Fortune-telling Tarot on the attitude of men towards me. Main layouts

Relations with a lover is perhaps the most important thing that can only be in life. After all, love inspires us, helps us accomplish feats, set goals, inspires us to do crazy things, and its absence deprives us of the meaning of life and contributes to depression. Especially women and girls tend to know everything in advance. Therefore, they resort to various fortunetelling. Especially popular is the divination on the Tarot cards for a man, his attitude to the fortuneteller. With this arrangement, you can immerse yourself not only in the feelings of another person, but also learn the further development of relations.

Consider divination by the Tarot on the relationship of a beloved man in several interpretations.

The layout of the "Pyramid of Love"

This Tarot divination on the attitude of a man towards me will tell about the possibilities on the love front, and also will reveal the feelings and intentions of the beloved.

First, mix the tarot deck well. Then remove 4 cards from it and lay out a pyramid from them, as shown in the figure.

fortune-telling tarot on the attitude of men to me

The first three cards should form the base of the pyramid, and the last one its top. The layout is interpreted as follows:

Map number 1 - the role of the one who divines in the development of relations.

Map number 2 - feelings, intentions and actions of a loved one.

Card number 3 - the current state of the love relationship between the fortuneteller and his lover.

Card number 4 - the chances and prospects of the couple to create a happy love union and future family.

In the layout, you can use both the entire deck of cards, and cards of only major lassos. Their interpretation can be found in the specialized literature.

The layout of "Venus"

This fortune-telling will reveal the true feelings that lovers have in relation to each other at this stage. Also, with its help it is possible to determine how much external circumstances can affect the relationship, what is the potential of these relations and what to do in a given situation. Fortunetelling of the Tarot on the attitude of a man “Venus” towards me most fully reveals the true state of affairs. Cards are laid out as indicated in the figure.

fortune telling on the relationship of a beloved man

The interpretation of the cards in the layout:

1 card - a true relationship between lovers.

2 card - your perception of a partner.

3 card - as a loved one sees you.

4 card - your real feelings for a partner.

5 card - feelings of a lover towards you.

6 card - how you influence your relationship.

7 card - the influence of a partner on the development of relations.

8 card - upcoming important events.

9 card - advice on what to be prepared for and what is the best way to act.

10 map - the future development of relations.

The layout of "Love or friendship?"

Friendship can sometimes turn into true love. However, this is not always the case. On the level of friendship it can be good, interesting and fun, but as soon as the relationship begins to develop into something more serious, people can generally part forever. Then it would be better to remain just friends. This is Tarot's fortune-telling on "the attitude of a man towards me as a friend or as a lover." When such a controversial situation arises, you can ask the cards for advice.

fortune telling on tarot cards for a man attitude

What cards show:

1 - the intentions of the partner.

2 - what feelings he feels towards you.

3 - whether he is going to take any action.

4 - what does he like most about you.

5 - what character traits he does not like.

6 - what are his expectations from you.

7 - will friendship grow into love.

8 - what you should not count on.

9 - how long the relationship will last.

Fortunetelling of the Tarot on the attitude of a man towards me can be done using just one card. Just shuffle the deck, mentally ask a question and draw any card at random.

Fortune-telling "Loves - does not love"

This method will help to understand the partner’s feelings, his thoughts and plans towards you. In the scenario, it is better to use the cards of the Major Arcana. This fortune-telling most truthfully and accurately describes the state of relations at the moment and how they will develop in the future. You can also track how they affect your life. The advice that Tarot cards can give regarding strengthening and maintaining relations in this scenario is most clear.

Before you read the tarot cards, you should calm your mind and enter a meditative state. This is the only way to get the most accurate answers and draw the right conclusions from fortune telling.


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