How to make a beautiful do-it-yourself nightlight

A huge number of workshops encourages us to make souvenirs, small gifts and interior decorations with our own hands. Such trifles add comfort to the interior and will certainly please the eye. You can always proudly declare to admiring guests that this is the subject of your work, a unique work.

In this article you will find a description of several ways to make your own night light. Why exactly a nightlight? Despite the fact that this item can be bought at the store, it is always nice to show imagination and execute it yourself. Then the nightlight will not only give light, but also warm with its warmth due to the fact that it is made with love and tenderness.

do-it-yourself night light

Night sky "Starry sky"

In order to make a do-it-yourself nightlight, you only need a handyman
material found in every apartment. One of the advantages of this lamp will be that it does not require a network connection. You can enjoy the starry sky without leaving your home thanks to a small flashlight powered by little batteries.

So, you will need: a glass jar with a screw cap, thick foil, an awl, scissors, a tray (or any hard surface that is not afraid of scratches), a small flashlight.

Step 1. We take a sheet of foil and draw on it a diagram of the starry sky. If you want an exact copy, you will have to work hard. You can do this schematically, from memory.

Step 2. We put a sheet with a drawn diagram on a solid surface and with the help of an awl we make holes. These will be our stars.

Step 3. Cut off all the excess from the foil. The height of the sheet should be equal to the height of the can. Carefully fold the sheet with a tube and insert it into the prepared jar.

Step 4. At the bottom of the can, lay the flashlight and turn it on.

It remains only to wait for the night and enjoy the picture of the starry sky.

Lace night light

Making a do-it-yourself night light for your bedroom is easy. It will be beautiful

DIY night light photo
lamp using lace.

To make it you will need: a little lace cloth, a clean can, scissors and threads, a flashlight on batteries.

Step 1. Take a clean and dry jar, wrap it with lace, it should not overlap, protrude beyond the edges of the jar. Cut off all the excess.

Step 2. Sew the edges of the lace so that you get a sleeve. This can be done either using a machine or manually.

Step 3. Put the sleeve on the jar.

Step 4. Put a flashlight in the jar and tighten the lid.

You can make such a night lamp with your own hands in a matter of minutes, and its light will bring romance to your interior.

Nightlight with butterflies

Another option for a romantic dinner is a butterfly nightlight.

To make it, you will need: wire (about 50 cm), 2 sheets of white paper, a jar, an ordinary flat candle, butterfly stencils.

Step 1. Cut some butterflies on stencils (6-7 pieces) from white paper. We fold the second sheet with a tube and beautifully arrange the edges (curly cutting).

Step 2. Glue the butterflies on the resulting tube in random order, leaving 2 pieces for the next step.

Step 3. We take the wire, wrap the jar with it 1 time, and then bend so that we get a semicircle above the jar itself. We attach the remaining 2 butterflies to the resulting bend with a thread.

Step 4. Inside our tube with pasted butterflies we place a jar.

Step 5. We put a lit candle in the jar and enjoy the magnificent picture.

DIY night light
Nightlight for a child

Making a children's night light with your own hands is also quite simple, the main thing is to show your imagination. For those who want to please their baby, the next option is homemade.

You will need: a round shade or a glass ball, a flashlight (and preferably a Christmas garland), a lot of tulle or tulle, glue and patience.

Step 1. Take a tulle and cut into many circles.

Step 2. Take the lampshade, it should be clean and dry. Next, take one circle of tulle and fold it in the shape of a rose (take the middle, lifting the edges up - your rose is ready). Using glue, we fix the tulle on the ceiling, gluing it only in the middle. Thus, you get a fluffy ball.

We hide the garland or flashlight inside the lampshade, and show the child beautiful magic. The kid will be delighted and happy to fall asleep in the light of such a nightlight.

Having made a night lamp with your own hands (photos of master classes describe the whole process in sufficient detail), you will transform not only a children's room, but also a bedroom.

how to make a night light

A fun night light in 5 minutes

For connoisseurs of creativity and just fun people, this option is perfect.

How to make a nightlight using only improvised tools described above. To make a fun craft, you will need not only a glass jar, but also a fluorescent paint that glows in the dark. The more colors you use, the more fun it will turn out, but with imagination you can do with a minimum.

So, take the can, brush and paint. We draw everything that comes to mind on the inside of the jar. During the day, the paint will accumulate light, and in the dark you can see what you painted on the bank. This view will always please you, giving only positive emotions.


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