Which moonshine is better to buy: reviews, options

Many are interested in: if you need a moonshine still, how to choose a suitable model? Equipment manufactured at the factory is more reliable than devices made in a handicraft manner.

Moonshine how to choose

In the manufacture of factory moonshine stills, accurate calculations and durable materials are taken as the basis. Therefore, a modern moonshiner should not be interested in how to make a device with his own hands, but in how to purchase a high-quality device that will last a long time. A wide range of devices is available on the market. Which moonshine is better to buy? Reviews about them are very different. This article will discuss the functionality of models from different manufacturers.

What are moonshines

It is possible to classify devices based on various indicators that determine their functionality and practicality. If we turn to the main criteria of the units, on which their performance and average price depend, then you need to pay attention to such indicators as:

  • the principle of operation of the device (distillate or rectifier);
  • volume indicator;
  • material of manufacture;
  • principles of cooling;
  • methods of purification from fusel oils;
  • heating paths and attributes of an additional character.

How to purchase a moonshine brewing apparatus: expert advice

To answer the question: “We need a moonshine still, how to choose the best?”, We need to decide on the purpose of its use. This is what your purchase will depend on.

A variety of factors can be taken as a basis for leadership and the advice of people experienced in this field can be used. Priorities should be outlined as future drinks, and the desired volumes of their production should be determined. Knowing the different models of moonshine stills, you can choose the model that is suitable in your case.

You buy the device as a gift

Do you want to make a gift to a person who is passionate about moonshining? In this case, devices from companies such as Brendimaster or the Magarych moonshine are suitable. They have a beautiful design, high quality and attractive packaging. They can be a great gift.

For use at home.

To make moonshine at home, the best apparatus will be a distiller with high quality and reasonable cost. It may not be very expensive, but with high functionality. For example, the devices “Magarych” and “Domovenok 2” can be noted.

For a country house where there is no running water

What brand of moonshine to purchase depends on whether there is running water outside the city. If there is no water, then you should pay attention to such a model as "Good Heat: Country".

Highly refined alcohol

They will help answer the question of which moonshine is better to buy, consumer reviews. Thanks to them, you can find out which manufacturer to give preference to get high-quality alcohol.

Which moonshine is better to buy reviews

There are so-called rectifiers. These are the “Brownie 1” and “Brownie 2” models. The advantages of these devices, as evidenced by the reviews, are that they are universal. You can get both moonshine and alcohol in them. These devices are compact.

Low cost and compact

If you need a compact, inexpensive device, then in this case it is better to opt for the model "Domovenok 3". Owner reviews characterize this device only on the good side.

Moonshine still "Peasant woman"

Moonshine "Peasant" includes:

  • hoses for connecting to a water pipe (length is 5 meters);
  • transitional crane designed for mixer alcohol meter;
  • set of clamps that secure the hoses.

The device of this company is not an ordinary device for producing high-quality moonshine. This is a device with great functionality. It is compact and attractive in design. The design provides for a flow-through refrigerator with a high level of performance and a sump for fusel oils.

Moonshine still "Peasant woman" made of food stainless steel, the thickness of which is 1.5 mm. The device’s sucker is disassembled and equipped with a drain cock. This makes it possible to use this as a steamer. That is, during distillation, aromatic substances (dried fruits, lemons, oranges, etc.) can be laid in it to transfer taste to the final product. By means of a drain valve, fusel oils collected in it are removed from the sucker .

The main characteristics of the device:

  • the volume of the cube for the haul is 14-20 l;
  • type of cooling refers to the category of flow structures;
  • the level of productivity is 2 liters per hour;
  • a thermometer is available;
  • a dismountable steam tank equipped with a faucet for draining fusel oils;
  • has a kit for connecting the device;
  • the basis of the product is food stainless steel.

The line of products from the company "Magarych"

Any model of such a device as the Magarych apparatus is made of stainless steel - strong, resistant to high temperature and rust, not deformed. Products made from such a material serve for a long time and are very easily washed with mild cleaning fluids.

