Large companies in Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Territory

Almost no one knows that Krasnodar is the center of domestic instrumentation. There is a huge number of production capacities and innovation centers. Let's try to talk about the main players in the industrial market with assets in sunny Krasnodar.


large companies of Krasnodar rating
  1. Neftemash plant in Krasnodar. Oil-producing companies need regular upgrades of production equipment, as well as the supply of high-quality and reliable equipment that meets advanced standards. It is precisely such activity that Neftemash is engaged in. Among all the large companies in Krasnodar, this is the only one that supplies drilling equipment, technological equipment, and also necessary tools for cementing oil and gas wells to all corners of Russia.
  2. Krasnodarsselmash. It would be strange not to meet an agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise among the largest companies in Krasnodar. This plant was founded more than 100 years ago, but its products are in demand to this day. Judging by the reviews of large Krasnodar companies engaged in the agricultural sector of the economy, Krasnodarsselmash is the only Russian supplier of conveyor and traction chains with decent quality and affordable prices.

Machine Tool Production

the largest companies in Krasnodar

One of the most prominent representatives of the domestic machine-tool sector is a large company from the city of Krasnodar. And it is called "Sedin Machine Tool Plant".

The plant was built back in 1911 and has since undergone significant changes, and was also named after the revolutionary who died during the Civil War.

Today, the company is engaged in the production of turning and rotary machines, which are popular among industrialists in all regions of Russia. It is important to know that product quality has gained recognition among foreign business. In particular, regular deliveries of grinding and turning machines with electronic digital indexing are carried out to the West.

Among other things, the plant is engaged in warranty service and service repair of supplied products, and also has a design department for future enterprises.

The company does not stop at the achieved results and with enviable regularity announces new and more advanced machines in use, which are designed and perfected by the plant engineers.

Krasnodar - the center of innovation

what are the largest companies in Krasnodar

Among the large companies of Krasnodar, one can also find real research institutes carrying out the development of devices commissioned by law enforcement agencies and not only:

  1. "Cascade" is an instrument factory. This company is developing command posts and military communications networks. The company is part of the famous concert "Constellation" and is one of the main contractors of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. What are the largest companies in Krasnodar that boast such a level of trust and internal secrecy? It is also worth knowing that the plant produces domestic navigation systems used in Russian military equipment.
  2. "Krasnodar spare parts" - a company that has revolutionized the domestic instrument making industry. It was local engineers who developed the process of changing resistance coils in devices, which forever changed the industrial idea of ​​the industry. Today, the plant is engaged in the production of energy metering devices for completely different purposes.
  3. "RHYTHM" is a scientific enterprise. The once-dying research institute was able to recover and become one of the largest companies in Krasnodar. Today, radio communications are being manufactured here, and the main customer is the power structures of the Russian Federation.

Construction industry

The rating of large Krasnodar companies in the field of construction production is headed by the Kubankrovlya plant. This enterprise arose in the middle of the last century and was conceived as a cardboard-ruberoid plant. Having successfully survived the perestroika, the company changed its profile and today produces quite popular products.

Products produced by Kubankrovli are various types of cement mixtures, pressure and non-pressure pipes made of innovative materials, concrete mixtures, as well as roofs on cardboard or glass base. In the product range of the plant you can find more than 40 different positions.

Today it is the only enterprise in the region that can be called a real plant for the production of building materials of a wide profile.

Production and sale of alcohol

The sunny regions have never been without their own production of various kinds of strong drinks.

There are not many large companies in Krasnodar selling alcohol and its production, but they all have a strong reputation in the entire domestic market:

  • Kuban-Vino is a full-cycle industrial and agricultural enterprise. The main product of the plant is various types of wine products made from the company's own grapes. Most of the specialists involved in the development of new types of wine are sought-after professionals from Italy, which helps to improve the quality of products.
  • "Tikhoretsk Brewery". It is difficult to call this large Krasnodar enterprise a plant. Rather, it is a medium-sized brewery that produces a wide range of products and sells them in its branded stores. The product receives positive reviews from consumers and is in demand even outside the region.
  • United Private Breweries is an alliance of small producers of intoxicated drinks, which is a fairly large company in Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Territory. A strong feature of this group of enterprises is the production of exclusively natural products, as well as the positioning of their beer as "live".

