Sytin’s attitude from oncology: text, advantages and disadvantages of the method, self-hypnosis and hope for healing

In Russia, up to 500,000 people get cancer each year. In the first year after diagnosis, every fifth patient dies. Medicine knows 200 varieties of oncology, some of which are incurable. Therefore, many patients turn to alternative methods of treatment. One of the methods recognized by patients and doctors, healing the mood of Sytin from oncology.

The origin of the method

Georgy Nikolayevich Sytin - the author of the method - a man who cured himself. In the 9th grade, young George read a book by K. N. Kornilov, "Education of the Will." The idea of ​​self-improvement through volitional influence has become a guiding star in later life.

Dr. Sytin

During the war of the 41st year, the ninth wound, which was received by Georgy Nikolaevich, was severe - a fragment of a shell stuck in the spine. Disabled from the hospital with a disappointing prognosis of doctors for the future. Then for the first time words about help — help to oneself were born. The appeal to the mind and higher powers about healing is called Sytin's attitude.

I am a strong, strong-willed and healthy person, able to fully control my body, my sensations. The pain is gone forever from my body. Every cell of my body is healthy, strong ...

Sytin G.N. was able to overcome the disease, got on his feet and lived 95 years. He devoted his life to promoting a new method of healing with the help of thought. For this he was educated in medicine, psychology, philosophy, pedagogy, which he defended his doctoral dissertation. Georgy Nikolayevich became an academician of the International Academy of Sciences, was awarded the Order of Science - Education - Culture of Belgium and the USA. The method is recognized in Russia, Europe and America.

Scientific background

The method is based on the concept of self-belief. Everyone has a certain outlook on life. Events that happen to people do not have an emotional connotation - they are neutral, but the attitude towards them is the opposite. An innocent event happened - it started to rain. The lady with the umbrella will calmly continue her journey. Mom baby, who walks in the rain, will worry about his health. The worldview of a person determines the quality of his life.

self-persuasion method

Diseases arise first in the mind, and then pass on to the physical body, because thought has an energetic nature. A negative thought produces energy with a minus sign, a joyful, positive thought produces energy with a plus sign. In what way a person thinks, such a charge of energy comes in: negative thinking destroys, positive - heals.

Emotion also enhances the energy of thought. The curse expressed on the emotions of anger and hatred is energetically stronger than a sluggish desire. Georgy Nikolayevich suggests setting up an energy station of thoughts for health and joy with the help of a word.

The conviction that the psychologist says in the mood gradually turns into self-conviction, that is, a new attitude towards the world becomes the norm of life. The word affects the consciousness, a person accepts it and begins to consider it his. So conviction becomes self-belief, which qualitatively changes the perception of the world.

The method has been tested on technical equipment. Testing results proved the healing effect of the mood.

What is the mood of Sytin

Attitude is a self-belief that is based on mental images, emotions and volitional efforts. Attitude is statements that are like prayers. They contain thoughts about youth, a healthy body and spirit. The union of will, image and emotions creates an impulse that sends the brain to the whole body. According to G. N. Sytin, the promise of energy has tremendous power, which affects the functioning of organs and eliminates diseases.

As the author himself admits, in order for the text to become “working,” one must carefully select the words. Not all positive statements help; one positive is not enough. The texts contain a path to recovery based on knowledge of the mechanisms of the disease and appeal to holy prayers.

prayer to god

Beliefs are built in such a way that their mind and feelings are not torn away, but accepted:

  • the text is positive and pleasant to the ear;
  • beliefs are expressed in the form of unconditional statements;
  • vivid images evoke positive emotions;
  • reliance on strong-willed efforts allows to reach the end.

The method is practiced in two ways. In the first - the psychologist helps the patient, in the second - independent work through listening or reading a text. It is important to consider two aspects of healing:

  1. The patient accepts the texts of attitudes as truth.
  2. A person wants to acquire new useful qualities.

Where apply

Sytin’s moods are used in medicine, psychology, pedagogy, sports, astronautics, etc. Most of the moods are aimed at healing the body and soul. The very word "mood" speaks of a change in mood, that is, of a change in attitude.

On this basis, the healing moods of Sytin from oncology were developed. A cancer patient experiences fear that paralyzes and does not allow sound reasoning. He himself brings his death closer, because the energy of negative thought “helps” cancer cells multiply with a vengeance. The texts of the moods help redirect the movement of mental energy in a positive direction.

How do they work

It’s easy to say redirecting thoughts, it’s much harder to do it. An effort of will and faith in the result will lead out of a state of apathy and will help on the path of healing. Sytin’s mindset against oncology reprograms human consciousness. The text of the mood is formulated so that the flow of positive energy of thought “recharges” the diseased organ, cleanses and transfers the body to a healthy state. The author has developed a daily practice that includes:

  1. Listening to the text of Sytin’s mood from oncology in the recording.
  2. Repeat aloud or to yourself.
  3. Text rewriting.

Who is suitable for

There are no restrictions. Moods help regardless of age, gender, education. There is a small division in the methodology: Sytin’s healing attitudes to the oncology of female organs and separate attitudes for men.

Then what is the reason that many people diagnosed with cancer end up dying of the disease. The reason lies in the characteristics of thinking. Over the course of life, a vicious practice develops, and, accordingly, a conviction: if you become ill, take a pill and you will recover. The habit of “quick” healing with a minimum of effort provides a disservice.

