How to make soap at home

The first question that a simple layman may have is to understand why you need to know how to make soap at home. Indeed, in a modern store, often not even specialized, the buyer will be offered an incredible selection of soaps of various shapes, colors, with various odors and additives in the form of creams and scrubs. But, as in everything else, self-made soap is much more pleasant to use than bought in a store.

In this situation, an analogy with dumplings can be drawn to some extent. It is clear that the stores always have a wide range of a wide variety of dumplings with different fillings from many manufacturers. But, cooked at home according to old grandmother's recipes, they will always be a hundred times tastier than any, even the most elite, but mass-produced products.

Now about how to make soap at home. It should be noted right away that this process is not as problematic and technologically complicated as it might seem to an inexperienced person at first glance. At the initial stage of production, it is necessary to prepare all the ingredients necessary for the process. Consider the simplest, one might say, classic option for beginner soap-makers. For cooking, you will need children's soap without any additives, glycerin soap, oils - olive and sunflower (let it not surprise you), as well as several types of essential oils with a pleasant aroma.

Next, we consider the actual process of how to make soap. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the basis, which will be used as a children's soap. Using a coarse grater, it is necessary to grate it and pour cool boiling water in some metal or glassware so that the water completely covers the resulting chips. After this procedure, we put the container in a water bath using as slow a fire as possible and wait until the chips are completely dissolved. This process will naturally take some time. You should not lose it for nothing - during this period you can do some decorating the future bar of soap. This is where a simply endless field for creativity opens. You can cut out various kinds of figures from glycerin soap or just make shavings - this is a matter of taste and imagination on how to make soap at home. The result of creativity must be decomposed into molds, for example, for children, some use forms intended for baking.

Particular attention should be paid directly to the ingredients that will create, so to speak, the aroma of soap. Coconut, coffee, essential oils and other ingredients can be used here. If we are talking about how to make soap ourselves, then we must remember the medical component, first of all, about the possible allergic skin reactions to individual components.

After the shavings of baby soap have dissolved, you can fill it in forms, then add the ingredients to them, as well as a few drops of olive oil, sunflower oil and essential oils that have been prepared in advance. Do not worry about the possible oily skin from the use of sunflower and olive oils. Their number is enough only to soften the skin.

Thus, the process of "how to make soap at home" is not complicated, accessible to any person and is able, most importantly, to bring everyone positive emotions from creativity, achieving results and the ability to use the results of their own work. Good luck in your endeavors and creative success, both in work and in your personal life!


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