Apparatus Magarych

With small sizes, distillers have a high level of functionality. In one hour, you can get from 1.5 to 7 liters of moonshine. At the same time, the device is small, so it can be installed in a small room.

Saxophone Distiller

Quite often, it is most often recommended to buy it for those who do not know which moonshine still is better to buy, reviews. Saxophone has a well-thought-out design and makes it possible to combine two processes of distillation of alcohol at once. During the distillation, the primary product of distillation of the mash is formed. In this case, the alcohol passing through the distillate will retain the elements of the raw materials used to produce alcohol.

If you are not chasing a drink of very high quality, then you can choose a device made in a makeshift way. It can be done with your own hands, as well as ordered from the masters. If you want to have a high-quality product, the best Saxophone brand moonshine will be your perfect choice. He will be able to satisfy the most demanding customer.

The best moonshine

To obtain a base, or rectified alcohol, it is necessary to drive distilled alcohol through a rectifier, which is also provided for by the design of the apparatus. The main feature in the production of alcohol in this device is not only a high-quality output product, but also the speed of preparation of moonshine.

The rate of preparation of alcohol is quite high and amounts to 3 liters per hour both during the distillation process and during rectification. Upon exit, the final product is 96%, which will serve as an excellent basis for many drinks.

Saxophone moonshine still has one significant drawback. It lies in its value. It is slightly higher than similar devices. But if you rely on the fact that two functions are combined in it, then the price will be quite acceptable.

The device of this company will be an excellent solution in the production of alcohol. It should be noted that ordering should be carried out with trusted partners who can provide a long-term guarantee and give proper advice on its work.


Alambik, or moonshine of a uniform design, is intended for distillation of moonshine. Used since ancient times in countries located on the Mediterranean coast (France, Spain, Italy). Another name for the alambika is “distillation cube”, and this is despite the fact that in most cases it has a rounded shape.

Alambik or moonshine

In the Middle Ages, such a device was used to distill essential oils and wine. In the 9th century AD, the Arab scientist Al-Kindi gave a detailed description of the device in his book "On the chemistry of incense and distillation."

To produce a moonshine of a similar design is within the power of any person. It is obtained through crude alcohol. For this purpose, you will need a copper tank, a cube for distillation (the copper content should be 99%), a copper helmet and a refrigeration device. It is believed that sulfur oxide is absorbed by copper and fatty acids are neutralized. The metal has a high level of thermal conductivity. The round shape of the distillation cube helps to avoid collecting sediment in the corners.

The process of distillation of moonshine itself is very simple. Wine, mash, sugar syrup or a suspension of flower petals are placed in a cube. The cube is covered with a helmet with a discharge pipe. Then they put it on fire. The liquid, which contains alcohol, goes into a state of steam and enters the refrigerator through the tube. There, under the influence of cold, it again passes into a liquid, which collects in an empty container. Thus, alcohol is produced. The process is quite simple.

Modern moonshine equipment made of copper can be seen in trendy bars or in small restaurant establishments, which are based on the release of exclusive whiskey or cognac. Copper shines, which makes a strong impression. Therefore, many owners of such establishments put moonshine in full view, attracting visitors.

Moonshine equipment

Alambik can be done with your own hands. The complexity is the production of a cooler, and the rest of the parts can be made from pots or other refractory containers. It is impossible to take such a device as the basis of a working business, since it has a low level of productivity. You should also take into account the important fact that when you exit the alcohol will contain a high amount of fusel oils. To eliminate them, you have to overtake the alcohol again.

German moonshines

Which German moonshine is better to buy, the reviews are very different. German manufacturers delight consumers with their consistent high quality, and each device in this country has its undeniable advantages.

Which German moonshine is better to buy reviews

Bavaria moonshine still

If you need a moonshine of the highest quality, you can’t advise anything better than the Bavaria moonshine. For use at home, it is just right. If the budget allows you, we recommend buying this device.

It should start with the fact that this unit is manufactured by Germany. One must beware of market fraud.

