French on almond-shaped nails. How to make almond shaped nails? Fashion manicure

In order for the woman's hands to be well-groomed and beautiful, it is necessary to do a manicure. There are a lot of options for designing nails and how to design them, but many women choose a trendy French manicure. This type of design is classic and never loses its relevance. French on almond-shaped nails looks especially cool. Many do not know how to give such a shape to their nails, it is to her that our article is devoted. How to make an almond-shaped form of nails, make out a french? Read below.

Forms of almond shaped nails

The main rule for creating the right almond-shaped nail is that the edge should be slightly more pointed than the base of the nail. French on almond-shaped nails of any shape looks great, and we will introduce you to the variety of such manicures. To begin with, we will deal with the forms of nails.

  1. The correct almond shape makes the woman's fingers visually longer and thinner. This design option is not welcome for very long nails.
  2. The acute almond shape is not the most popular option. Such nails are inconvenient to wear everyday, they interfere with cooking, cleaning. Basically, this form is chosen by unburdened ladies.
  3. A rounded almond-shaped form is the most common. Such a manicure is ideal for women with a weak and thin nail plate, and a jacket on almond-shaped nails of this shape will give them special sophistication.
  4. The square almond shape is suitable for owners of long nails. The disadvantage of this option is a more thorough care.
  5. Oval-square almond-shaped form will appeal to lovers of square-rounded shape of nails. This design method will help to overcome the appearance of cracks in the corners of the nail.
  6. The oval almond-shaped form looks just perfect, practically not susceptible to damage.

French on almond-shaped nails

Which shape is right for you?

Before creating a manicure, you should not be guided only by new fashion trends. The general appearance of the hands completely depends on the shape of the nails, therefore, to decorate yourself, and not to emphasize the shortcomings, you need to choose the right manicure.

Of course, it’s hard to say without a glance which form is right for you, you can try all the options and stop at the most successful. When choosing a nail shape, be guided by the following factors:

  • On short fingers a square shape will not look. The correct amygdala shape will help to visually lengthen the fingers. The same applies to full hands, only you need to choose an oval almond shape.
  • The type of employment is one of the main criteria when choosing a form of manicure. If you constantly do something with your hands, then choose an oval-square, regular almond-shaped, rounded and oval shape. They are less prone to damage.
  • The natural shape of the nail plate also affects future manicure. Almond-shaped nails are easier to make from natural elongated ones, and from short nails located in the middle of the phalanx, not many options can be made.

Just choosing the right shape for the nails, you will make your hands graceful, feminine, well-groomed.

Perfectly almond-shaped nails will look on nails of medium length. This processing method is suitable for both a natural plate and an extended one. French on almond-shaped nails is suitable for any style of clothing, hair length, appearance. Such a manicure will give your hands a well-groomed and neat look.

how to make almond-shaped nails

Technique of almond shape

How to make the amygdala shape of nails interests every woman. This is not at all difficult, and even a non-professional person can handle it. So, we offer a simpler technique for designing the correct almond-shaped nails.

  1. Initially, you need to make the inner edge of the nail rounded, removing the cuticle.
  2. All nails on both hands should be exactly the same length. If some plates grew longer than the rest, or the day before you broke one nail, then do not regret all equal. At different lengths of nails, the almond-shaped form, especially with a jacket, will look ugly.
  3. Take manicure scissors and a nail file, with the help of these tools give each nail a square shape.
  4. From the free edge of the resulting square, you need to form an even trapezoid.
  5. Use a pair of tweezers or a file to remove very sharp edges.
  6. The four corners of the trapezoid must be filed so that they are perfectly rounded, and the nail becomes without points, protrusions.

If you need a square almond-shaped shape, then cut the resulting sharp tip, and file the corners until they round. The shape of the nail can be adjusted at your discretion, filed to a round almond shape or oval, removing a very pointed middle.

white french almond-shaped nails

Almond shaped artificial nails

This is the most popular design option for artificial manicure. It turns out surprisingly neat and realistic. Many people take extended nails of this form as natural, they are really difficult to distinguish from real ones.

