Disability is not a sentence, but a continuation of life

A severe disease, the presence of anatomical defects or injuries can greatly change a person’s life . But the necessary support can be found in the person of the state - registration of disability will help to find the ground underfoot.

In this case, you need to contact your doctor who can arrange a referral to the ITU (medical and social examination).

Disability clearance

An employee of the USZN (Social Security Administration) or the Pension Fund (Pension Fund) can also provide the direction necessary for the commission. In this case, it will be necessary to present a certificate confirming medical indications for such a procedure as disability registration. If the referral for examination is refused, the citizen will receive a document in his hands with which he can independently contact ITU specialists.

So, when applying to the medical and social examination, you must provide the documents:

1. Identification document (passport), and for children under 14 years of age - birth certificate.

2. If necessary, a document confirming the rights of the legal representative.

3. A written statement.

4. Direction (according to form No. 080 / -06).

This package of documents is transmitted to the ITU bureau, where they are registered, and the citizen is issued an invitation for an upcoming examination.

Disability Confirmation

Examination can be carried out without the presence of the patient, in a hospital, at home. During it, experts assess the patient’s health status and the degree of limitation of his life. The decision on recognition of disability or refusal is made by voting between ITU specialists.

In the case of a positive decision of the examination, the assignment of disability is certified by documents:

1. Certificate in which the disability group is written .

2. Disability sheet indicating the ITU decision (if any).

3. Individual rehabilitation program.

The document on the adopted ITU decision is sent to the Pension Fund, where the allowance corresponding to the disability group will be calculated.

The denial of disability can be challenged at the ITU Head Office. It is enough to submit an appeal appeal against the decision to the local medical and social examination. No later than 30 days will be re-examination.

The commission’s decision on such a procedure as disability registration can also be appealed through the USZN or insisted on an independent examination. The final court of appeal is the court. His decision will be final.

Disability Assignment

Re-examination of a disabled person

Confirmation of disability can be carried out in advance, but not earlier than 2 months before the due date. The basis for this is the statement of the citizen (his representative).

Disabled people of group I undergo re-examination once every two years, group II and III - annually, children with disabilities - once a period established by the category of "disabled child".

Unlimited disability registration is possible only in the prescribed manner in accordance with Resolution (List) No. 247 approved by the Government of the Russian Federation (dated April 7, 2008).

Disability is established without re-examination to citizens who have reached retirement age (men over 60 years old, women 55 years old), people with disabilities with an irreversible course of the disease or the presence of anatomical defects.

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