Soul Number 8: Numerology

Numerology - the doctrine of the secret and hidden role of numbers in our lives - is known both in the Western world and in the East. The principles of the Vedic numerological school came to us from India - in accordance with them, for each person, several decisive numbers are determined that determine his whole future life. In this article we will look at how the number of souls is calculated by the date of birth, and we will pay a lot of attention to the number 8.

A bit of the history of numerology

On the territory of modern Europe, the emergence of numerology was largely contributed by the ancient Greek scientist Pythagoras with his number theory. Based on the knowledge that came from Egypt about the sacred properties of numbers, Pythagoras supplemented them with mathematical concepts and even related them to music. He determined that the length of a musical interval is proportionally related to a numerical value, therefore, each number emits vibrations of a certain length.

Each of the numbers is associated with a specific planet.

Pythagoras also associated each of the prime numbers with the planets of the solar system, creating the theory of “Harmony of the Spheres”. In accordance with this theory, not only numbers, but also planets emit their own vibration, affecting the structure of the world and the events occurring in it, as well as determining the code of fate not only of every person, but also of entire countries and organizations. Vedic numerology also ties together the numbers and influence of planets - perhaps these are echoes of the teachings of Pythagoras.

Principles of Indian Numerology

In India, there is a school of numerology that is somewhat different from the Western tradition, which is often called the Vedic, although it is not directly connected with the Vedas. It would be more correct to call it simply an Indian school or tradition. This tradition operates with the following basic concepts:

  • The number of souls - is derived by adding the numbers of the birthday.
  • The number of fate - is obtained by adding all the numbers of the date of birth.
  • The number of the name - its receipt is based on the principle that each letter corresponds to a certain number.

Indian numerologists pay more attention to the connection of numbers with planets. In their opinion, numbers are only symbols, a link between the fate of man and the planets that rule it. Fate by the number of souls is determined by the planet, which corresponds to this numerical symbol. The relationship between celestial bodies and numbers is as follows:

  • The sun, the dominant celestial body in the solar system. He is responsible for leadership qualities, determination, the ability to take responsibility not only for small groups of people, but also for entire nations. The personification of active masculine energy, rationality and logic.
  • The moon, the satellite of the Earth, in almost all traditions, personifies the passive feminine principle. Its energy is opposed to the sun, but at the same time complements it. Responsible for the manifestation of emotions and intuition.
  • Jupiter - named after the supreme Roman god. In some ways, his qualities are similar to the Sun - he also gives responsibility, seriousness and justice, but is less arrogant in contrast to the Sun. The neutrality of Jupiter allows him to do justice and distribute the goods fairly. The patronage of Jupiter promotes wealth and prosperity, as well as vital prosperity and abundance in all matters.
  • Rahu - North, or Ascending node, the ecliptic point, intersecting with the orbit of the Moon. It is not a tangible celestial body, but nevertheless significantly affects what is happening in people's lives. It bears at the same time an unfavorable meaning in the form of greater secrecy, revenge and mystery, but at the same time it patronizes vigorous activity, determination, commitment to one's ideals.
  • Mercury is the ancient Roman god of commerce, as well as the messenger of the gods in winged sandals, quickly fulfilling various orders. He patronizes the elements of air and is responsible for communication, swiftness of thought, intelligence, logic, understanding and perception. Favors merchants and travelers, promotes networking.
  • Venus is a planet named after the goddess of love. He is responsible for cupid affairs, personifying the female nature. If the Moon is a personalization of rather hidden female forces, then Venus is all the obvious, inherent qualities of the fair sex inherent in the goddess: beauty, sophistication, grace, sensuality and femininity. Patronizes art and the love sphere. Responsible for the ability to enjoy life.
  • Ketu - Descending, or South Node. Like the North, it carries a very contradictory properties. It gives a tendency to mysticism, the occult sciences, the search for spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. It can make a person both a fanatic and a messiah for entire nations. People with active Ketu can become the founders of a new religion. Often brings hidden fears to the surface and devastates energetically, but only in order to re-fill.
  • Saturn is the father of Jupiter, the god, personifying the passage of time. In Roman mythology, he is also responsible for the harvest and fruits of any activity. Like Jupiter and the Sun, it is characterized by the qualities of responsibility, discipline and ability to manage, but it is deprived of the solemnity of both. Often associated with old age and passing time. Saturn is often considered an unfavorable planet due to the fact that its influence makes people gloomy and closed.
  • Mars is the Roman god of war. A planet endowing its wards with enormous energy, which must be directed into a peaceful direction (for example, a career), otherwise a small war can really start. Responsible for desire, passion, desire and achievement of goals, strength. People with active Mars are often too irritable and quick-tempered, but quickly move away.

In addition to the seven planets known at the time of the emergence and development of Vedic astrology, this system also includes the so-called Lunar Nodes - Ketu and Rahu, which are not actually material celestial bodies. Knots are the points of the lunar orbit at which it intersects the ecliptic (the imaginary orbit of the Sun around the Earth). Unlike the Western sciences, in Indian numerology and astrology, Lunar Nodes pay much attention.

