The stove "potbelly stove" for the garage with your own hands at working out and on wood. How to make a "potbelly stove" for the garage with your own hands?

The garage room requires special arrangement. This is due to the fact that it stores not only certain food products, but also a vehicle. It is necessary to make both high-quality internal and external decoration, insulation, and conduct a heating system. In the garage you need a constant optimum temperature. If in the warm season it is not necessary to heat the room, then in winter severe frosts are quite possible, which will lead to some deplorable consequences in the storage of food and a car. Dampness may appear, which over time will cause mold to appear on the walls of the building.

do-it-yourself gas stove for a garage

Optimal garage heating system

Today, there are a huge number of heating systems that are effectively used to heat the garage. There is equipment:

  • factory production;
  • homemade appliances.

You can use heating systems on water, on solid and liquid fuels, on gas. There are systems that work with electricity. Despite such a wide range of these products, the self-made “potbelly stove” for the garage was and is very popular. This is the most optimal way to heat the garage, and it will be the cheapest in terms of costs.

Let's plunge a little into history

There was such a device for heating the room at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the potbelly stove was quite expensive, since it required natural solid fuel - firewood - to work. If previously only wealthy people could afford this equipment, today the “potbelly stove” has become the most economical way to heat any room.

homemade garage stoves

Initially, this type of construction was a metal cylinder. A metal large box was also widely used for its manufacture. Over time, the design began to improve. Fuel has become more affordable, and now such a device can be found both in the country and in the garage.

Methods of making a "potbelly stove"

In addition to the fact that a “potbelly stove” can be made for the garage with your own hands, there is also a factory production of this equipment. Modern manufacturers began to develop such models of "potbelly stoves" that are not only able to effectively heat the room, but also become its full-fledged decoration.

Now the equipment can have not only a non-standard shape, but also on its surface various decorative details in the form of forged or cast metal elements. Everything is only according to the developed unique design of the “potbelly stove”.

Types of "potbelly stove" depending on the fuel used

Today, a “potbelly stove” can be made for a garage with do-it-yourselfers working out and on firewood. This equipment has certain distinctive features and characteristics. It is possible to make independently both that and its other look.

Varieties of construction "potbelly stove"

It’s quite simple to make a “potbelly stove” for the garage with your own hands. To do this, you only need to select its main form.

So, this equipment can be:

  • stationary;
  • refined.

Stationary home-made "potbelly stoves" for the garage are concrete structures. They are used for uninterrupted heating of the garage. They are more massive and heavy. For their construction, it is necessary to make a foundation. This equipment is able to quickly heat up and for a long time to give off its heat. The owner can only maintain the temperature in the furnace. There is one, but a significant drawback of such a "potbelly stove." She spends too much fuel too much.

do-it-yourself gas stove for a garage

In order to make this design more economical, it will be necessary to construct it from refractory bricks.

A self-made “potbelly stove” for a garage with an improved type is a simpler design. It is built of metal and has several departments:

  • firebox;
  • ash department.

Also, for convenient and efficient use of this equipment a removable cover is provided. As a rule, for good heat transfer in the manufacture of "potbelly stove" use cast iron. It has excellent heat dissipation. A mandatory element of this design are metal legs, which ensure the normal circulation of air masses under the equipment.

Both that and other made "potbelly stove" for a garage with own hands at working off or on solid fuel can work.

What is this equipment made of?

Quite often, home-made “potbelly stoves” for a garage can be made using metal gas cylinders. This is the most common type of equipment that is economical. At its cost, an empty gas cylinder will be several times lower than sheet metal, from which "potbelly stoves" can also be made. Simple metal crates are also widely used in production. They can be of different sizes, and for more efficient heating of the room, instead of one chimney pipe, additional welds are also welded to the structure, ensuring optimal heating of the room.

do-it-yourself gas stove for a garage at workout and on wood

Stages of making a homemade potbelly stove

The construction of this heating equipment consists of several stages. It is necessary to think over its size and determine what it will be made of. Next, a drawing of a potbelly stove for a garage is compiled. It indicates not only the parameters of the entire structure, but also the amount of material used for its construction.

It’s quite simple to make a “potbelly stove” for the garage with your own hands. Drawings of this equipment are prepared independently. You can also resort to the help of specialists.

Then there is welding of the structure and its refinement.

What is needed for the manufacture of this equipment?

Many people wonder how to make a "potbelly stove" for the garage on their own. This is nothing complicated. To do this, you need to choose the best material option and special equipment.

So, for the construction of this equipment you will need:

  • gas bottle;
  • metal sheets;
  • metal pipes;
  • welding equipment;
  • Bulgarian;
  • utility tools.

Home-made garage stoves can also be made using metal barrels.

do-it-yourself gas stove for the garage

The process of manufacturing the "potbelly stove"

So, the process of work begins with the marking of a metal cylinder or barrel. In order for the “potbelly stove” furnace to give heat well, you must first choose the right size. The optimal cylinder parameter will be 50 liters. As for the wall thickness, they should be at least 2-3 mm. If the walls of the structure are thinner, then the stove may "lead" in the combustion process.

drawing of a potbelly stove for a garage

It is necessary on one side to mark with a marker where exactly the firebox door and the blower will be located. The size of the firebox should be such that it can hold freely firewood with a diameter of 10 cm. As for the size of the door for the blower, it can be any. Most importantly, it should be possible to properly clean equipment from residual combustion products.

The height of the blower is at least 3-4 cm from the bottom of the cylinder or barrel. The furnace is placed at a distance of 5 to 10 cm from the blower.

On the reverse side, there is a place for welding a metal pipe for distributing heat throughout the room. Its size must be at least 100 mm.

After that, the cap of the cylinder or barrel is cut off by a grinder. Using the same tool, the firebox and blower doors are cut strictly according to the marks made. The cut off cover of a barrel or cylinder is used to create a special platform that will serve as a partition between the ash section and the furnace. Inside this site already make holes for the installation of grate.

Further, metal corners are welded inside the barrel at a height of 2 cm from the ash section door. It is on them that the site will be installed.

Grid-irons for "potbelly stove" can be made independently. For this, small fittings (10-12 mm) are used. And you can buy ready-made devices of this type.

Next, the work goes to the outer surface. There, hinges for doors are welded in the cut holes. The most important thing is that the doors close tightly, and smoke that is formed during combustion does not enter the room.

Then, a lid for a “potbelly stove” is cut out of a metal sheet. A hole for a chimney is made in it. If during the welding process small cracks have formed, then you can treat them with asbestos. Similar work is carried out with a pipe that provides space heating.

garage stove stove

Upon completion of the installation of all the components of the "potbelly stove", the joints are scraped using a grinder.

Then the oven must be installed in a garage in a safe place. It should not contain any combustible mixtures or liquid fuels in order to avoid the ignition process. Next is the kindling of equipment. With its help, leaky connections are determined in the system. They are eliminated. After that, the "potbelly stove" is ready for use.

In the process of constructing this equipment, it must be remembered that it must be operated only in accordance with fire safety requirements.


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