How to practice

Life-giving thoughts help a person who believes in his healing with the help of the word, is ready to spend time and patiently performs everyday practice. A positive result from the mood arises after its assimilation.

listening to the sky

The mood is assimilated by repeated and meaningful repetition. G. N. Sytin recommended the following rules:

  1. Listening to the mood and at the same time pronouncing words. Recording allows you to be mobile: you can listen to it on the way to work or while doing chores.
  2. Reading a text with speaking aloud or to oneself.
  3. Mental repetition helps the assimilation of mood, so the text is taught by heart.
  4. Memorization of phrases, their understanding, give a lasting result. Each word of the text must be lived, emotionally included, passing through itself. Attitude is assimilated when life corresponds to life-giving thoughts.
  5. The author recommends repeating more favorite places in moods.
  6. Moods are acquired easier and faster when walking.
  7. With neoplasms, it is recommended to have a notebook for rewriting Sytin's oncology attitudes. Words of mood cannot be changed or rearranged. The text is rewritten in phrases, with mandatory pronunciation in the mind. Rewriting individual words is useless.

Oncology attitudes

The usual cancer treatment is to excise the tumor and chemotherapy, which simultaneously destroys cancerous and healthy cells. Recovery after the procedures is difficult and long. Attitudes help with cancer without the intervention of a surgical knife. But this does not mean that the traditional method is not suitable. In the struggle for health, all methods are good. Georgy Nikolayevich developed a general attitude from oncology and from various types of cancer.

Sytin’s attitude in liver oncology is lower.

The author called attitudes educational medicine. Man is not used to educating himself; therefore, not many people achieve the desired results. Moods are aimed at changes in the body and human behavior with volitional efforts and self-discipline.

Self-education techniques

The mood is acquired faster if you follow the methods of self-education.

  • Self-belief An impulse that arises from an emotional mental image is directed to a diseased organ. With the help of persuasion, a person sees himself in the future as healthy. The nervous system responds to this belief and provides this condition.
  • Self-hypnosis. The author’s beliefs about a healthy body, which are embedded in the mood, should be the patient’s conviction. When listening to or reading a text, images appear that have an emotional connotation. Efforts of will help to cope with the conflict that arises between new and old ideas. At this point, many stumble. The patient will achieve the goal if he does not stop, but will repeat new beliefs until they become a habit.
  • Self control.
  • Introspection. A person honestly evaluates his work on self-education and eliminates shortcomings.
  • Studying yourself. The patient analyzes his actions and activities from the point of view of other people. The analysis should answer the question: does the person change, and whether others notice these changes.
  • The method of transfer is to mentally transfer the desired quality that the other has to himself: "I, how ... I act, how ..."
actor play
  • Entry into the image. Complete imitation of another personality: behavior, communication style, etc. The method helps to develop the necessary qualities and abilities.
  • Reliance on your luck and victory. Memories of difficulties overcome strengthen faith and will.
  • Work on the past. A method is needed to change past experiences of behavior and thinking that led to the disease. The letter describes events from the past, but not as they were in reality, but as necessary in the interests of the case. For example, an event from the past where a person behaved like a coward. The letter describes in detail the same event with a brave hero.
  • Illusory processing of a pathogenic situation. The patient presents a situation that led him to the disease. But it is considered from the point of view of an outside observer - this did not happen to him, but to another person.
  • Illusory overcoming obstacles. Complex situations with a successful conclusion of the case scroll through the mind.
  • Actual overcoming of difficulties and obstacles. The theory is fixed in practice.

Ontology Sytin's mindset for women

In the center of Sytin in Moscow, more than 300 women with a diagnosis of uterine fibroids were treated. All of them were healed without surgery. Ovarian cysts disappear without a trace due to the mood of Sytin. Breast oncology is faster than others. A noticeable effect occurs within 3-5 days. Georgy Ivanovich took care that the disease did not return, creating a mood for a healthy life.

meditation nature

The emergence of new cancer cells is not possible (express mood for transcription) (for women)

God told me: “The day before yesterday I created your soul - young, young, young, maiden, 16-year-old, divinely healthy, untouched by life. "I created your physical body - a new, newborn young, young girlish, divinely healthy, divinely beautiful, 16-year-old, untouched by life."

God told me: “In your healthy young body, the emergence of new cancer cells is absolutely impossible. Millions of times I strengthened the biofield of the physical body and millions of times I strengthened the protective mechanisms of the soul and body instantly destroy all cancer cells at the time of their inception.

You should with firmness begin to know, as the ultimate Divine truth from God himself, that your body has already been freed from cancer forever. “Your body the day before yesterday was created by God forever - Divinely healthy, perfectly healthy, untouched by life.”

With the brightness of lightning, I feel, I know firmly, I see: my body is already healthy, 16-year-old, young girl, perfectly healthy, not touched by life.

I feel the brightness of lightning, I see myself in the future tense as always a healthy young beautiful girl, full of energy, strength and health.

God said to me: "You must know firmly that your health is constantly improving every day, every minute, you are growing healthier and stronger."

God told me: “The day before yesterday I created your body self-sufficient. It constantly restores, preserves the created healthy structure by God, constantly destroys all neoplasms at the time of their inception, your body is always young, young, girlish, healthy, 16-year-old. ”

God told me: “You are already well. You will be well and healthy in 100 years and beyond. And after 300 years and beyond, you will always be a young beautiful beauty girl, full of energy, strength and health. ”


birds are flying

When a person is sick with a deadly disease, he is ready to try everything in the hope of recovery. Sytin’s moods help to heal. With love for people and God, Georgy Ivanovich polished every mood for many years, increasing efficiency. People are grateful to him for saved lives.


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