Surfing in Moscow: training on artificial waves

Activities such as surfing are popular all over the world. Unfortunately, not all fans of this sport have the opportunity to conquer the waves of the seas and oceans. Each surfer needs to keep himself in shape all year round, otherwise it will not be easy to achieve his goals. At first glance, the expression “surfing in Moscow” sounds a little ridiculous, but today all residents of the metropolis are offered to test themselves in this sport without traveling to warm countries.

Types of surfing

The main types of surfing are:

  • Surfing the boat, he's a wakesurf. Those who wish to try the power of water are offered to rent a boat and equipment. The cost of such a service is about 70 rubles per minute. Beginners are provided with the help of an instructor. A board for this kind of surfing is different from the one designed for skating in the ocean. It has a large width and is slightly shorter.

surfing in Moscow

  • Windsurfing. This sport involves riding on a board with a sail. For such classes there are also bases that provide all the necessary equipment. Surfing in Moscow is carried out in the Stroginsky floodplain, at the Pestovsky and Istra reservoirs.
  • Artificial wave. The club "UNA-LIFE" has been operating in the capital relatively recently. At this place, beginners and experienced surfers have a great opportunity to train in the wave year-round. All this provides the installation that generates a wave. At this place, athletes can practice skills as much as their strength and financial capabilities allow. The wave height is set in accordance with the capabilities of the surfer.

Artificial surfing in Moscow

This sport in the capital did not disregard local residents. Russian surfing is growing rapidly. Special schools and public organizations are opening in Moscow. Every year there are championships in classic surfing and su-surfing. Party of fans of this sport is annually replenished with new extremals.

surfing training in Moscow

The lack of big waves in Moscow is a problem for fans of any kind of surfing. To ride, Muscovites have to travel to resort towns. But in the cold season, there is simply nowhere to ride the waves. Artificial surfing in Moscow is a great opportunity for athletes to keep fit all year. For beginners, there are also advantages here. Learning to surf outside the ocean is a lot of work. In addition, many novice surfers are afraid of real waves. Artificial surfing allows you to work out the movements, after which the athlete can more confidently train in the ocean.

Why surf regularly?

Surfing exercises develop strength and endurance. To hone your riding style and become an experienced rider, you need to regularly engage in this sport. Training in Moscow in various simulators is a great opportunity to conquer the waves. After lengthy training, you can learn how to effectively enter the “start line” and smoothly glide along the waves.

artificial surfing in Moscow

All classes have different levels of difficulty, so the load can be adjusted depending on skills. The club employs experienced instructors who teach riding techniques and make individual training. Today, artificial surfing in Moscow is rapidly gaining momentum, and this sport is increasingly finding its fans.


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