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This material will feature the leading radio Echo of Moscow. The format of the station is information-conversational. Broadcasting is around the clock. The ether started in 1990.

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Nargiz Asadova is a Russian journalist who is of Azerbaijani origin. She is the deputy editor-in-chief, as well as the host of the programs Echo of Moscow - “Special Opinion”, “48 minutes”. Nargiz Asadova worked on a series of Freemasonry programs, the Brothers. He is the director of the CrashPro School. Born in Tripoli - the capital of Libya.


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Journalists of Echo of Moscow work outside the Russian Federation. In particular, a special correspondent in Kiev Saken Aymurzaev. He moved to Ukraine many years ago. During this time, the journalist managed to work in the largest political talk shows in the country. Saken collaborated with Savik Schuster and Eugene Kiselev.

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leading radio echoes of Moscow

Evgenia Albats is a leading Echo of Moscow journalist. He is a professor at the Higher School of Economics. She began her professional career as a journalist writing about science, primarily about elementary particle physics. She collaborated with the weekly weekly, the Sunday supplement of the newspaper Izvestia. She was a columnist for the Moscow News publication.

Other employees

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Boris Alekseev is the host of Echo of Moscow. This man, almost from the day the station was founded, more precisely since 1992, worked on music programs. He passed away in 2013, December 2. Born in Moscow. He studied at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University Lomonosov. Alekseev argued that he did not like serious conversations. Over decades of activity in journalism, he managed to create hundreds of essays.

Nikolai Alexandrov - host of Echo of Moscow, a literary critic. He studied at the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University, Ph.D. He was an employee of the Pushkin Museum, which is located in Moscow. Later he became the head of the Museum-Apartment Andrei Bely. At the station he is working on the “Booklets” program, and is the co-host of the Radio Parts project.

Anatoly Agamirov - host of Ekho Moskvy, music columnist. He claims that he feels most confident and calm about the microphone. Born in Moscow. He studied at the Central School of Music at the Conservatory (he chose the cello class). He became a student at the Moscow Conservatory, but a year later he moved to the double bass class.

Sergey Abramenkov - photographer and assistant to the chief editor. With particular agility, he became interested in life already in kindergarten. Continued at school, and then at the institute. He chose the faculty of law of the State Academy of Maimonides as a place for education. He succeeds in combining full-time education and work.

Alexander Andreev - news anchor at Echo of Moscow. In his opinion, the most difficult thing is to enter the rhythm existing at the station. Until 1993, he mainly studied, sometimes moonlighting. Nothing connected him with the radio, but he liked to intonationally copy various phrases from advertisements. After the events of 1993, he became convinced of the need for change.

Sergey Aslanyan is an automotive expert. He was a cartoonist of the publishing house "Date". He proved himself as an editor of the TV show "Auto & Show". Collaborated with RTR. He was the author and presenter of the TV program "Automotive Review". He took the post of chief editor of the project "Full speed ahead!". He worked on the Sixth Gear project.

Elena Afanasyeva is a television observer. She was educated at the Faculty of Journalism of Rostov State University. She served as spokeswoman for the Russian Youth Union. According to the results of the contest, which was organized by the Supreme Council of Russia, she was recognized as the best parliamentary journalist in the country. Collaborated with Novaya Gazeta and the Politburo magazine.

Marina Baghdasaryan is a correspondent. She claims that she loves attending rehearsals, as they show the wrong side of the work. After that, it is impossible to say categorically that the result is very bad. She was born under the sign of Leo and claims that it was this that left a certain connotation on her mood, fate and character.

Anna Balakireva is a reporter for the Information Agency. Grew well, always differing in a good appetite and complexion. Before marriage, she changed her surname three times, as well as twice her middle name. I have never changed my name. I came to Echo in 1998, although I would like to do it earlier. He loves his colleagues and work very much. Life without a radio station now can not imagine.

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