At home, it is difficult for a novice master to achieve the desired result. Before doing it, you need to practice several times, since the first time it may not work out very well and evenly. Usually extended nails of this shape are made in gray or beige tones with a golden hue. But still the most popular option for this form of artificial manicure remains a jacket.

The benefits of extended nails

Nowadays, artificial nails are becoming increasingly popular. They are made from gel or acrylic. Acrylic variations are considered more durable and durable, they are less susceptible to damage. If such a manicure is done correctly and professionally, then it will last at least three weeks.

Natural almond-shaped nails are difficult to preserve. They are exposed to external factors, and there is a great risk of breaking one or more nails. In this case, the entire manicure will have to be completely redone.

french manicure

Why is French more common for almond-shaped nails?

Many years ago, a manicure design with a French jacket came to Russia. Regardless of the length of the nails, their shape and features of the fingers, this design remains relevant. French perfectly emphasizes the shape of the nail, the free edge of the plate and the so-called "smile".

The main "trick" of the jacket is that it is suitable for any event, whether it is a party, a big celebration, going to the cinema, playing sports or just taking a walk. Also, such a manicure is ideal for women working in offices. He is not catchy, restrained and classic. There is nothing superfluous in it.

With a jacket, short or chubby fingers will look longer, thinner, especially on the amygdala shape of the nail.

French decoration

If you like a variety of types of manicure, then do not give up the French. It can be decorated with delicate designs; patterns in the form of flowers will look especially elegant. You can also decorate such a manicure with rhinestones, multi-colored stones. This manicure does not have to be truly classic, and at your discretion, the master will transform it.

French is made on beige shades and brighter colors. Which one to choose, it's up to you. Do not forget that, moving away from the classic color scheme, you limit the colors of clothes. It is better to choose more restrained colors for everyday use, and to make a bright jacket for rest.

almond-shaped french nail design

Almond Shape Nail Design: French

French manicure is a classic. Many still prefer to use only white color and still benefit, since it is suitable for any time of year and situation. But still, with the approach of spring, and even more so its onset, I want to look more vividly, to be in the spotlight.

Manicure "Spring - 2017" promises to be the brightest, and the French is no exception! As always, it is important to use two harmonizing shades, and which ones depends only on your imagination. The strip of the free edge of the nail itself can be made of any size, and thin borders and wide lines are welcome this year.

Manicure "Spring - 2017" will allow you to show all your imagination. You can experiment with drawings, decoration with stones. This spring in fashion, the colors of the drawings on the jacket are diverse, not even in harmony with the basic shades of manicure. The more it stands out, the better.

I want to say that before choosing a bright picture, you should think about the fact that it may not be in harmony with the main style. You should not be guided only by your good spring mood. For you, we described the most relevant french suits this year, which are suitable for any situation and will set you apart from the general mass of the people.

black jacket on almond-shaped nails

Black jacket on almond-shaped nails

This type of manicure will suit any style, for any form of almond-shaped nail, whether it is a pointed tip, classic or square. The white jacket on almond-shaped nails looks neat and cute, and the black will give the style of audacity, even if you are dressed in a sundress with daisies.

Black color blends perfectly with other colors, so the pictures can be completely different shades. The priority is abstract patterns, they will look amazingly perfect on a black jacket. It is also possible to apply abstraction from the free edge of the nail along the entire length of the plate with black varnish. With such a manicure you will look great.

red jacket on almond-shaped nails

Red smile

The red jacket on almond-shaped nails is more relevant than ever in this season. Ideally, such a manicure will look on the correct form of the almond-shaped nail or its oval variation. Such a "smile" will be a great addition to any image, and it can be adjusted by drawings. White and black shades are ideal for red. The drawing can be executed both in an abstraction style, and in the form of flowers, cats and other things.

Be bright and happy this spring! Do not be afraid to experiment, including with manicure!


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