DIY distillation column: device and construction equipment

A distillation column is a special apparatus that is designed to separate liquids having an excellent boiling point. Such devices are mainly used in industry, however, do-it-yourself distillation column is sometimes made for home use.

do-it-yourself distillation column
Basically, the design is used in the process of home brewing. The principle of its operation is to separate pure alcohol or moonshine from the original liquid. This happens as follows: raw materials are poured into the tank of the column and heated to a certain temperature. During the boiling of the liquid, steam is released that settles in the upper part of the device, condenses and collects in an additional vessel, and unused liquid is returned back to the tank.

Naturally, in order for the distillation column to turn out to be of high quality, it is necessary to choose the right material for the manufacture. If all the elements are carefully selected, and the design of the device is made without errors, then the result should be pure alcohol, which does not have impurities, odor and foam. Therefore, the manufacture of the device, its device and circuit should be given increased attention.

A distillation column with your own hands is done in accordance with the scheme. Moreover, it is much smaller than an industrial apparatus, which can have a height of more than 20 meters. A distillation column made at home, the device of which cannot be called simple, consists of many elements. First of all, it is necessary to purchase a steel pipe, the length of which is about 120-150 cm. A liter thermos can be used as a reflux condenser. You will also need adapters that will connect the pipe to the tanks, insulation for the nozzle of the device, a sheet of stainless steel for the manufacture of support washers, a small tube used as a water outlet and a refrigerator. It should also be noted that steel must be safe for health, that is, it could be used in the food industry.

homemade distillation column
Of the tools you will need a hammer, an electric drill with drills, pliers, a file, sandpaper, a soldering iron with solder or flux, adapters for taps, small diameter rubber tubes and a thermometer.

Home-made distillation column is made according to a certain technology. The pipe should have the required length, and its edges should be trimmed. A special adapter is used to connect the pipe and the distillate assembly. The connection of the pipe and the cube must be sealed, and the place of soldering subsequently requires stripping. Next, you need to make steel nozzles, which are poured into the pipe to the very top.

Now a thrust washer is inserted into the pipe, into which a narrow end face is inserted. The junction is also soldered. The next step will be the thermal insulation of the pipe.

distillation column device
The thermos, which will be used as a reflux condenser, needs to be disassembled and the bottom removed. The inner flask should be pulled out of the outer, and remove the vacuum cap of the thermos. In the flask, you need to make a hole in the center of the bottom of the element and in the central part of its back side. In the upper hole you need to insert the pipe and solder it there. Next, the bottom is put on the flask. Holes for drainage and water supply tubes are also made in the outer flask. They are located in the upper and lower parts of the flask. The joints must be sealed. In the distillate selection unit, you need to make a hole for the thermometer sleeve.

Do-it-yourself distillation column is made with careful observance of safety rules. Naturally, protective gloves, clothing, a mask and a respirator are used during operation. After manufacturing the device, all the soldering spots must be washed with a solution of water and soda and rinsed with running water.


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