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The freight market, despite its fullness by various companies, continues to develop gradually. New players come to it, then old players leave, offering their own range of services. At the same time, of course, there is always a demand for services for the transportation and loading of bulky items. All people sooner or later change their housing, move out, move into new apartments and houses. The task of the loaders is to help those who wish to transfer all the property they have accumulated (including such large objects as cabinets and other furniture). The staff of the company “Gruzovichkoff” (St. Petersburg), by the way, performs this task efficiently.

gruzovshkoff reviews of drivers
In addition, movers can be called in certain specific situations, such as selling furniture and transporting it to a new owner. Not everyone can demolish a cabinet from the 6th floor on their own, or, for example, transport a set of furniture with their small car? Due to this, there are such companies as the company "Gruzovichkoff". And, in fact, thanks to them, it’s no big deal to make a relocation in your apartment, move to a new place or just bring a gift to your friends like a new wardrobe! Indeed, such companies are interested, first of all, not only to perform the work efficiently and accurately, but also to do everything for the most reasonable price for the client himself!

How does Gruzovichkoff

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Gruzovichkoff is one of the companies that provide transportation and loading services for any items. The company has its own fleet, consisting of cars of different classes of carrying capacity, as well as personnel providing services for the transfer of things of customers. Carrying out transportation, “Gruzovichkoff” sends to the place of call the brigade, as a rule, of three people - a driver and two loaders. In general, depending on what needs to be transferred, the number of movers can vary. Taking the call, the dispatcher in the company informs the client of the estimated amount that will need to be paid to the staff. It is noteworthy that the payment for the work of the entire team is calculated based on the time spent on the work. Thus, the client, having ordered the transport of his furniture, should be prepared for an increase in the price of the work of the brigade in the event that the transfer and relocation of things took longer than expected. It is no secret that, at times, unscrupulous movers at the place of work can also use this. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to carefully monitor how well the staff is working, and what is their attitude in general to the work ordered and paid by you. In case of any conflict situations, you should immediately contact the company’s quality control department (you can contact him through the operator).

How to order relocation services

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You can order a brigade both on the Gruzovichkoff website (Moscow) and on the phones where polite operators are ready to hear you. Moreover, it is necessary to coordinate the order with the operator in any case - for example, an employee of the company will record your data (not only the phone number, name, but also the address to which the loaders need to arrive, as well as what task needs to be completed). In addition, the operator will inform you of the estimated cost (although, to be honest, it can increase due to delay in the process of moving, so just in case it is recommended to take a large amount for payment). After the call, you can expect the arrival of a team of movers who will help you with your things. The work time of the brigade is detected: it includes both loading your things onto the car and the passage itself, together with the subsequent unloading. The controversial point is getting into a traffic jam - in this case, the customer is forced to pay downtime at his own expense. To avoid this, we recommend that you discuss this issue with the driver and find out whether he is ready to “stop the meter” during the downtime, or whether he will guarantee the passage on bypass roads in order to speed up the process.

Quality of service in Gruzovichkoff

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How well one company or another works, should be judged by the reviews that customers leave about it. Now there are many sites that collect reviews of people about various firms, institutions and companies across the country from a wide variety of fields. Gruzovichkoff (Moscow) reviews are no exception. If we analyze some of the most popular sites with such estimates, then in general the work of both movers and drivers is noted as satisfactory. Customers call the cost of services low, and the work itself, which is done quickly and fairly high quality. Some even give examples of staff integrity in cases where you could not even think about it. This proves that among the Gruzovichkoff employees there are quite adequate and honest people who are ready to carry out their work efficiently. However, of course, there are negative assessments of the actions of some employees of this company. This proves that all personnel are not exclusively made up of such people.

Studying reviews about Gruzovichkoff

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Among the negative evaluations that were made by the company are the comments of people writing about theft and excessive overpricing by the performers themselves. So, many say that after the price agreed by telephone at, say, 4100 rubles for loading, the driver requires 6500 rubles on the spot without any clarification, for which reason the cost so sharply increased. Another example of customer dissatisfaction is when some values ​​disappeared from the transported items. In particular, this is currency, jewelry and other objects that could fall into the hands of dishonest employees. Of course, you should not believe every written review of the company. It is necessary to study their maximum number, compare with each other and ultimately decide whether to order work from the company or not. In the case of Gruzovichkoff (St. Petersburg), most likely, it makes sense. Prices are cheaper in any case than competitors. But it is recommended to hide and keep the values ​​when loading and keep close to them. Do not provoke movers to steal. And when reading reviews about the Gruzovichkoff company, drivers should not be forgotten either. These are people from whose driving style the quality of the delivered goods and the timing of the assignment depend. Most of them are flattering about them. People writing about the company confirm that many drivers make concessions, agreeing to go around traffic jams. And they drive carefully, realizing the value of the cargo for the customer.