There is a subtle connection between the numbers and planets of the solar system

What is the difference between the number of name, soul and destiny?

In these three main numbers, the code of human fate is encrypted. You just need to be able to read it. The number of souls is considered the most significant of the fate-determining numbers. It reflects your personality in this incarnation and shows your strengths and weaknesses. This number shows what you are striving for, your most secret desires and motives, as well as how you achieve your goals.

The number of the name is that social mask that a person wears. Depending on the environment, the form of the name also changes - then we begin to play a new social role. Each person goes from the diminutive form of the name that his parents call him, through friendly nicknames to official treatment by name and patronymic. All of these nominal forms correspond to a certain number. And only one of them - that version of the name that we are used to calling ourselves - will reflect the version of the personality that you are used to consider yourself.

The Number of Destiny is responsible for your karmic destiny. In this figure - all the accumulated experience of your previous lives and knowledge of where you need to move in this. It shows the most unchanging and stable of our qualities, which will be decisive in life.

How to calculate?

The number of your soul is found by adding up the numbers of your birthday. For example, if you were born on the 25th, then this is done like this: 2 + 5 = 7. Accordingly, seven will be your number.

If the date of your birth is a double number, as in the example above, then you should consider the properties of the numbers that make it up. The born 25th will also be influenced by the deuce and the five - not to the same extent as the seven, but nonetheless noticeably. In this case, the first digit will have a greater impact - a unit, two or three.

What does it affect?

The number of souls is also called the number of character. These are the qualities that a person is able to change (as opposed to the number of fate, which is responsible for the inevitable manifestations of a karmic nature). The number of souls by date of birth determines your behavior in worldly life, in other words, this is the road that we choose. This number has a special influence up to 35-40 years. After reaching this age, life begins to bear the first fruits of our deeds. Fate by the number of souls is determined by the influence of the planets and affects the spheres of relationships, personal growth, career, marriage. Communication with other people, the quality of relations with them can also be determined based on how this number (however, like the number of fate) relates to their corresponding value of this indicator.

Saturn as the patron saint of eights

If you were born 8, 17 or 26, then your soul number is 8, and the planet that protects you is Saturn. Of the seven planets represented in Vedic numerology, Saturn is farthest from the Earth, and therefore is responsible for the darkest corners of the personality’s consciousness. In many ways, its influence is considered unfavorable, but with proper work on oneself a person can turn the evil qualities of Saturn for the good.

Number 8 is ruled by Saturn.

In traditional Western astrology, Saturn is also associated with adversity and deprivation, on the one hand, but on the other, with maturity, wisdom, and the development of responsibility. In Roman mythology, the god Saturn, corresponding to the Greek Kronos, is the father of Jupiter and is associated with the archetype of the ancient wise old man, but also with the time devouring his children. Saturn is responsible for fears and all secret fears. He brings our shady sides to the public, representing us in a society not in the best light. Under the influence of Saturn, people become cold and detached, too keen on perfectionism in their work and forgetting that the best is the enemy of the good.

But at the same time, Saturn helps those who patronize, endowing them with innate stubbornness, even pride, and the ability to achieve their goals. Each obstacle exposed by the planet actually leads to significant internal growth.


If your soul number is 8, the characteristic of your personality according to the standard Vedic numerical horoscope, most likely, you will not like. Its owners are inclined to withdraw into themselves, as they have little trust in the world around them. If your soul number is 8, you are unsociable and often feel lonely. In some cases, such hostility even develops into a craving for crimes and atrocities. Often in fate appear judicial burdens or even imprisonment.

The number of souls 8 makes a person's character very complex

But do not be in a hurry to be scared: even if your soul number is 8, the prison threatens you only if you have completely gone astray. As a rule, the average Saturnian is simply a closed introvert, able to work long and hard to achieve his goals.

Number seventeen: features

For those born on the 17th, the character is determined not only by the total figure of 8, but also by unity and seven, respectively, by the Sun and Ketu, the southern lunar node.

The number 17 is also influenced by the Sun and Rahu.

The influence of the Sun is always more favorable: such people always strive to be the leader in everything and act according to their convictions, and not obey anyone's orders. The seven, under the influence of Ketu, also strives for independence, but if the Sun likes to stay in society (like a king among loving and faithful subjects), then Ketu is more likely an outcast and a hermit. This combination marks not weak internal conflicts in the soul of those born on the 17th. On the one hand, they can actively manifest themselves (the influence of the Sun), and then abruptly lock themselves in (Ketu). And if we recall that the total number of souls is 8, and taking into account the influence of Saturn, it turns out that the life path of those born on the seventeenth is very difficult. But all the upcoming difficulties educate the character and contribute to the formation of the spiritual side of the personality.