Oil and gas processing

large companies of Krasnodar manufacturers

In the sunniest region of Russia they also produce oil and also produce gasoline.

  1. Krasnodarekoneft is a company that produces high-quality fuel from high quality raw materials. The product range includes fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline and diesel fuel. The company was launched back in 1911 at the Krasnodar oil fields and has been operating to this day.
  2. Rosneft-Kuban and Rosneft-Krasnodar are two companies that are part of the same well-known group of companies. The first deals with prospecting and searching for new fields, and the second with the production and sale of oil products. Among the largest companies in Krasnodar, it will be difficult to find another one that will violate the environmental situation in the region to the same extent.


large companies of the city of Krasnodar

Electricity has become an integral part of the life of modern man. And in this region, three large companies of Krasnodar are immediately engaged in the production and sale of electric and thermal energy.

This list includes:

  • Kubanenergo;
  • Krasnodarkraienergo;
  • "Kraiteplokommunenergo".

Clothes and shoes

In the capital of the Krasnodar Territory , weaving can also be found.

  1. One of the most prominent representatives of the industry is the central plant "Alexandria". It produces a wide range of outerwear for men and women, as well as pants, suits, shirts, T-shirts and even a school uniform. Products, unfortunately, are popular exclusively in the region, and beyond it does not withstand competition with the supply of imported clothing.
  2. The most striking producer of shoes among large companies in Krasnodar is the Emalto plant. A distinctive feature of this enterprise is the production of its products from innovative and environmentally friendly materials. Factory products are reliable and highly valued by consumers. Among the assortment you can find a wide range of sandals, slippers and sandals. Among other things, the company "Emalto" independently sells its products not only in bulk but also in retail, under two trademarks. The company began its activities in 2008 and in just ten years has conquered a certain segment of the market not only in the region, but throughout the country.

Aviation sector

factories Krasnodar

The presence of aircraft manufacturers among large companies in Krasnodar could once and for all change the vector of development of the entire region. However, Kuban has only one company associated with the air segment.

And this is Aviation Repair Plant No. 275. This enterprise is a contractor of the Ministry of Defense and carries out current or urgent repairs of domestic military aircraft. One of the most interesting services of the company is demilitarization, that is, the disarmament of combat aircraft with a view to their further use for civilian purposes.

Drug manufacturing

It is worth knowing that another company is represented in the Krasnodar Territory, whose name does not quite correspond to the real production.

And this is the Krasnodar Pharmaceutical Factory. It would be logical if this company was engaged in the development and production of medicines and therapeutic agents, and also participated in the study of new ways to combat various diseases. But apparently, the company is still far from this, because among the production assortment you can find only biologically active additives, a wide range of tonic vitamins, as well as numerous tinctures and products of processing herbs.

Furniture and related products

Three large furniture factories are immediately represented in the region:

  • "Triumph" - an enterprise that is engaged in the production and sale of upholstered furniture, as well as prefabricated sets for various purposes. The main focus of production is focused on the creation of various sofas, armchairs, poufs and so on.
  • "Romis" is another furniture factory in Krasnodar. The product range of the enterprise consists mainly of various cabinets, tables and even sets of furniture for the office of the head.
  • "Adgement" - this company is a craft workshop, albeit a fairly large one. The company is engaged in the manufacture of upholstered furniture, taking into account the individual needs of the customer.


large companies of Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Territory

Oddly enough, but in the Krasnodar Territory also produce cranes.

Two large companies are represented in this sector:

  • The Industrial Crane Building Plant is one of the largest companies in Krasnodar, which produces massive cranes for Lukoil, Russian Railways, Mechel and Rusal. The use of these cranes in the mining and wagon industries is the best recommendation that could be.
  • "Krasnodar Crane Plant". The company manufactures cranes for smaller construction, and also has a much smaller assortment than the previous plant.

As you can see, there are a lot of enterprises in Krasnodar.


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