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Today, there are millions of stores that offer a huge selection of clothing, shoes and accessories. However, here the buyer is faced with three problems: sky-high sums for goods, discrepancy of price and quality, patterned style of clothes in average stores.

But you really want to stand out from the gray crowd! I would like original sneakers from Adidas, branded shoes from Martins and other world brands. This problem is especially worrying for adolescents and young people. And a modern store - BrandShop helps out in this situation.

About the distribution network

In 2008, a small online store "BrandShop" appeared on the World Wide Web. At that time, clothes from old collections of world famous brands (for example, Lacoste, Burberry) could be found on the site, and two years later the first showroom of this store appeared on Moscow Street. But the conditions of the basement soon became unsuitable for a promising store. Already in 2011 on Fadeeva Street a small but distant BrandShop opened. Then the founders made repairs there with their own hands, tried to show themselves at large sites and prove that BrandShop is a serious project.

Already in March 2013, the store moved to Petrovsky Boulevard. And today it is one of the most popular brand stores in Russia. Let BrandShop office in Moscow be located, an online store is an integral part of it, and all the goods that are present on the site are fully consistent with the goods on real store shelves.

BrandShop Store

The success of BrandShop

It would seem that now there are a lot of stores like this. How does BrandShop cope with competition? Here are a few of its benefits:

  • Tested over the years. This is the main reason for customer confidence. As mentioned above, since 2008, the BrandShop online store has been gaining the trust of its regular customers.
  • Network development and choice expansion. The directors of the store never stood at one point, but always moved forward, it was not an easy path from the basement to the spacious store on Petrovsky Boulevard. The assortment of the trading platform was constantly expanding, and directors were always looking for ways to communicate with new popular brands.
  • The release of original things. For 10 years, BrandShop has not allowed itself to sell fakes, delighting customers with originals of popular brands. There are cases when huge lines lined up around the store for limited collections.

Good and friendly attitude to customers. Many people notice that the store has friendly staff who will always help in choosing the right model. The same can be said about online stores, where responsible personnel also work on hot lines.

Range BrandShop

Brands represented in the store

About 120 different brands are represented on the Internet portal, and another 10 are planned to be launched. Among the most popular brands that are definitely known to everyone are Adidas, Calvin Klein, Casio, Converse, Lacoste, Dr. Martens, Nike, Puma, Stone Island, Tommy Hilfiger, Vans and many others. A full list of firms can be found on the official website, which will be described below.

Store Brands

Online Resource Site Guide

First, enter the portal address in your browser. On the first page you will see the current categories, new arrivals, popular models and store news.

The first line contains sections: "News", "Brands", "Male", "Female", "Accessories" and "Discounts". The “bag” icons (where the goods that you put in the basket) and the “magnifying glass” (using it you can find the products you need) are located to the right.

To familiarize yourself with the product you are interested in, go to the appropriate tabs: male / female. When you hover over these categories, a field appears on the screen where you can immediately go to the necessary pages on the site. For example, we’ll choose the category: “Women’s, Sneakers”. A panel will appear on the left, where you can adjust the color, category, brand, size and price.

By going to the page of a product of interest, you can familiarize yourself with the material, the country of manufacture, a detailed description and additional photos. To order an item, you must click on the "Add to Cart" button. After that, the number "1" will appear near the "bag" in the upper right corner. Then you can return to the main page and go to other sections.

In case you have any question, then scroll down the page and find the button "Help for the buyer". A tab with categories of various questions will open in the browser. For example, questions about delivery, goods, discounts, etc. Just click on the section you are interested in and look for your answer to the question.

It is worth noting that if you drive the name of the resource into the search bar “Yandex”, “Brandshop”, then you will see the “Chat with company” button. There you can also talk about your problem.

Home page

How to order goods

After you have added the product to the basket, move the cursor to the "bag" and click on the "Checkout" button. On the tab that appears, check the order is correct and enter the promotional code, if you have one. After that, click on "Place an order" again. After we choose the method of production: in the region or within Moscow. Next, enter the relevant data, make payment and wait for the products! A notification of the readiness of the order will come to the mail.


In Moscow, BrandShop provides an opportunity to arrange delivery by courier. The advantage of such delivery is that you can schedule the receipt of goods at a certain place and at a certain time, there is also a service of trying on two sizes at once. This delivery method costs 300 rubles.

Delivery to other regions of Russia costs 700 rubles. Its terms vary from seven to fourteen days. It is possible to track the parcel by a special identifier, but there is no fitting service. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it at your own expense by filling out a special return form.

In addition, delivery is possible by courier service EMS Russian Post. It takes about 4-5 days, costs 900 rubles, but there is also no fitting service. Delivery to Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries will cost 1950 rubles.

There is also a method for delivering SDEC. In Russia it will be necessary to wait 5-7 days, the price is 750 rubles. For Belarus (Minsk, Brest, Gomel) the delivery price is 750, for other cities - 1250, for Kazakhstan - 1400 rubles. Delivery is carried out to the door of the client.

