Fortune-telling is not serious about the serious.

There are many obscure phenomena that, upon closer examination, are easily explainable from the point of view of science and common sense. Anyone who is interested in fortune-telling knows well fortune-telling on the devil or something similar to him. At midnight, by candlelight, in silence, the young women gathered in a circle at the table inquire from the devil, drawn on a piece of paper, about their fate. It sounds funny, but the devil even answers them. By pointing to the letters of the alphabet drawn here on paper. It becomes even more fun when you realize that the grammar of a messenger from the other world is not very good. Apparently, in the school for the demons I was a two-man, so they put him to entertain bored girls.

Of course, fortune-telling is just a childish prank, but it is based on a very serious fortune-telling practice called radio esthesia. Speaking in a more understandable language, this is fortune-telling on a pendulum. This way to look beyond the veil of the future has existed since ancient times and was invented by the priests of Egypt and Mesopotamia. As a pendulum, you can use a key (clamedomantium) or a ring (dactylomancy). However, there are no particular restrictions here. It is believed that the pendulum itself has no power, it is just a tool in the hands of a fortuneteller. Like coffee, if it is a fortune-telling on coffee grounds, a devil and a needle, if fortunetelling at a devil, or cards, crystal balls and other magical attributes.

A swinging pendulum, a rotating frame, a saucer with an arrow are one and the same thing. Modern scientists gave the name the phenomenon - dowsing. This term refers to a search system (for example, local water), diagnostics (detection of diseases in the human body), or a state forecast (this includes fortune telling and other similar methods). In this case, the result of the work of our subconscious mind can be deduced in the most accessible way - through the idiomotor reactions of the body. All kinds of objects that we use for fortune telling are just a way to agree with the subconscious on how the processed information will be voiced.

Most often, the pendulum is used to search for lost objects. You can conduct such a curious experiment yourself. As a pendulum, you can even use an ordinary gypsy needle on a double thread. In order for the experiment to succeed, remove all irritants from the room. Bring out pets, turn off the TV and music center. In silence, focusing on the subject of the search will be much easier. After that, imagine the wanted item in all its details and ask the pendulum to indicate the direction of the search. Of course, if you haven’t seen the loss in your eyes, you can only find it by chance.

By the way, a thing hidden personally by you can easily be found without any pendulum. It is enough to repeat to oneself: "Damn, damn, play, play - give it back." Listen to your sensations if the brain tells you where to look. Inspect it carefully. Most likely, you won’t be able to find a thing the first time, but spend less time anyway. A curious addition: this way of finding lost things is borrowed from Mark Twain's book. He was used by the main character Tom Sawyer.

Working with the pendulum helps in the development of intuition, but you must seriously approach the learning process. For classes, you will need three opaque glasses and a small object that can be hidden inside. Ask someone to help you. After that, using the pendulum, try to find the right glass.

People practicing esotericism argue that working with the magic pendulum is a great way to find out your own subconscious. As you can see, fortune telling is a curious occupation, but there is no special magic or the presence of otherworldly forces here. The correct answer can be formulated on the basis of intuitive sensations and even analytical processing of available data by the subconscious. But fortune telling can be very useful for those who are seriously interested in esoteric practices.


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