How to polish glass on a watch? Practical recommendations

During the use of a watch, its dial fades over time, and defects appear on the glass surface. There are several methods that allow you to return the product to its original attractive appearance. Let's find out how to polish the glass on the watch, eliminate scuffs and scratches.

Material type

how to polish scratches on a watch glass
Before polishing the glass on the watch from scratches, you need to determine what material it is made of. It can be natural, organic or the most expensive - sapphire crystal.

Best processed cheap organic material. A little more will have to tinker with natural glass, which is more rigid compared to the previous version. In the case of sapphire bases, it will be necessary to work as carefully as possible, due to their tendency to crack upon contact with hard surfaces.

Polishing agents

How to polish scratches on a watch glass? This will require the following materials:

  • Toothpaste;
  • special paste for polishing GOI;
  • cotton wool;
  • alcohol;
  • mineral oil ;
  • pieces of cloth of various thicknesses;
  • polishing wheel;
  • Sander.

How to remove small scratches from organic glass?

how to polish glass on a watch
If you have to deal with fragile organic glass, on which there are minor defects, then toothpaste is suitable for their elimination. Use here should be exclusively colorless paste, which does not contain granular components and does not have a whitening effect.

How to polish glass on a watch if there are minor scratches? To begin with, a small amount of toothpaste is applied to the prepared piece of cotton wool. You can also use a piece of thin cloth or a felt cloth that is designed to wipe the optics.

Glass is laid on a flat, solid surface. Light smooth movements in one direction, practically without pressure, polishes the product.

As soon as the defects disappear from the glass, the latter is cleaned from the traces of toothpaste with a clean, moistened cotton swab moistened with water. If polishing has not allowed to eliminate all scratches and scuffs, it is worth repeating the procedure several more times.

The presented method is effective in polishing organic glass. It is also suitable for eliminating defects from the surface of a plastic watch. However, it is irrational to resort to it for processing sapphire glass, which can be polished only in fairly rough ways.

Natural glass polishing

polish the watch glass at home
To polish a watch glass at home, made from a natural base, using toothpaste will be extremely problematic. To eliminate defects here you will have to use a grinding machine.

The work is performed in the following sequence:

  1. The glass is removed from the watch case and delicately wiped from dirt with a cotton swab moistened with an alcohol solution.
  2. A polishing wheel is mounted on the grinding machine. The latter is processed with a GOI paste of low grit, after which it is launched at low speeds.
  3. The glass is slightly pressed against the circle. Polishing is carried out in the direction from the edges of the product to its central part.
  4. As soon as the abrasions disappear from the glass, a small amount of mineral oil is applied to the cloth. Using circular motions in one direction, finishing polishing is performed, which makes it possible to achieve complete transparency of the product.
  5. Finally, the remaining mineral oil is removed with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

Sapphire polishing

polish the glass on the watch from scratches
How to polish a watch glass made of a sapphire base? One of the most effective solutions here is the use of GOI paste, designed for "rough" work. You can purchase a polishing agent in almost every hardware store.

As in the previous case, the glass is previously removed from the watch case. Coarse grained GOI paste is applied to a pre-moistened cotton swab. Next, the glass is polished in a circular motion for several minutes. At the end, the product is wiped with cloth dipped in alcohol.

If there are large scratches on the surface of the sapphire crystal, the procedure is carried out using a polishing wheel on a grinding machine. In order not to damage the product, it is necessary to maintain vigilance during the work, performing delicate surface treatment.

Some sapphire crystal watches contain anti-reflective coating. In this case, it is not recommended to resort to its independent processing. To eliminate defects in a similar situation, it is better to hand over the clock to the workshop.


So we examined how to polish glass on a watch in the presence of damage of varying complexity. As you can see, such work can be easily done at home. The main thing is the availability of the necessary materials and special tools for polishing, as well as an attentive attitude to the task.


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