Censorship - what is it, what is it eaten with, why is it used?

So censorship. What is so special about this word? Someone does not even have such questions. This phenomenon is simply something that does not allow the light to see what certain people do not want to advertise. So it was before, when every book passed the strictest control, and any more or less ambiguous phrase could cost its author life or freedom.

censorship what is

Now censorship (what is and what is this phenomenon, we figured it out a bit, and its essence, in principle, has changed little over time) covers not only the print industry, but also television, radio, games and the Internet - the most extensive source of information. Only in the latter case, it is very, very difficult to censor all materials. Because all the interesting and scandalous news is on the World Wide Web.

In general, as various dictionaries suggest, censorship represents the control by the official authorities of the contents of various printed materials, video and radio broadcasts, stage productions, and even private correspondence. This is done so that unwanted, in the opinion of these same authorities, information does not leak into the light.

Censorship (what it is, in principle, described by both me and the dictionary in approximately the same way) can be preliminary and subsequent. The first is intended to allow or prohibit the release of something, but the second (it is also called punitive) can prohibit already released material if it violates certain established requirements. However, at present, many countries (at least the official authorities say so) are fighting for freedom of information, and therefore censorship is prohibited in most constitutions. But censorship can be allowed in any country. What can contribute to this? Declaration of emergency or martial law.

how to remove censorship
With regard to the question of how to remove censorship, answering it is quite difficult, and sometimes completely impossible. For example, you can remove censorship from print media, but only by agreeing with the โ€œright peopleโ€ (obviously illegally). As for the video, here you can do little.
censorship is prohibited
Perhaps there are such amazing and powerful programs that can do this, or geniuses-programmers who can cope with such a task, but this is not known to us. Nothing is impossible, as they say. It is possible that this problem has a solution.

Easily remove censorship, for example, in any game, it will be possible if the developers themselves want to create this loophole. Be that as it may, you need to look for information on this subject for each specific game. Censorship in such cases usually prohibits nothing secret. Now, in general, most of the censorship has been thrown to hide only the indecent places of any characters participating in the game, present in the video or in the images. Censorship begins to lose the glory of the enemy of freedom of speech and the concealer of secrets. Nevertheless, its true purpose is still relevant in the dissemination of information.

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