The Bavaria moonshine still has the appropriate quality certificate issued in the country of origin. It can be purchased at specialized online stores.

The main advantages of the device and its technical data

The Bavaria apparatus has the following advantages:

  • High German quality and 12 year warranty card. No company gives such a guarantee. If during this period the unit breaks down, then the representative of the Russian company must replace the device or repair the product at his own expense. Delivery to the service center and back is also carried out at the expense of the company.
  • The basis of the product is high-strength steel, the thickness of which is 3 mm (bottom).
  • The device is made of heat-resistant chromium-nickel steel, not subject to rust. Metal belongs to the austenitic class.
  • The unit can withstand temperatures up to 1100 0 C and a pressure of 25 atmospheres.
  • The device is manufactured by ultrasonic welding, and then it is subjected to diamond polishing. This explains the perfectly smooth surface of the product.
  • The manufacturer of the moonshine is the factory HänSchnaps GmbH. It is located in the city of Stuttgart. The factory was founded in 1926. The unit has a quality standard of DIN 1.4845.

Bavaria moonshine

  • The capacity for the stage is 12 liters. This is quite enough for making moonshine at home. Especially if you take into account the speed of the distillation process with an indicator of 2.5 liters per hour.
  • Cooling part. Coil with a tube, the inner diameter of which is 12 mm. Thanks to this, moonshine at the exit turns out to be cold when heating any mode.
  • A cleansing sukhoparnik that eliminates fusel oils during the distillation process. The device is thought out to the smallest detail and drains the oil without the participation of the moonshiner. Sukhoparnik cleans the product completely.
  • Two hoses.
  • Alcoholometer
  • Thermometer.
  • A book with recipes for the preparation of alcoholic beverages.
  • Instructions for use.

The best Bavaria moonshine is ready for use immediately after unpacking. After the initial distillation of the mash, you will get about 3 liters of strong moonshine up to 76º, which will be clean and transparent. The cost of 1 liter of moonshine is equivalent to the cost of a kilogram of sugar, which makes the process very economical.

German moonshine from the manufacturer "Wagner"

The unit provides absolute purification of alcohol from harmful impurities. Upon exit, pure home-made alcohol is obtained.

The Wagner moonshine still is equipped with a reflux condenser - a device for separating waste fusel oils from alcoholic vapors that merge into a separate container. The product is based on heat-resistant steel 2 mm thick. The device can withstand temperatures of 1100 ° C and a pressure of 2.5 atmospheres, which meets the German standard DIN 1.4845. The unit has reliable protection against tearing at the leak of contents.

The product has a perfect smooth surface and does not have a single weld. The fact is that it is collected through ultrasound. All seams are thoroughly polished with a diamond.

The appliance is suitable for any type of cooker. The manufacturer issues a warranty card for 12 years.

The device has a wide neck of the distillation cube (150 mm) and a flange lid, which is fastened with five studs and twisted with five wing nuts. Braga is easy to fill

Features of the device:

  • German-made steel of the DIN 1.48 series;
  • one hundred percent cleaning rate;
  • lack of welds;
  • a steam tank equipped with a drain;
  • the presence of condenser filtration;
  • equipped with a thermometer;
  • conventional cooling unit;
  • the volume of the cube for the haul is 14 liters.

German moonshine still "Germany"

The product has factory quality. Available at a factory in the city of Leipzig. It has the certificate of the ISO 9001 series, which serves as a confirmation of the high level of professionalism, transparency and safe use. Users of this unit, according to reviews, are of the highest opinion.


The complete set of the unit includes:

  • tank with a large neck;
  • distillation cube with a volume of 12 liters;
  • a versatile steamer that gives moonshine a unique taste and smell;
  • refrigeration device (due to the large length of the coil, moonshine at the exit becomes cold);
  • a thermometer, by means of which the temperature of the vapors in the cube for distillation is controlled;
  • food hoses for the unified connection of running water (2 hoses 2 meters long);
  • assembly instructions in Russian.

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