Playground made of wood: do-it-yourself is not only possible, but also necessary!

DIY playgrounds from bottles

How we want our children not to need anything, and they had enough toys for all occasions. Unfortunately, we cannot always afford to buy this or that branded item to our child, especially with regard to large-sized street toys, because they are quite expensive.

A children's playground made of wood with your own hands will not only significantly save your budget, but will also be a great place to spend your baby's time. He will be able to play there from a very young age, and having matured a little, he will already build sand underground tunnels with his comrades. Such a site can be built in a personal plot where the baby will feel completely safe, fenced off by cars and dirty stray animals.

In addition to the sandbox, you can build a toy house for the child , and he will have his own corner where he can hide and be alone when he needs it. The house can be put together from old boards, after grinding them. In order for them to serve you longer, they must be treated with an antiseptic that will protect the tree from rot, preventing moisture from entering.

DIY wooden playground

Why do kids need a wooden playground? With their own hands, they will be able to learn how to work with various tools, helping dad build his corner. Of course, this applies to older children. In addition, they will understand the value of DIY items. After all, when a thing is simply bought in a store, children do not see how long it takes to make, and therefore they can easily ruin it and break it. Playing in the orphanage, the kids copy the behavior patterns of the elders, and in the future this experience will help them in adulthood.

Another advantage of the site is that children spend all the time on the street, breathe fresh air, play active games, instead of sitting at home, staring at the TV or playing on the computer. The most practical playground is made of wood. It’s not too difficult to make it with your own hands, while it will be thought out specifically for your children, so there will only be something that your children love and appreciate. For example a wooden swing. Or maybe it will be a table with small chairs or a ladder with bars? Swing is recommended to be made of strong wood, such as pine or ash. A flat board serves as a seat, and on the sides, after making several holes, thread a strong cable and hang it on the frame. When the children grow up, they will already know how to build a playground for children from wood. With their own hands, they can easily remake it into a sports ground, where they will climb a rope, engage in a horizontal bar and jump on tires. You can even build a miniature rope town with ladders and passages.

A do-it-yourself playground in the country house (photos and examples, as well as practical tips can be found in the specialized literature and on the corresponding sites) will greatly help the development of your kids' imagination. She will also contribute to their good physical fitness.

DIY playground in the country

What else can be playgrounds? With your own hands from bottles you can create an interesting corner, which will be equally popular and can be made with children. Do you think empty plastic bottles cannot be adapted anywhere else? You are mistaken! They will turn into whole sculptures, as well as fabulous animals and street fountains made with their own hands. And with their help, you can original design a flower bed! By the way, for the same purpose, wooden pavers are suitable, which can be made from cutting logs. Using paints, you can create a fabulous town of plastic bottles and improvised material. Kids will be happy to help you in this interesting undertaking, and you can also be engaged without being distracted from work. For example, designing a flowerbed in the form of a giraffe, you can repeat the colors, as well as count how many spots on his back. How many entertaining games can be invented with such joint work! And what pleasant memories the child will have for life! Is it possible to find and buy such happiness in a store?


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