needs any supplements, or you can adjust your diet and loads yourself so that kilograms will go away without any expensive additives.


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