What should Feng Shui wallets be like in order for money to be found in them?

Feng Shui is art and science in one bottle. This practice allows you to correctly distribute the energy of the surrounding space for a favorable life for each person. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to organize their environment.

feng shui wallets
Financial success is an important part of a prosperous life, so it is important to have wallets for Feng Shui. There are some tips on how your wallet should be in order to increase your income.

Recommendations for attracting money to your wallets:

  • In Feng Shui, you should not put your wallet on the floor first of all in places such as a toilet.
  • There should not be anything superfluous in your wallet: throw out all unnecessary pieces of paper and garbage, because your financial well-being largely depends on the purity of the wallet.
  • Keep the largest bill closer to the side where you get the money from, and lay out the rest in descending order after it. An additional plus to your wealth will be a dollar denomination, which will be in the next branch after the smallest currency in your wallet.
  • The wallet should always look neat. If something in it is torn or broken, sew it yourself or return it for repair.
  • When it is the turn to choose another wallet, then listen to your feelings, determine whether you like it, whether it is convenient for you, whether it fits in your bag. First of all, find a wallet that is perfect just for you.

feng shui wallet color
Feng Shui Wallet Color

Choosing the right color for your perfect wallet depends on the element to which you belong. Only by defining your specific element, you can find out what shades are suitable for your future source of profit.

But no matter what element you belong to: earth, wood, fire, water or metal - in no case do you store money in purses of blue or blue colors, because cash in them is fleeting as water.

Earthy elements are characterized by yellowish, beige shades, gold and orange colors are acceptable. If your element is a tree, then money will most likely multiply in green or brown wallets. For the fire, the greatest profit will bring all shades of red, such as burgundy, scarlet.

Feng Shui wallet sizes

Although blue and cyan are typical for water, purple and black will be optimal in this case. Feng Shui wallets of representatives of the elements of metal should be silver, gray or beige.

Date and time of birth determines your true element. In Feng Shui, there are special tables by which you can find out this information.

Feng Shui wallet materials and sizes

In addition to the color criterion, size is also important. First of all, feng shui wallets are those wallets in which money does not bend or crumple. Secondly, they should have enough space for money to make it convenient to get it. And only natural fabrics, namely leather, can serve as the best material. It is important not to skimp on the purchase of a wallet: spending once, you can get disproportionate benefits. Treat your wallet as a home for your finances, and then they will "multiply" in large quantities.

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