Number 2: Features

The composite number twenty-six is ​​influenced by the two and six - the Moon and Venus. Those born under the auspices of the Moon are always romantic, very decent and responsible, and also sociable. Wards of Venus, in turn, creative, artistic and insightful personalities also easily make friends and enter into a romantic relationship. But the influence of Saturn extends over these positive qualities - the features of the character of the number 26 acquire a negative aspect.

Moon and Venus affect the number 26

In this case, increased sociability leads to various unpredictable consequences. The number of souls 8 provides those born on the 26th with a lot of problems with the opposite sex - constant misunderstanding, difficulties in choosing a partner for life, a tendency to treason. Saturn also affects communication in other areas of activity and exacerbates the search for business partners, leading to unprofitable transactions and alliances.

Along with this, those born on the 26th have an innate property to work hard and hard. Such people are very stubborn in achieving their goals and therefore always achieve their goal.

Eight compatibility with other numbers

The compatibility of the number of souls 8 with other characters is largely predetermined by the symbolic meanings of significant numbers, but it is not final. The basis of any relationship is the search for compromises and common ground. Even if planets and numbers promise a negative development of relations, you are always entitled to try to prove the opposite.

Personality-unit is always a source of light, especially for gloomy Saturnian eights. If a woman has a soul number of 8, then she will be attracted to male units. These two will be combined as Yin and Yang - active masculine energy and passive feminine. However, over time, each of the couple will strive to change the quality of the partner’s energy - the unit will want to finally dispel the darkness, and the figure eight will be too bright from the light of the unit.

The union of the Group of Eight and the Deuce cannot be called particularly successful - rather neutral, since their relationship does not develop far. Eights often have more personal power than deuces. Nevertheless, sometimes deuces can serve as an invisible support for eights in difficult days. If the owner of the number of souls 8 is a man, then his compatibility with a female two, who needs careful attention and understanding, can be complicated by the desire for independence and some authoritarianism.

Eight is also a sign of infinity

The ideal relationship between the eight and the three is friendship or teamwork. The planets corresponding to these numbers - Saturn and Jupiter - are the largest in the solar system. Therefore, the relationship of 8 and 3 is akin to the mutual respect of the two giants: everyone knows about the strength of the other and tries not to enter into conflict. Eights are always independent and do not like to ask for advice. Troika, on the contrary, often act as teachers. In personal relationships and marriage, these two often try on the social roles of “teacher-student”, on the basis of which differences can arise.

For the number of souls 8, Vedic numerology considers the union with the four as one of the most favorable. The celestial object corresponding to the four is Rahu or the Northern Node. In its characteristics, it is in many ways similar to Saturn: it is independent and extraordinary, gloomy, able to make a revolution for the sake of its idea. They do not like to obey any rules and are even ready to break the law. However, the four are more frivolous than the eight, but at the same time more active.

Fives and eights are difficult to combine with each other. The control planets of these numbers are completely opposite in character. Eights under the influence of Saturn are slow, cautious, a little self-contained and love loneliness. Fives are under the control of Mercury - the fastest and smallest planet in the solar system. They are mobile, love to talk and easily find a common language with everyone. By eights, fives are also positive, but they stumble on the coldness and closedness of the latter. For example, if a woman has a soul number of 8, compatibility with a five man will seem to her a frivolous and irresponsible affair.

The Union of Six and Eight is successful and prosperous. The loving and harmonious sixes controlled by Venus balance the heavy character of the eights and make them more adaptable in society. Eights under the influence of sixes leave their dark corner and learn to enjoy the simple joys of life. Sixes are also able to instill a delicate taste in eights. If a woman has 8 souls, the compatibility with a six-man will depend on how much time he is willing to spend on caring for a partner. If he can long and purposefully building relationships to overcome the coldness of eights, then both will be happy in marriage.

Sevens and eights enter into rather strange relations among themselves, in which both the points of contact of the characters and the qualities that repel each other play their role. Sevens are under the control of Rahu - the South Node, which in its features resembles Saturn in some way: its wards are equally proud and independent. However, eights are inherently more materialistic than sevens. The latter is attracted by a spiritual path and uncharted worlds. They are often addicted to esotericism, occultism, and secret practices. Odd sevens are also more unbalanced than eights, and differ from each other as melancholy prone to hysteria and gloomy phlegmatic people with a closed, but even character.

If both partners have 8 souls in a pair, numerology of the Vedas considers this combination to be very stable. Supported by two strong personalities with the same goals, this union becomes strong and unbreakable. Whether the two eights will be lovers, spouses or business partners - success in any kind of relationship is accompanied by this combination. The partners seem to be a reflection of each other, predicting the actions of the second ahead and ending unsubstantiated offers for him. But this also imposes limitations in development: the characters of both eights are too similar to take on uncharacteristic qualities from another and thus go beyond the limits of their own personality.

Relations between nines and eights are more likely to be conflicting or neutral in the event of a favorable development of events. Numbers is ruled by a hostile to the laws and rules of Saturn in the case of eights and loyal to discipline and responsibility of Mars (nine). Nevertheless, it should be noted that the conflict between these two planets is not destructive in nature, but rather encourages self-development and work on oneself.


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