How to get green from the carpet yourself?

Spotting carpet is always an unpleasant event. The stains from the brilliant green, which were inadvertently spilled onto the carpet, are especially frustrating. Each of us is well aware of what kind of substance it is and how difficult it is to remove it from the surface. Therefore, when deciding how to get the green from the carpet, you need to be patient and prepare the necessary funds. In today's article, we will look at several effective methods that you can repeat with your own hands.

What to consider?

How to remove green from the carpet quickly? We must not hesitate to take action and take action as soon as possible. The more time passes, the more green is absorbed into the coating. But before you remove the green from the carpet, you need to take into account some factors that may affect the final result:

  • The composition of the carpet itself. Each material has its own limitations on the use of different cleaning products. In addition, there are restrictions on the types of cleaning (washing, wet cleaning, and so on).
  • A method of manufacturing a carpet. If it is handmade, it is better to entrust this operation to specialists - hand over the product to dry cleaning.
  • Color. If it is a light carpet, removing the stain from the green will be more difficult. With the dark, everything is easier. But you also need to consider if unstable dyes were used for coloring, then the carpet may fade during the work. This will significantly worsen its appearance.
  • The presence of the necessary cleaning products. It should be sponges, brushes, clean rags.
    how to wash the green from the carpet if soaked deep

How can I get the green from the carpet? Next, we present several effective folk methods.


So, how to remove the stain from the green on the carpet? For this we need a stain remover. We apply the composition abundantly on the site and wait about an hour. Next, we take the washing powder and make foam out of it. It should cover completely the stain. Then the trace needs to be cleaned with a brush. After that, the carpet is washed with water (partially possible) and dried with a hairdryer.

However, this method has limitations. This method is only suitable for plain carpets. For other coatings, there are other means.

Hydrogen peroxide

There is another way to get rid of stains of brilliant green. How to get green from the carpet with peroxide? To do this, we additionally need rags (clean and preferably white). Instead, you can use cotton pads or gauze. Next, we put something under the carpet so as not to stain the floor. After that, we wet a clean rag or gauze in peroxide and put it on a stain of green stuff. If it is large, you can also dampen the carpet itself. Please note that in this case, you can not use a brush and other devices. Otherwise, we will damage the pile and rub the stain even more. After some time (5 minutes), you need to get a rag and check the result. If the stain has not completely disappeared, repeat the procedure again. But remember that the rag in this case is not reusable and must be discarded after use.

how to wash the green from the carpet if it is soaked


How to wash the green from the carpet, if it is soaked deeply? To do this, you can use a 10 percent solution of ammonia alcohol. What is the essence of the work? First you need to check on an inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet, how the pile reacts to the liquid. If all is well, you can moisten the green spot with ammonia. After that, wait about five minutes and clean the area with a clean white cloth. If the stain cannot be removed the first time, we repeat the procedure again. Then we treat this area with soapy water and dry it. You can use a household hair dryer to speed up the process.

how to wash the green from the carpet if it is soaked deep

What is the disadvantage of this method? Ammonia has a pungent and unpleasant odor. Therefore, work must be carried out in a ventilated area. Windows should be opened even if it is cold outside. Otherwise, this smell will remain in the room for a long time.

How to wash the green from the carpet with vinegar?

We continue to consider folk methods. You can also clean the green stain with simple vinegar. How is this done? First, we need to put a piece of thick paper under the carpet. This is necessary so that the greenback does not eat into the floor when dissolved. Next, take table vinegar and pour the liquid into the desired area. We completely cover the entire stain with liquid. Then we pick up a white and clean rag. But do not rub the stain. It is necessary to wet the area with a rag. After that, most of the brilliant green will dissolve and soak into the rag. If the procedure did not help much, you need to repeat the operation again. Next, wash the carpet with water. A few drops of lemon juice are preliminarily added to the latter. This is necessary in order to interrupt the pungent smell of vinegar.


You can use detergents like Fairy or Vanisha. To do this, apply liquid to the stain and leave in this condition for several hours. After a while, the area is washed with clean water. For the best effect, you can manually rub this product into the carpet. How to do it? This is done using a carpet brush (long pile).

how to wash the green from the carpet


Another simple but no less effective way is to use household soap. It is suitable for absolutely any surface and type of carpet. Therefore, it can be applied without a doubt - such a soap will not corrode the pile and does not make the carpet pale. So, slightly moisten the area, and then rub the laundry soap into the stain. For best effect, apply a brush. With her we rub the soap. Active foam forms . After 10 minutes, this foam can be washed off. The stain will disappear.

how to wash the green from the carpet if it is deep

Toilet cleaner

Everyone has such chemistry in the house. How to use it in this situation? For this we need protective gloves (since the liquid is very aggressive) and gauze. On the last we apply a cleaning liquid and put it on a stain. Since the liquid for cleaning the toilet is an active substance, the stain will disappear right before your eyes. But before using such a tool, you need to prepare a bucket of water and a rag in advance. Chlorine contained in this product can corrode the dye of the carpet after a short time. Therefore, you can not leave this tool for a long time. Otherwise, it will bring the opposite effect.


Experts do not recommend removing stains from the palace with various bleaches. In most cases, they can damage the structure of the pile. The palace after this treatment becomes more faded.

how to wash

To summarize

So, we figured out how to get the green from the carpet. As you can see, there are several ways to solve this problem. But if you choose caustic means, you first need to test them in an inconspicuous area. Only after making sure the solution is safe, you can add it to the stain. In most cases, you can get rid of the annoying stain. But if you hesitate in solving the problem, the green tint can still remain.


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