Freight cost

Studying the websites where the Gruzovichkoff company offers freight transportation (St. Petersburg), the prices can be found very different. They are formed due to which car needs to be delivered, as well as due to how heavy and oversized loads should be loaded. This directly forms the number of people who will be involved in the work. The logic is simple - the more movers, the more expensive the move will cost. Although people who do not know how expensive they pay, it is recommended that in parallel with Gruzovichkoff (Moscow), they also look at the sites of competing companies that provide similar services. This is not so difficult to do. Most likely, you will be pleasantly surprised, because it is not in vain that the reviews are so good about Gruzovichkoff regarding pricing. Even they are recruiting more experienced drivers, trying to improve the service as a whole. By improving the quality of services, in turn, the number of customers who turn to the company is growing, which increases sales. In turn, with a steady and continuing flow of customers, Gruzovichkoff is able to grow and develop, developing its own staff, bringing it to higher standards of service. Again, we win, customers.

How to save money on moving

In addition to contacting the company for more affordable services, reading reviews about Gruzovichkoff, the employees with whom you will communicate should also be asked about the promotions that are held. Because it happens that the company receives temporary discounts in honor of some holidays or events with which you can pay less. Moreover, who, if not the operator, can help you with this? For interest, of course, you can independently examine the company's website to just make sure that the words of the employee are correct. For example, often in a cargo taxi “Gruzovichkoff” “cut” the price, setting the cost of services an order of magnitude lower than in normal mode. At the same time, do not forget to clarify whether the action declared by the dispatcher is effective directly in communication with the driver and the loaders. Perhaps they themselves do not know or pretend that they do not know about such special offers. At the same time, your task is to insist on your own. After all, this is your money, which may remain with the brigade of workers.

How to make money with Gruzovichkoff

The company Gruzovichkoff, which was discussed solely as a company that you can turn to for help in moving and loading heavy things, can also help earn money. Mostly this, of course, applies to strong men, due to the specifics of the company. Moreover, as you know, work at Gruzovichkoff can consist not only in the profession of a loader, but also in a car driver. It is even known that the company on exclusive terms also engages owners of trucks suitable for transportation. Thus, having such a car, you can also work as a driver. The scheme of work is extremely simple - orders received by the dispatchers of the company are processed by them (information is specified), after which they are transferred to the personnel "on the spot". These are the loaders and drivers of transport in the company. Having accepted the corresponding order, they should immediately advance to the indicated address, ready to start work. There they will be waited by the customer, who will indicate what exactly needs to be taken. According to the rules of work in the company, all things must be carried by a loader; the customer can help with the transfer only on his own initiative.

Some reviews of work at Gruzovichkoff

According to the reviews that its employees leave about the company, working at Gruzovichkoff is a great way to make money. The thing is that the essence of the tasks that are set before the loaders and the driver is quite simple - this is the transfer and transportation of things as carefully as possible. Moreover, payment is hourly, which, to some extent, protects the interests of the loader. Indeed, in the event that you have to endure heavier things, a person will be forced to work more slowly, which means he will get more. In addition, work in the company is also praised for the large number of orders that regularly arrive at Gruzovichkoff. The reviews of drivers who have been working here for more than one year confirm this. The most important thing is that the company is ready to provide a constant flow of customers, and therefore - a constant, stable earnings. No taxi service will provide you with the same flexible schedule with such a large flow of orders. In addition, unlike the usual taxi, the transportation of goods to Gruzovichkoff is paid hourly, and not depending on the number of kilometers traveled. Obviously, the form of payment for the time spent on work is more beneficial for the driver.

A little more about the company

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By the way, in addition to cargo transportation services (in fact, the provision of freight taxi services), Gruzovichkoff also offers the services of a familiar passenger taxi. This is the Taksovichkoff company, which operates in the same way in the two largest cities of Russia - St. Petersburg and Moscow. This is, in fact, a service connected with one brand that provides passenger transportation. If you are a client, and you need a car to travel around the city, beyond, or to meet a person - you better contact here. As for work, if you want to earn money, but you do not have a truck, but a car, this service will suit you more. As noted by Gruzovichkoff, the reviews of drivers working at Taksovichkoff show that in a company with cargo transportation customers are an order of magnitude more due to greater hype and, possibly, slightly less competition than in the taxi industry. Well, to test this in practice is quite difficult, therefore, if you are a driver and you are really interested in this issue, we recommend working in both companies to compare on your own. In fact, a lot depends on the personal qualities of the employee and his car - how much it is adapted for such work.

Work at Gruzovichkoff: vacancies

If you are interested in working in a company organizing cargo transportation in Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is not necessary to have a car or be a loader. There are still a lot of vacancies that are periodically recruited for new personnel. For example, these are call center employees (operators who communicate with customers and take orders from them) or managers involved in company development, sales promotion, and others. About when Gruzovichkoff is gaining new people, it is reported on the company's website in the appropriate section.

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In addition, on various regional and federal job search sites, you can find information about who is being recruited, as well as what requirements are put forward for candidates. Who knows, maybe some vacancy in the company is waiting for you? Indeed, Gruzovichkoff is not only a good salary and a lot of orders, but also an opportunity to develop and grow as the company grows. It is no secret that, having a reputation with Moscow and St. Petersburg customers, the company continues to grow. It is possible that someday the company will also reach the federal level, opening its representative offices throughout Russia. If this really happens, such a turn of events will be the best confirmation of the high quality of the services that are provided at Gruzovichkoff. Now, in addition to these two branches, the company also operates in Naberezhnye Chelny.

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