Looking for a tasty and healthy vegetable for a diet menu? Find out how many calories are in boiled beets, and this vegetable will certainly become a favorite in any diet!

It is very important for each person to eat not only tasty, but also healthy. Fortunately, there really is plenty to choose from. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and many more gifts of nature. Since ancient times, people began to include beets in their diet. The progenitor of this wonderful fruit is wild beets, which grew in India and the Far East. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans gladly included it in their dishes. At the same time, they used not only root crops, but also the leaves of the plant. Scientists have discovered records that mention the diet of Arabs and Persians - they have long begun to cultivate this fruit. The wonderful taste, lots of vitamins and natural acids, made this bright vegetable popular all over the world. And you can eat it safely, without fear of gaining excess weight.

how many calories in boiled beets

"Precious" composition

A tasty, inexpensive, and even a figure will help maintain in perfect condition - such a wonderful vegetable. It can be consumed raw and, of course, baked. Do you know how many calories in boiled beets? Very little, so eat for health, and even enrich the body with vitamins and minerals. It contains a large amount of zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, folic acid. Beet is of particular value to the body with a high content of B vitamins. They are actively involved in metabolic processes, and are indispensable for the nervous system. Vitamins C, A, E, PP are also present.

A large amount of natural fiber helps regulate digestion, remove toxins from the body, and prevent the formation of cholesterol. But the natural acids, which are rich in beets, do an excellent job of digestion, fight pathogenic microbes in the intestinal flora. Pectin promotes the active elimination of salts of heavy metals and human waste products. There is also a decrease in blood pressure (with constant use of the vegetable).

calorie beets

Healthy eating

For a long time, people realized that it was necessary to choose only natural and light products for themselves. They allow you to eat balanced and delicious. So beets in your daily diet will help normalize many body functions. Use it in any way familiar to you. Cook interesting and varied dishes. In addition, if you know how many calories in boiled beets, you will certainly give it your preference. This indicator is only 40-45 kcal per 100 g of product. Substances Content:

  • proteins - 1.8-2 g;
  • fats - 0 g;
  • carbohydrates - 10.8-11 g.

In addition, betaine, which is present in beets, perfectly regulates body fat metabolism at the cellular level.

calories in boiled beets

How to cook?

Unlike many other vegetables, this root crop does not lose its beneficial properties even during heat treatment. It is even better absorbed by the human body. That is, vitamins and acids are not destroyed. Cooked beets, in which calories are quite low, is prepared quite simply. It is necessary to place the fruit in water and keep on fire until cooked for about 1 hour. Be sure to cover it with a lid, it is not recommended to peel it, and also do not cut the spine - this will help maintain color and more minerals.

If you cook it in a cut form, it will cook faster, but it will lose a certain amount of natural acids.

Now you know how many calories are boiled in beets, but the content in it is considered the most important indicator of this vegetable:

  • 50% sodium;
  • 5% - calcium.

It is these substances that perfectly cope with the dissolution of harmful salts of oxalic acid. It accumulates in the blood vessels and is very difficult to remove from the body. Traditional medicine recommends using the juice of this root crop as an effective remedy for the expansion and hardening of veins. Beetroot also fights with blood clotting, acts as a prophylactic against blood clots.


Official science determined exactly how many calories in boiled beets, but unofficial more interested in its healing properties. Heat-treated vegetable does a great job cleaning the liver. It is necessary to eat it instead of one of the meals or drink juice from the root crop. Chlorine in beets perfectly destroys toxins and removes them naturally. Useful vegetable and its juice for the gall bladder and kidneys. Having a weak choleretic effect, it even prevents the formation of small stones.

boiled beets how many calories

Delicious food

Many people think that this wonderful vegetable is exclusively suitable for borsch! But this is a big mistake. There are many options for dishes with this root vegetable. In addition, it goes well with all vegetables. Soups, okroshka, salads, casseroles, diet cakes, vinaigrettes - the basis of all these goodies can be boiled beets. How many calories in such recipes can be calculated by adding up the energy values โ€‹โ€‹of each component ingredient.

Even a simple baked root vegetable in the foil is very fragrant and tasty. And if you add nuts, raisins, prunes to a salad of grated beets, you get a real cocktail of youth. All these ingredients are perfectly absorbed by the body and saturate the cells with useful minerals.

Give yourself the opportunity to eat healthy and healthy. After all, nature gives us so many wonderful fruits that make us healthy and beautiful. And if you want to lose some weight or keep your figure in excellent condition, you just need vegetables. Calories in boiled beets are practically absent, so this vegetable can become a favorite in any diet menu.

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