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Vladimir Kravtsov is not only an internationally recognized athlete, but also a philosopher. Since the time of Yuri Vlasov, you probably won’t find such an ideal symbiosis of great power with intelligence. This is the first reigning champion of Russia, who successfully proves himself in the intellectual field.


Vladimir Kravtsov, whose photo you can see below, was born in Saratov on March 4, 1972. One of the most titled modern athletes in childhood was recorded in various sections, but not one was able to stay for a long time. But this is only until Vladimir, in the sixth grade, began to engage in Greco-Roman wrestling. Having become a participant in this particular sports section, the repeated world record holder began to take prizes in competitions in the area.

Vladimir Kravtsov

After graduating from secondary school, Vladimir Kravtsov became a student at the College of Electronic Devices named after P.N. Yablochkov. Studying in this institution suspended his fighting career a little, but after receiving a diploma, the young man immediately rushed into the sport.

Vladimir decided to bring his body into shape by the method of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and in 1996 he began to engage in powerlifting. It was in this sport that he managed to achieve high results.

Anthropometric data

Surely many will be interested to know the anthropometric parameters of such an outstanding champion as Vladimir Kravtsov. Height, weight are interdependent indicators that determine the condition and strength of an athlete in different periods of activity.

  • Height - 1 meter 83 cm.
  • Weight during the off-season ranges from 130 to 135 kg.
  • Weight during the competition - from 125 to 130 kg.
  • Bench press without equipment - 310 kg.
  • Bench press with equipment - 365 kg.


Vladimir Kravtsov is sure that in order to achieve significant heights, it is necessary to work in all directions: not only puff in the gym, but also enough to relax, eat on time and in high quality. These three components should be invested in the concept of “hard mode”.

Vladimir Kravtsov growth

A routine is exactly that thing that needs to be followed day by day, and preferably for a long time. Only in this way you will see real results!

Classes with iron are like a marathon. Only the athlete who evenly distributes his forces to cover the entire distance will win.

In no case do not break yourself, it is better to listen to the body. If you do otherwise, you can simply atrophy important instincts. It will take a lot of time to develop such a technique, but it's worth it.

Basic principles of training

The rules that Vladimir Kravtsov abides by help not only him, but also many people who have benefited from his consultation.

So, what should you pay attention to if there is a desire to increase power indicators several times?

Vladimir Kravtsov height weight

The main point is competent load cycling. Training Vladimir Kravtsov stand out with great progress. And all thanks to the compilation of the macrocycle and microcycle. Having made mistakes when compiling a set of exercises and incorrectly varying the intensity of the program, you can not see the increase in strength at all.

Training Frequency

Frequency of training is a key factor in progress. That is exactly what Vladimir Kravtsov, multiple bench press champion, believes. Growth and other anthropometric indicators are far from the main thing for sports promotion and development.

The optimal length of the preparation period for important competitions takes Vladimir from 12 to 16 weeks. During this period of time, the athlete manages to go the whole way, which begins with low-intensity training with a relatively low weight and ends with exercises with maximum burden and stress of the mental state.

Life can be called cyclical, so this concept can be applied to sports. Nobody has managed to keep themselves in peak shape all the time. If you constantly train, making maximum efforts, you can only hurt yourself, because this is a very unproductive method to achieve the goal.

training Vladimir Kravtsov

Cycles are the best way out of the situation. Using this technique, you are constantly increasing your training weight. Typically, cycles last from eight to sixteen weeks, and at the end of each athlete shows improved results in lifting the bar.

At the end of the cyclic training session, the athlete must reach his maximum.

Training program of Vladimir Kravtsov before the competition

Most athletes regularly participate in various competitions, what can we say about such an athlete as Vladimir Kravtsov. His biography says that he achieved a lot, and all thanks to his own training system.

A month and a half before the competition, the powerlifter begins to practice short microcycles. Vladimir presses a huge weight only 2-3 times a week, because there is no point in doing this more often. With daily exercise, the result does not increase, but stands still.

Kravtsov Vladimir biography

One and a half weeks before the start of the tournament, Vladimir Kravtsov is trying to enter a state of overtraining, which must be subtly felt so as not to accidentally go over the edge. After that, the athlete gives his body a break, and in the competition receives an excellent increase in strength.

Nutrition principles

Vladimir Kravtsov in his own way understands the concept of “quality nutrition”. Any bodybuilder should treat the body as a friend, and not test it for strength, filling it with a huge amount of food.

To gain a daily norm of proteins, the athlete consumes milk, 20 eggs and one and a half kilogram chicken. He divides the bird into two equal portions: one eats for lunch, the second leaves for dinner. The bodybuilder uses potatoes or rice, occasionally pasta, as a side dish.

Vladimir’s breakfast begins with eggs, which are preliminarily aged in boiling water for two minutes. One such serving consists of 4 yolks and 10 proteins. All this is poured into a cup, mixed thoroughly and drunk in one gulp. And the Herculean porridge completes the morning meal.

training program of Vladimir Kravtsov

When discussing nutrition, one should not forget about sports supplements. Half of these products, which are on store shelves, are not even worth it to buy. Sports nutrition is a very necessary and useful thing. It helps to significantly increase results in a short time. But do not forget to observe the following conditions: avoid fakes, eat balanced natural foods, exercise intensively and remember about relaxation.

As for Vladimir Kravtsov, he was able to achieve a record in the bench press, even without the use of food additives. But not because he is against the use of such funds. It just had its own reasons.

Athlete Titles

Vladimir Kravtsov in time noticed his successes in the bench press and made the main bet on him. Only a few months of hard training allowed him to take part in the All-Russian Championship, from which the athlete brought a bronze award. In the same year, Vladimir became the best in the championship and the Moscow Cup. And a year later he was obeyed by a new record - 300 kg. From that moment on, counting down the endless records of Vladimir Kravtsov.

From the list of victories of the repeated world record holder, there are many points that influenced his career.

In 2009, Vladimir took 1st place at the NutraSport Elite Cup. The 300 kg bench was made without special equipment.

The year 2011 was marked by a winning place for the athlete at Eurolifting-2011. The bodybuilder defeated a weight of 301 kg without equipment.

And on December 25, 2011, he set an absolute record in the Russian Federation in the bench press, lifting all 303.5 kg.

These are far from all the achievements of an athlete. Vladimir Kravtsov continues to please us with his success!

Hobbies and hobbies

It would seem that such a serious athlete who is exhausting himself with training does not have time for hobbies and hobbies. But everything is not so sad, since the Russian powerlifter manages to conduct master classes and chat with friends.

In 2009, the athlete made his debut on central television, playing a cameo role. Three years later, he played the main character in the film "Uncle Vova" S. Badyuk. As you might have guessed, this is a picture of powerlifting, which was a discovery in Russia.

Vladimir Kravtsov photo

Vladimir Kravtsov also promotes powerlifting in the country and its development. He constantly coaches the younger generation and is looking for investors who are ready to support the cause.

The world record holder claims that it is the Russian athletes who are the most volitional and strong in the whole world, you just need to help them develop further. Compatriots, unlike the Americans, do not sit on steroids, but at the same time always occupy the forefront in this sport. All that remains is to instill faith in one's own strength!

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