Another way: B2CPl. Cost - 650 rubles, there is no fitting service and commission for cash on delivery. Ability to track parcels by SMS and postal ID number.

BrandShop's shipping reviews are mostly positive.

Return Policy

All return types are characterized by the following rules:

  • Original packaging, factory tags must be kept. The product should not show signs of operation.
  • Exchange or return the goods only within 14 days from the receipt of the order.

Return in Moscow:

  • If you ordered delivery by courier, then a refund is possible only in the store on Petrovsky Boulevard, building 21.
  • If the product is purchased at a retail store, then a refund is made at the point of purchase.

Return in Russia:

  • You need to send the package strictly without cash on delivery.
  • Before this, it is necessary to fill out a special form, which will be attached to the package.
  • The refund will come in the same way that you paid for the package.
  • The return address will be presented in the photo below.

Return by CIS countries:

  • It is also necessary to send a parcel without cash on delivery.
  • Before returning, do not forget to fill out the attached form mentioned above.
  • You need to send the goods to the address indicated on the parcel.
  • Refunds will be made in the same way as payment.
Customer Assistance

BrandShop Online Store Reviews

Feedback on online orders is mostly positive. In the pluses, buyers note the fast delivery, the proper quality of the product and its packaging, friendly employees, low prices, as well as discounts in case of any malfunctions. At Yandex.Market, store employees answer almost all inquiries and give answers to questions of interest to customers.

In their reviews of BrandShop, customers note that a truly original product is arriving. Things themselves are packed in branded boxes, and the product has branded tags.

Many buyers note good service and store prices. They also praise the quality of the goods.

It should be noted that courier delivery also has positive feedback. Buyers note the patience and kindness of couriers.

BrandShop also constantly contacts its audience on social networks. For example, the VKontakte community always responds to comments from its subscribers.

Thus, the reviews about are the most positive, and when ordering from this site, you can be sure of the quality of the purchase.

BrandShop on social networks

This store has accounts in all major social networks:

  • Instagram.
  • "In contact with".
  • Facebook.
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

An online store can always be found through a search on a specific social network. In front of the store’s name there will be a checkmark indicating account confirmation.

Retail Store Addresses

At the moment, all BrandShop addresses are in Moscow. The first branch is located at 21 Petrovsky Boulevard, the second - Bolshaya Polyanka 65 / 74s3. Both stores are open from 10:00 to 22:00, without breaks and weekends.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of the online store, residents of Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation can dial the number indicated on the official website. The hot line is open from 9:00 to 22:00, without breaks and weekends.

Also on the official website of the store there is a section "Contacts, addresses, opening hours". In it you can find the BrandShop email addresses that will help you contact the company for cooperation, media, return and purchase of goods, technical support of the site. In addition, you can send your complaints and suggestions to a specific address.

Brand Shop Addresses


According to the administration of the store, the goods in the retail network are fully consistent with the goods on the store’s website. You can buy both warm winter clothes and shoes, and underwear, various accessories and even books.

It is worth noting that the men's collection is much more diverse than the women's. When the online store first opened, BrandShop specialized only in men's clothing. Only later, with the expansion of the network, women's outfits began to appear on the shelves.

The lucky ones will be able to find a children's collection, which is presented in very limited quantities.

Store sneakers

Price policy

Prices are very diverse. For example, the most expensive jacket in the store costs 280 thousand, but this does not mean that all prices here are more than four digits. At quite reasonable prices you can find branded sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, etc., without overpaying for the brand.

For example, a Levis t-shirt costs 1,690 rubles, Puma sneakers - 2,100, a Helly Hansen dress - 6,690 rubles. Do not forget that the store holds a lot of promotions and discounts, and this is a good chance to purchase a branded and high-quality item.

The fact of a fake in BrandShop reviews has never been found. Even if you have questions about the originality of things, then you can go to the section of the site "Help for the buyer", and then click on "Products". There they will answer your question.

Retail Store Reviews

BrandShop reviews are mostly positive. Customers are pleased with the cozy atmosphere of the store, convenient location, the availability of all goods and friendly service.

Thus, for the past ten years, the store has fully lived up to expectations and its reputation.

What the media writes about BrandShop

This media store is not spared. From its very founding, journalists have shown undisguised interest in this network. To read all the news of the press about BrandShop in Moscow, you just have to scroll to the end of the main page and find the section "Press about us".

In October 2018, the Trendymen website published an article about the store, where the chief designer Ivan Kornienko told the story of the store’s logo in honor of its decade. The site also shared the appearance of various store logos in chronological order: from 2008 to 2018.

A similar article on the evolution of the logo was released by the site "Evening Moscow".

Often there are articles about the most interesting news of the season. For example, in September 2018, The Village released an article about the Rains raincoat, and previously the Daily Poster talked about a joint collection of Asics and BrandShop.

Back in 2013, The Village released its article, where the founder of the store told his long road to success.

What awaits BrandShop in the future is still unknown. But the fact that this store will sell branded and high-quality clothes for many years to come is a fact.


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