Connection to Yandex.Taxi in Yekaterinburg: conditions, requirements for a driver and a car

Taxi services are becoming increasingly popular among the population. One of the reasons is high competition in the passenger transportation market, which leads to lower prices. New companies enter the market, which, in order to attract customers, set low prices for their own services. For example, the cost of a trip to Yandex.Taxi in Yekaterinburg starts at 49 rubles. Agree, a rare customer can resist such a tempting offer. However, in any taxi fleet you need not only customers, but also drivers. Let's find out how the connection to Yandex.Taxi in Yekaterinburg takes place.

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The described company offers everyone who wants to become partner drivers, in return promising very attractive conditions, namely: the ability to independently choose the period, as well as the duration of the work.

However, in return, the driver will have to pay a certain commission in favor of Yandex.Taxi. Its size varies from zero to sixteen percent and depends on the amount of the order. The more expensive the trip cost the customer, the greater the commission the service keeps from the drivers. When the cost of the trip is 99 rubles, zero commission is provided for drivers. This is one of the reasons why connecting to Yandex.Taxi in Yekaterinburg is becoming profitable for those who have their own car and can devote time to such a way of earning.

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Driver requirements

The company makes a considerable number of requirements for potential candidates. However, they are simple and a considerable number of drivers meet these criteria:

  • So, first of all, the age of a potential driver who plans to connect to Yandex.Taxi in Yekaterinburg should be at least 23 years old.
  • At the same time, a driver's experience of at least two years is required.
  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation is also required. However, it is worth noting that nationals of other countries can also work in Yandex.Taxi. However, this will require a slightly larger number of documents. In particular, a work permit, as well as registration at the place of stay.
  • Candidates must have no criminal record.
  • You will need a mobile device with the Android operating system, an application will be installed on it to receive orders from customers who require a taxi.
  • You need to know the city well and successfully pass the test, which allows you to check potential candidates for professional suitability for connecting to Yandex.Taxi in Yekaterinburg.
  • A potential driver must speak Russian competently, be polite and friendly.
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Car requirements

It should be said right away that there is no list of uniform requirements for the vehicle. The specific list depends entirely on the class of car. It can be economy, comfort or VIP. From what class your vehicle will be assigned to depends on what income you can count on in the future.

Among the general requirements can be called the fact that the car must not be older than five years. In this case, the vehicle should not be glued. It requires Russian numbers, as well as a steering wheel located on the left side for driving a vehicle. In addition, insurance must be issued.


The Yandex.Taxi company is confidently entering the passenger transportation market. Accordingly, it is not surprising that no less actively she attracts drivers to her ranks.

By connecting to Yandex.Taxi in Yekaterinburg, you won’t have to work around the clock. Each driver can decide what hours to fulfill orders and receive income.

You can start work very quickly. After applying for connection and processing documents, you can immediately receive orders from customers. If the driver will fulfill orders with cash, he will be able to receive money on the first day of work, and not expect their transfer by non-cash method within a few days or weeks.

An important advantage is the free schedule. The driver decides how much to work. This can be an additional part-time for several hours or, conversely, a full-time shift. You need to understand that income largely depends on the length of your shift. The longer you work, the more orders you manage to complete, the correspondingly higher your income becomes.

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How to get started?

Yandex.Taxi cannot be operated without a license. Otherwise, the driver may receive a fine in the amount of thirty thousand rubles, and in case of repeated violation he will be deprived of his rights.

If the driver has a license, he can apply using the official website. Potential candidates can also use the Yandex.Taxi phone in Yekaterinburg. You can also find it on the official website.

After leaving an application, company representatives contact you to clarify the details. Then you will need to visit the Yandex.Taxi taxi park in Yekaterinburg for registration. At the end of the procedure, the driver can begin to take orders and earn money. Agree, everything is simple.

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Do I need a car?

Not every potential candidate has his own car, which can be used to work in a taxi. There are also employees who do not want to use private vehicles for commercial purposes.

In both cases there is a great solution. Cars "Yandex.Taxi" in Yekaterinburg provides a taxi fleet, which is a partner of the company. Any driver who meets the requirements given above can apply to him. Recall that the Yandex.Taxi phone in Yekaterinburg is listed on the company's website. The organization’s partner is located at Yekaterinburg, Bazovy pereulok, 39 A.

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Yandex.Taxi in Yekaterinburg does not hire dispatchers. This allows you to save, reduce costs and the cost of travel. However, you need to somehow take orders from potential customers. For this purpose, an application has been developed that acts as an intermediary between the client and the driver.

All that an employee needs to do is install the Yandex.Taxi application called Taximeter on their own device. After the taxi fleet connects the driver to the system, he will be able to accept orders, as well as receive other important information.

In addition, such an application has a built-in Yandex.Navigator, which allows you to navigate even those drivers who are not distinguished by excellent knowledge of the city. Information is also provided on the presence of traffic jams and other obstructions that interfere with the passage. Ultimately, this makes the train more comfortable for the passenger and increases loyalty.

Each driver can track their own level of earnings, using the tab with the same name in the application. You can track information for a specific date, determining the final income, or about a single trip.

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What do you need to know?

For all Yandex.Taxi drivers, a rating system has been introduced, which is affected by the feedback of passengers who have used the services of the company, as well as the number of completed orders over 60 days.

Drivers periodically have to perform photo control. Such a requirement may be unplanned. To fulfill it, the taxi driver must take a picture of not only the car, but himself, as well as documents.

The driver should not refuse to accept orders. Such actions lead to a downgrade, which, in turn, affects the possibility of further cooperation.

The question remains unclear how the distribution of orders among drivers occurs. Yandex.Taxi keeps such information secret, claiming that distribution occurs automatically. However, no one can influence this. Even a passenger who uses taxi services.

However, it is known that priority is given to cars whose drivers have applied the company logo. This is a good option for those who want to increase their own earnings in Yandex.Taxi. After all, the more orders the driver manages to fulfill, the higher his income.

For passengers Yandex offers payment in cash or by card. The second method is no less convenient. Since all payments occur automatically, drivers do not have to look for change, and the funds are immediately credited to his account, which can be tracked in the application.

Work rules

The driver, in accordance with the rules of the company, is obliged to behave politely and benevolently towards the passengers. Do not drive in a dirty car or in an unkempt condition. It is strictly forbidden to be on a shift in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication.

To receive orders from passengers, a driver rating must be four points. This is the minimum mark below which Yandex.Taxi does not allow orders. To resume work, the taxi driver will have to undergo a special control procedure.

Be prepared to pay a commission. Yandex.Taxi takes a certain percentage of each completed order. Also, a taxi fleet in which the driver works can withdraw part of the earnings. The remaining amount will be his earnings.


Work in the Yandex.Taxi service can hardly be considered permanent earnings. Most drivers treat her as an extra part-time job. After all, a free schedule allows this.

In addition to the main commission, the driver has to deduct part of his own earnings to the taxi fleet in which he works. The minimum percentage for connecting to Yandex.Taxi in Yekaterinburg is 2%.

Becoming a company employee is easy if you meet the conditions. At the same time, you quickly get access to orders and can independently evaluate all the features of this method.


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