Treatment of ear noise: folk methods

Tinnitus can be triggered by a variety of reasons: from the inflammatory process to a common cold or nasal congestion. Of course, the treatment of noise in the ear is best done under the supervision of a specialist. The doctor will give you professional advice based on your individual characteristics. However, in the life of every person there are situations when it is not possible to get to the hospital in the near future. It can be a busy schedule, lack of funds. Finally, sometimes it is simply necessary to survive the night in order to endure the morning reception in the clinic. In all these cases, traditional medicine comes to the rescue, which offers a huge variety of recipes.

ear noise treatment

Gifts of nature

The treatment of noise in the ear can be carried out through plants, and not some exotic ones. Most likely, you can easily find them in your own refrigerator. So, an ordinary onion can come to the rescue. Stuff the whole onion with caraway seeds and bake it in the oven. After cooking, squeeze the juice into a glass and bury it in a sore ear. Three drops twice a day will be enough to get rid of unpleasant sensations.

Do you need treatment for tinnitus? Take a look at your home medicine cabinet. Is there propolis there? Excellent! Making medicine from it is very simple: mix the tincture with olive oil and shake the vial thoroughly. Twist a thin tourniquet from gauze, dip it in the product and put it into the ear canal. It is very important not to remove the swab from the ear for at least a day. After this, take a break, then repeat the procedure. Treatment of noise in the ear in this case should last at least ten days.

Syrup made from dandelion is famous for its healing properties. To do this, you need to pick one kilogram of flowers, fill it with two kilograms of sugar and crush it. A teaspoon of syrup taken three times a day will help you forget about all the problems with your ears.

pulsating noise in the ear treatment


A very effective remedy is potato juice mixed with honey. The technology in this case will be the same as in the previous version. You soak a cotton swab with the medicine and put it in your ear. Equally effective in this regard, ordinary beets. Grate it on a coarse grater, add a teaspoon of honey, pour a little water and boil for ten minutes. Wrap the resulting mass in gauze and attach to the head - this will remove the pulsating noise in the ear. Treatment can be either single or multiple.

tinnitus dizziness treatment

Tinctures and decoctions

Healing infusions will help you forget about what is tinnitus, dizziness. The treatment will not take you much time. For example, to prepare a medicine from dill, you need about an hour. The seeds and stems of the plant are thoroughly ground, poured with a liter of boiling water and infused for an hour. The resulting product should be drunk half a glass three times a day for fifteen minutes before eating. This must be done for two months. If desired, dill can be replaced with lemon balm. If you are confused by the bitter taste, add honey to the tincture.


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