How to make a bailer with your own hands?

Well bore is the simplest and most effective design. However, for its manufacture does not need any special tools or equipment.

What is a bailer?

In order to build the presented design, you must first understand what it is. So, the choke is a special device that is used for drilling wells by shock-rope method. In addition, with this design, you can clean the channel when it is filled with rainwater.


Doing it yourself is not so difficult. First you need to understand its design and select all the necessary materials and tools for the job. Most often, such a device is used during the construction of private houses or cottages, where the construction of a well is provided.

The advantages of the presented device

It should be noted that this design has certain advantages:

- ease of use;

- quick and easy manufacturing;

- effectiveness;

- the ability to independently carry out the process;

- profitability.

do-it-yourself bumper

In any case, the bailer is considered the easiest tool for making wells. To work with this design, only 2 people are enough.

Product design

Before you make a bastard with your own hands, you need to understand what it consists of. So, the main parts of the design are:

- a segment of a hollow pipe equipped with a check valve that is capable of retaining sand, clay or other rock;

- shock cartridge;

- a rope that is attached to a pipe segment (with this element you can pull the glass back to the surface);

- a construction on three or four legs, to which, in fact, the pipe is attached.

The principle of operation of the unit

Before you make a bastard with your own hands, you need to understand how this device works. So, the pipe on a long cable must be lowered into the hole in the well. Next, it must be raised at least 30 cm up and released. When the pipe touches the ground, the ball inside the glass β€œbounces” and opens its lower hole. At the same time, water mixed with sand or silt enters the pipe.

well bore

Next, the ball drops and presses all the mass that is inside the glass. Now the pipe can be slowly and smoothly pulled out of the well. At one time, you can get up to 0.5 kg of sand (silt) from it. Further actions are simply repeatedly repeated. Gradually, you continue to work until you reach the required depth.

Materials and tools necessary for work

Do-it-yourself baffle for the well is very simple. Naturally, you must first select all the necessary tools and materials. So, you can build the structure from improvised means or you can buy the necessary elements in the store. If you were building a house before building a well, then there will be no problems with materials.

Most often, for the construction of the structure is used:

- a pipe whose length is about 80 cm. Its internal diameter should not exceed 60 mm;

- metal cable;

- a children's ball made of PVC or rubber (or a metal ball), whose diameter is about 4 cm;

- washer with a flat surface;

- metal grill.

how to make a bouncer

Before you make the bailer with your own hands, try to prepare a welding machine, with which you will need to connect all the parts.

Construction process

It should be noted that for the construction of the presented structure it will not take much time. DIY can be done in just a couple of hours. All work involves several stages:

1. It is necessary to attach a thick washer to the bottom of the prepared pipe by welding, which will serve as the bottom of the baffle. The hole saddle should ideally fit the diameter of the ball, which will fit inside the glass.

2. A small obstacle must be placed at the top of the pipe. It will not allow the ball to fly out of it. To do this, you can weld a small piece of metal mesh or grill. In addition, in the upper part, it is also necessary to make fastenings on which the cable will be fixed.

3. Then do it yourself with a do-it-yourself batter. Now a cable is attached to the pipe, and a structure is being constructed to which its second edge will be attached. The height of the baffle depends on the depth of the well that needs to be done or cleaned.

borehole drilling

In principle, these are all the actions that must be performed to construct a structure.

Well Drilling Features

Before you make the bouncer, try to figure out how you will have to work with it. If you need to produce a drilling process, then note that this device can only be used on loose and loose rocks. It is also necessary to bear in mind that the presented method for producing a well (cable-shock) does not imply a subsequent flushing of the channel. Therefore, it is best to apply such a method already at the last stage of drilling.

It should be noted that the use of baffles is not a very productive way of constructing wells. However, many builders recognized it as safe as possible. In addition, the drilling of the choke is a lifeline in case the well has to be built on a quicksand.

In order to make the work easier and faster, you can periodically add water to the well, which will make the soil more loose and supple. If the soil is hard, then this method of drilling is not effective. The pipe will further ram it.

Features of cleaning the borehole using the choke

If one day you find that your water channel is clogged with sand or silt, then, of course, it is necessary to break through it. The best equipment for this is the bailer. Of course, this process requires considerable force, but it is the first in terms of efficiency and safety. In addition, you do not have to spend electricity or rent expensive equipment.

In principle, the cleaning process is carried out in the same way as well drilling. Naturally, before starting work, it is necessary to find out the cause of the clogging. If you just clean the channel, then after a while it can again become clogged. Naturally, you need to eliminate the causes of the problem.

how to make a do-it-yourself bailer

Cleaning a borehole with a borehole has one advantage: how well the channel worked before starting work does not matter. For the presented procedure, it is better to take a long length of pipe (approximately 1 m). Then, by the shock method, all accumulated dirt, sludge and sand are removed from the well.

Thanks to this design, you can bring to life a completely clogged well that could not be cleaned with other devices. To completely clean the channel, you can use a submersible pump. With this device, you can pump water until you get a crystal clear liquid. Now you see that the do-it-yourself bailer is very easy to make and use.

In order for the well not to become contaminated again, you can periodically repeat the presented procedure. Please note that we must not forget about those measures that contribute to the prevention of clogging of the channel. Now you know how to make a bailer with your own hands, as well as where and how it is used. Good luck


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