Why not bite your nails and burrs? What are the implications?

It is impossible to explain the reason why people start biting their nails. But we can say that the one who performs these actions experiences some discomfort, anxiety.

why you can not bite your nails and burrs
It happens that a person who has outlived this bad habit as a child can return to it again during periods of stress and severe upheaval. From the point of view of psychologists, while biting his nails, a person seems to β€œbite” himself, considering himself a worthless loser, reproaching for numerous mistakes, mistakes, failures, etc. Such a habit indicates increased anxiety. Through these actions, a person finds a way out of his negative emotions and feelings. Such intrusive biting of their nails is called onychophagia.

dry skin around nails
Why not bite your nails and burrs? The one who does this has severely injured fingertips, exposing the nail bed. This, in turn, can lead to inflammation. In order to get rid of this habit, you can apply a special varnish on the nails, which is sold in pharmacies. This varnish has a very unpleasant taste, and over time, the desire to bite your nails may disappear. Women may be advised to build acrylic nails. It will be problematic to bite off such a nail, and one won’t want to spoil what a lot of money has been paid.

To the question: "Why can not bite your nails and burrs?" - one can also answer this way: β€œSuch an unpleasant sight as bitten nails can lead a person into even deeper depression. And for those around you, the look of your mutilated nails will be unpleasant, and you may be thought of as a person with strangeness.”

burrs causes
Why can not children bite their nails and burrs? A child very often does these actions because he experiences aggression and anger. And parents must explain to him that his problems can be solved in other ways, and the habit of biting his nails can go into adulthood, which will lead to unpleasant consequences, and, as mentioned above, can cause various inflammatory processes. But parents should not scold their child for biting his nails. Here you need to try to understand the baby, learn about the causes of this habit and just explain everything to him.

Burrs: Causes

A very unpleasant thing is the burrs. They appear when you have dry skin around your nails. In contact with other objects, with clothes, the skin begins to crack strongly, and burrs appear. Get rid of them in the following ways: moisturize the cuticle (thin skin at the end of the nail) with cream, applying it overnight. It is also recommended that you visit the beauty salon from time to time. According to modern cosmetologists, the cuticle should never be cut off, as it then becomes rough and begins to crack. Now many experts are switching to the so-called dry manicure, in which the skin around the nails is treated with emollients.

This article is an attempt to answer the question: "Why can not bite your nails and burrs?". Of course, the psychological reasons for the emergence of such a habit, perhaps more, here were considered only the most common.

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