Secrets of the bear cub, or How to open a door without a key

how to open a door without a key

Imagine the situation: you lost the keys to the apartment ... The first questions that come to mind: “How do I get home? I lost my keys, how to open the door? ” etc. In any, even the most hopeless situation, there are at least two solutions. Our problem also has several solutions. For example, you can call the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the door will be opened very soon. True, they will hopelessly spoil it with turbines or cutters. Then a new question will arise: "How to sleep in an apartment without doors?" You can’t even go away to rectify the situation. Another solution to the problem is to call an emergency lock discovery specialist, but is there such a person in your city? Probably not. There is, of course, the likelihood that among your acquaintances there will be “bear cub” specialists, in which case this is the surest solution to the problem. They will help open the door of the apartment without a key.

I will describe first how to open a door without a key, for example, in an entrance. Elementary pomp locks are often installed on porches, garage doors and (very rarely!) On apartment doors. The keys to such "constipation" are of two types - flat and round. The lock of this type opens very quickly. To do this, you need a pencil and a hammer. If you don’t have a pencil at hand, then break off a branch in the nearest tree that is equal in diameter to a regular pencil. The hammer can be replaced with an ordinary stone or a piece of brick. Insert a pencil (stick) into the keyhole and hit it sharply with a hammer (brick). Everything, the first castle is open. True, then you will have to remove and disassemble the lock in order to extract the rest of the wood from it, but this, as Carlson said, is nothing, it’s an everyday matter. We will consider ways to open the door without a key. First of all, you need to understand that there are locking devices of various types, and each of them needs its own approach. I’ll talk about how to open some locks in this article. Why only some? Because for opening, for example, such locking devices as Finnish (“Abloy”), levers (“CERBER”, “Guardian”) and a number of others, it is necessary to have a special tool, certain knowledge and, most importantly, skills.

open the door of the apartment without a key

Now let's move on to the pin-type locks (English, “laser”, etc.). How to open a door without a key if a pin locking device is embedded in it ? In this case, there are only two options. The first method is called “bump”. To open the lock using this method, we need a key that matches the profile of your lock (you can borrow a bunch of keys from your neighbors or look for keys from your office or cottage on the bunch) and some object to strike (a small stone will go, but it’s most convenient to use screwdriver). Insert the key into the well about three quarters, with your fingers of your left hand make a slight tightness on the key, and with your right hand strike it with the handle of a screwdriver. The first time is unlikely to succeed, but if you put up perseverance, then you have a chance. Even beginners open the locks using the “bump” method after a short training session.

lost keys how to open the door

Now we describe the second way how to open the pin lock. True, this method is suitable only for "laser" (double and single row). To do this, we need small pliers, scissors for metal and a piece of metal itself (a tin is suitable) with a thickness of about 0.5 mm. We cut out a metal plate corresponding to the key in width. We bend it with pliers: in the profile, it should resemble waves or a nail file. We insert it into the borehole of the castle, bring it to the stop with a sharp movement (resembles the “bump” method) and try to gently crank it. This method also requires training.

So we examined the simplest ways to resolve the issue of how to open a door without a key. However, in any case, training is necessary. Do not wait when you lose your keys, start training now.

Yes, they almost forgot the most important thing: the opening of other people's doors without the knowledge of the owners is strictly prosecuted by the law of any country! Remember this.


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