Winter manicure. "Sweater" on the nails

You can create a unique manicure even in winter. Imitation of a knitted pattern on nails will be very relevant in the cold season. How to make it and what is needed, we will consider a little below.

How to make winter manicure gel polish

In order to create a winter manicure "sweater" on the nails with gel polish, we need:

  • Tools for manicure.
  • Degreaser.
  • Gel polish.
  • Topcoat.
  • Cuticle oil.
    manicure sweater photo

Work sequence:

  1. First you need to put the nails in order. Remove the old coating, cut the cuticles, Make the shape you need.
  2. Degrease.
  3. Cover the nails with a base coat.
  4. After making a gel polish coating in several layers.
  5. We proceed to the creation of the drawing itself. To do this, you need a thin brush and the selected outline. Brush should do the strokes on the drawing in several stages. Do not forget to dry each application in a lamp.
  6. After the drawing becomes suitable in volume and texture, finish your manicure “sweater” with a top coating.

After all, it is advisable to lubricate the cuticle with specialized oil. And also do not forget about the skin of the hands. To prevent overdrying of the skin from ultraviolet rays, use a nourishing cream. Manicure "sweater" (photo below) looks very unusual.

manicure sweater

Is this pattern possible with ordinary varnish?

If you do not have the opportunity to make a pattern with gel polish or turn to professionals for this type of service, then you can easily make it yourself and ordinary varnish. But be prepared for the fact that it will take a sufficient amount of time to dry each layer. Work sequence.

  1. First, cover your nails in several layers, in order to prevent gaps.
  2. After complete drying of each layer, we proceed to the application of the pattern. To do this, you will also need a thin brush.
  3. The application procedure is the same. The only thing is that each layer will dry longer than in the lamp. Be patient and everything will work out. It is worth noting that ordinary varnish has a more fluid texture. Therefore, some skill is needed in order to avoid its spreading.
  4. In order for your work to please you for a longer time, cover the finished pattern with ordinary varnish. Do not rush. Wait for the varnish to dry completely. Otherwise, at the very end, you risk lubricating all the beauty.
  5. At the end of the event, do not forget about the care of the cuticle.
    manicure volumetric sweater

Volume knitting on nails

How to make a winter manicure "sweater" voluminous? In order to make the picture more voluminous and "woolen", we will reveal a little secret.

For a more voluminous picture, it is better to choose a gel polish. But this procedure can be done with the usual.

All the preparatory work is exactly as in the previous paragraphs.

As soon as the work of applying the picture in several layers is completed and the nails are well dried, we will give our “sweater” a more “woolen” surface.

To do this, use velvet sand.

If you use sand, then the strokes of the "knitting" will be enough to make only two layers. After the second layer has dried in the lamp, cover it with velvet sand and dry the nails again. Drying time depends on the lamp. If you have UV - up to two minutes, if the LED-lamp - 30 seconds.

After drying, brush off excess sand with a brush. Winter manicure "sweater" (with imitation wool knitting) is ready.

Such a pattern should not be covered with a finish. Otherwise, the whole effect will be lost behind the glossy finish.

manicure knitted sweater

How to make a “sweater” on nails

In order to make a unique manicure "sweater" and various winter patterns, you will not need so much. Just your imagination. Here are some tips.

If we talk about ordinary varnish, then it is not necessary to do such a laborious job with applying multiple layers. It is enough to take two contrasting colors, for example, black and white. Use black as the base coat and white knit patterns.

To give velvetiness to the pattern, you can use acrylic powder. Its application is similar to velvet sand.

There is also a sufficient number of finished slides, or in another way - stickers, with imitation of a sweater.

To diversify a manicure "knitted sweater" you can use rhinestones and sparkles.

It is also recommended that there are only a few “knitted nails”, and not everyone, otherwise there may be an excess of patterns, and it will look tasteless.

Try and experiment. After all, it is fantasy and taste that will make your image individual.


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