Barley for weight loss: how to correctly apply the method?

Have you read the different recommendations for weight loss? Some authors recommend limiting carbohydrates, others - total calorie content, others - almost completely remove fats. What to do if you don’t want to delve into biochemistry, but need to be built urgently? Will barley help for weight loss?

Why does weight go away?

barley for weight loss

Studies confirm that the source of energy in the matter of weight loss is unimportant (be it proteins, fats or carbohydrates). This is logical. But in practice, everything is much more complicated. People are not rats, they eat what they give. The Atkins diet is effective due to a decrease in appetite, a low-calorie balanced one is effective due to the general principle, a low-fat diet is due to a decrease in calorie content. Mono-diets usually work by reducing the desire to eat, low energy consumption and low fat content. So does barley. You can use it for weight loss.

Quickly, infrequently, carefully

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Mono-diets are harmful if applied for longer than three days (even the most effective diets). The forum on harmony usually does not support participants who want to use this kind of technique more than once a month. Therefore, stable weight loss can not be expected. Barley for weight loss is an exceptional one-time method.

Salt is not excluded!

The classic recipe is five days to eat only cereal from barley. This is quite difficult and usually breaks down on the fourth day. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent a breakdown - and after three days turn the mono-diet into a low-calorie cereal. So, to start three days, you consume no more than 200 g (dry weight) of cereals, which you boil. Without oil, but with salt. Some say that salt cannot be used, but it is wrong. If you eat without it, then the scales will deceive you - the water will leave, and not the extra pounds.

We exit competently

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On the fourth day, put boiled beans in the cereal, canned, but without additives (in the ratio of about half to half by weight of the boiled product). Breakfast and lunch on the fourth day will be mixed. For dinner, add a slice of boiled chicken breast while continuing to eat mixed cereal with cereal and beans. Breakfast the next day may include cereals with prunes and sausage (one). For lunch, eat pearl barley porridge with spices, ketchup and fried onions. You can have dinner in the way you are used to, but with a halving.

Study and study

Thus, the change in nutrition will not be as sharp as the classic suggests. And try, in general, after unloading, eat less so that the weight does not go up, otherwise the most effective diets for weight loss will not help either. For free, but it’s worthwhile to read the manuals on proper nutrition, you can find the appropriate textbooks for doctors. The metabolism is very well described in textbooks on physiology. If you need to remove a lot of fat, then you can not do without scientific preparation.

Barley for weight loss is an emergency method with its drawbacks. If you need to lose more than 3 kg, you will have to look for other options. However, if you are on a different diet, and a plateau has come, then with the help of barley grits, you can make the weight move down. But remember that you must listen to your body and select techniques that are well tolerated by you.


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