Types of service jacket. The most relevant options

French manicure or jacket is considered one of the most stylish types of nail design. It is very popular among women around the world. This article will tell about its most relevant types.

types of jacket

Classic version

One of the reasons why many ladies and girls prefer French manicure is its maximum naturalness, due to which it is appropriate both in the office and at the gala event.

The classic version of the jacket involves staining the upper edge of the nails with white. This design allows them to look well-groomed and healthy.

french types of design

Types of white service jacket

It is human nature to strive for change. This is especially true for women. If you do not want to give up your favorite nail design option, you can choose something more recent. For example, today, such types of jacket as “lace” or “double” are in fashion.

In the first case, the “smile” (white top edge) is not continuous, but is made in the form of a subtle ornament. In the second, the nail hole is also covered in white. In addition, you can give the classic jacket a festive look by pasting strasses or applying a thin strip of silver lacquer with sparkles between the "smile" and the unpainted area of ​​the nail.

As an option, you can also offer to make a classic French manicure on 4 fingers of each hand, and decorate the index ones with a lace pattern or completely paint over with white lacquer.

Color jacket

If the classic does not suit you, then the idea of ​​a French manicure can be used to create a bright design. For example, color types of jacket on nails look original. For this, any varnishes in saturated shades are suitable.

Some designers go even further and offer to paint the fingernail of each finger in a different color or even make a smile in 3D style. Such a jacket (types of design in volumetric version, see the photo) is suitable for young girls. He will look good on vacation. However, such nail art should not be chosen by a respectable lady or an employee of the office of a serious company.

types of jacket on nails

French and extended nails

Unfortunately, not every girl has hands that are ideally beautiful by nature. First of all, this applies to the form of nails, which are often far from perfect. In addition, many women can not grow them to the desired length. Of course, you need to deal with brittleness and slowed nail growth by applying various masks and including calcium-rich foods in your diet . However, there are solutions to decorate your hands immediately.

In particular, nail extension with acrylic or gel is widespread. After such procedures, any kind of jacket looks great. Due to the fact that the extended nails are usually longer than natural, you can make an unusual French manicure on them. Indeed, in this case, the master has a “canvas” larger than usual.

types of french on extended nails

Types of French on extended nails

Popular options relevant this year include:

  • French in the style of "Millennium". It is applied using glitter, which cover the free edge of the nail.
  • Twist-French. To create this version of nail art, a “smile” is made by applying several strips of varnishes of different colors on the upper edge of the nail plate, so that in the end it turns out to be a rainbow. They can be clear or smoothly transition into each other.
  • French avant-garde nail art. The avant-garde options also look good. For example, on the upper part of the nail, you can apply several quadrangles of different bright colors with thin black contours. They should be located so that the bottom edge of the "smile" was in the form of steps.
  • Metal option. The French design created using silver or golden varnish will look great. The tips of the nails in this case will look like chrome or gold and give a mirror image.
  • Ethno-variant. Such a French manicure implies the creation of a thin strip in the form of an ethnic ornament along the edge of the nail. It can be either a Gzhel and Khokhloma drawing, or a decor based on African or Arabic motifs.
  • Peas. This design option is pretty enough, especially if you choose the right colors. Among the most attractive are the classic combinations of white or black stripes with bright red peas. In order to make the manicure more mischievous, you can decorate one of the nails with the image of a bow with the same polka dots.
  • Leopard French. Among the relevant options for the French manicure is the drawing on the upper edge of the nail plate of a pattern that resembles the one that adorns the skin of representatives of the cat family. It can be a cheetah, tiger or leopard print.

types of white french

Smile line design

You can create fashionable types of jacket, and using a thematic design for the bottom line. For example, on it you can draw a mustache, like in Hercule Poirot, a bow, a snowflake, etc.

Various experiments with the contours of the "smile" are acceptable. Since today many world-famous masters offer to sharpen the nail plate, giving it a pointed shape, the line of the colored strip on the upper edge can be done the same.

Now you know what types of jacket are relevant today. In any case, fashion in the field of manicure today is quite democratic and does not imply strict dictates, so do not be afraid of bold experiments that will help to breathe new life into the traditional French.

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