How to build brick grills with your own hands?

blueprint drawing
Naturally, in the summer, everyone wants to relax and enjoy delicious barbecue. Of course, you can go outdoors and cook everything there, but if you have a private plot, then you are in luck. You can build brick grills with your own hands. However, before doing this, carefully select the location for the construction of the presented structure. The fact is that it is stationary, and it will no longer be possible to transfer it from place to place.

In addition, you will need a drawing of a brick grill. We will figure out how to make the simplest option of the barbecue. To do this, you need bricks, concrete mortar, grate. From the tools, prepare a trowel, a container for mixing the cement mixture, as well as a construction mixer. For the construction of such a design, you do not have to spend too much money and time. An additional accessory can be a skewer for frying poultry, fish or vegetables.

Do-it-yourself brick grills are not difficult to do, even if you do not have building skills. Work begins with the construction of the foundation of the structure. To do this, dig a hole of a given size and a certain depth, as well as install the formwork. The base must be strong enough, so reinforcement should be used during concrete pouring . In order for the foundation to be well fixed, the upper part of the barbecue should be built only after a few weeks.

do-it-yourself brick grills
The presented device may have a basement, divided into several compartments in which firewood can be stored, as well as special accessories. Now you can begin to build brick barbecues with your own hands. The first row is good to put on a dry base, although if you are sure of the correct masonry, you can concrete it. As a fixing solution, you can use a mixture of these components: 1 part cement, 1/4 part lime (slaked), 3 parts sand (sifted).

The construction of a brick brazier should be carried out with the obligatory dressing of seams. Excess solution should be removed so that it does not spoil the appearance of the structure. Corner joints of bricks should be reinforced with reinforcing mesh. During the erection of the walls, a grill and corners for skewers should be installed. They are fixed in the masonry.

During construction, pay particular attention to the hearth. Its horizontal base should be made of concrete. In order to make the furnace frame, it is necessary to use a reinforcing mesh. It should be noted that the protrusions and corners for the grill can be done at several levels.

brick grill construction
After the construction is completed, you can proceed to protect the surrounding area from accidentally falling heat. For this, rubble materials are used.

Self-built brick grills can have an additional design - a cutting surface on which you can prepare products for roasting. That's all the features of the construction of the presented structure. Good luck


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